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  1. OKAY! Comments are NOW open on this vid ha. Sorry for the delay peeps; we love hearing from you 😘Thanks for all your love for Avie! Can't believe a year has gone by what in the world.

  2. Will you be in the DC area anytime betweem May 17 – 25? We'll be making a trip there for a very special occasion (one of our kids' college graduation). Would love to meet up with you guys if you'll be in that area or within a few hours away.

  3. I was gonna ask if you were near one of those drive-through safaris or something, cause if you were using a rental car or something, you'd likely encounter a giraffe that way, too

  4. Awe so cute! Zoo visits with kids are so much fun, to see their reaction on animals is priceless! By the way Avalyn probably scared of giraffe because of the size. My daughter would love horses but when we took her to see them up close at about that age she was terrified and hid her face at my shoulder all the time.

  5. I just watched this in bed, with Max. I was telling all about his best buddy Avalyn! Happy Birthday sweet Avalyn!!! Enjoy the adventures you're about to go on! X

  6. Omg! Your in my neighborhood. ( I’m pretty sure) I love the Sacramento Zoo. Grew up there and have taken all my kids and grandbaby too. I live in EG actually. Love your channel! And Avalynn, Happy 1st Birthday ❤️

  7. Wow she’s grown so fast ❤️🥺 I don’t know if you guys remember the baby I was telling you guys about but I lost him 🥺😞 Now expecting my rainbow 🌈 who’s due in October

  8. Her excitement thinking she was going to get the camera, then the moment of wait I wanted that look on her face!! I love this one😍❤️🤗

  9. I can't believe how well she's walking! I'll check out your schedule, it would be fun to meet up on the road this summer. -Brian

  10. there is no way she’s already one! I remember waiting and waiting for your birth vlog and now she’s almost one!😱

  11. So sad I’m caught up 💔 but loved coming along on the adventures with y’all even tho I start two years late 😂

  12. Just watched the video where you announced you bought a RV and surprised us all!! Dance moves on point!!! And so proud of you guys ❤️❤️

  13. Omg. You guys make me want another one! Well, not until mine turns 18! Lol Your little girl is truly an angel though. She's adorable – They do grow up so fast. Seems like my little girl was just your daughters size/age yesterday. She turns 14 tomorrow and she will be a freshman in HS this fall. I forget I'm 35 until I remember I have a teenager! All of these emotions! *tears a bit* You guys have a beautiful family. For some reason YouTube recommended you while I was watching car review videos. #Random Haha! Take care and God bless you guys! #NewSubscriber #ChicagoHug

  14. So you can afford a proper house but you choice to travel the world and country so there no point to buying a house to just move again…


  15. Guess what I saw today? Surprised my wife with puppies. Always love it.

    You know what’s allowed in a Motorhome you owe? Yes!

    A PUPPY,

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