How to celebrate Hanukkah – Jim Staley

Hello everyone! I’m Jim Staley with
Passion for Truth Ministries, and this is our Hanukkah “How to” video.
Every year we get a lot of people asking this… As they learn about Christmas, and they
kinda want to transition from Christmas to doing something a little bit more
biblical, a little bit more in depth, a little more meaning… they always turn to one of my favorite
holidays of the year, the Feast of Dedication, or the Festival
of Lights, or more popularly known as Hanukkah. Hanukkah is simply a Hebrew
word that means “dedication,” and we find even Jesus
himself, Yeshua, going to the temple for the Feast of Dedication in the
Gospels. Not only is this an amazing festival that is so relative to Christians today but even
our Jewish brethren around the world keep it as well. I believe that as you
learn more about Hanukkah, you’re gonna want to be able to take
part in it as well. So this video is not to go over all the details of Hanukkah
itself. I have other teachings that talk about that. This one
is really more how do you transition? What do you do
during Hannukah? So we’re going to talk about… we’re gonna talk about the story itself.
We’re going to talk about the ceremony that we do each night during the Festival of
Lights. How about gifts? Should we give gifts? Should we not give
gifts? Traditions… lights…everything from a… from games to latkes and food and baking. We’re gonna talk
about all that in this video and hopefully by the end of this teaching, or this video, you’ll get not a
chance just to meet my family alone, but you’ll get some great ideas that will
hopefully spin your creative juices to where you can begin to create some
good ideas and some good transitions, good traditions, for your family. Alright, so let’s travel with me back in time to about 180 years before
the birth of Christ, and that is where the story of Hanukkah begins.
At that time period Alexander the Great, he was the rule of the known world,
and Alexander was actually a very good ruler…a benevolent ruler. He let all the
different peoples and the different regions maintain their religious beliefs and pretty much maintain their habits of
daily life. But a little over a century later Antioch
Epiphanies the 4th would not be so benevolent. Matter fact he massacres many of the
Jewish… Jewish people. It was really a
holocaust in many respects. He put a Hellenistic Greek priest into
the temple and even desecrated the temple by putting a pig on the altar and putting a statue of Zeus inside the temple. Well amazingly, about three and a half years into this control that the Greeks had, there were
two groups of people that fought back. There was a man by the
name Mattathias Hasmonean and his son Judah
Maccabee and another group of people call the Hasideans. The Hasideans would eventually become
the Pharisees of the first century that we read about
in the Bible. And as the story goes, that Judah Maccabee could not take it
any longer, and he pulled out his sword and kill one of the Hellenistic priests. And that
started the revolt of the Maccabeans…the
revolt of the Maccabeans that eventually took back the temple from
the Greeks. And they cleaned the temple. They took all of the oil that was
polluted and unclean, and they replaced all of the oil. That was one of the first things
that they did was set up the menorah back in the Holy
Place, and if you know anything about the temple the menorah represents the Word of God.
It represents …which eventually will become flesh…
represent Jesus himself, Yeshua our Messiah. And so this holiday is
incredible because not only is it connected to the ancient story of the Jews taking
back their temple, but ladies and gentleman remember this
was our temple, too. This is that very same temple that
would be rebuilt in the third…in the millennium when
the Messiah comes, and He says that He’s gonna be the light of the temple, and that temple
represents the very Word of God…the light… the city on a hill as it’s talked about in the
book of Matthew. It’s connected to the end of times in
Revelation and Daniel… the three and a half years in the tribulation when there will be a
desecration of the temple and the altar. It’s the same
desecration that happened in the three-and-a-half-year take over the Greeks that they had over the temple.
And so prophetically we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and the enemy has take our temples
over in many categories in many areas and now is a time during the Festival a
Dedication, the Festival of Lights, to renew our temple
and teach our families, our kids, and even ourselves
that this is a time…an 8-day feast to focused on the light in our temple and to get out idols in
our life…to get out things that are not of God…traditions and doctrins of men… and to focus on the things that are true,
the things that are holy… looking at our temples and preparing
them to meet our King. Speaking of the truth, there’s a
story made up by the rabbis that the miracle of Hanukkah is that the oil
lasted eight days when it was supposed to only last one. This was made up because it was against
their laws to celebrate military victories. So they needed an alternative reason to
celebrate this great moment in Israel history. As far as our family goes, we choose to
stick to the historical facts so we don’t confuse the kids. So that’s pretty much it in a nutshell
he story of Hanukkah. One of our favorite parts a Hanukkah is food. Everyone loves food
and Hanukkah is no different. We love to spend time in the kitchen with my kids and our family during
Hanukkah, and this is kinda one of our favorite things to do is to bake Hanukkah cookies. So that’s
what we’re doing here today. On our left we actually have a shofar…
so we have an actual shofar, ram’s shofar. We have a menorah that the kids will be a
decorating here little bit, the word Chai, which means “life,”” and we’ve got a
couple snowflakes as well. And we also have a Torah scroll that we’ll be decorating and also the dreidel, which are
always really popular. And dreidel is very much a part of Hanukkah,and it’s
also a game that we’ll talk about as well. Another amazing thing that we
like to do, a tradition in our family, is the…is the baking of bread or challa bread. And this is a
traditional… a traditional challa bread that we make
for Hanukkah, and its actually a challa bread menorah. This is our challa bread menorah that my
daughter Sierra made. And we actually made it pretzel bread
because pretzel bread and challa bread are a
perfect combination. Another fun dessert that we have taken on this year… someone gave us a great idea. This came
from someone in our local fellowship is marshmallow dreidel sticks. So each one of these marshmallows has marker… it’s edible marker, but it has
the letters of “nun,” and “hey,” and “gimel,” and “shin” on it, and on
top is a Hershey’s Kisses that is melted on there with a pretzel. And a great part about
these is that when you’re done using them as a dreidel, you can eat them… Yum, that pretty good.
You guys having fun? What’cha doing? Icing the cookies? Alright, you’re pretty good there, Maleah.
How are you doing over there, Kylah? You doing pretty good? Alright. Sierra? Sierra down there? How are you doing? Ha! Ha! Alright, the traditional foods during
Hanukkah are really the fried foods. Everybody loves fried
food…from fried doughnuts to fried latkes and I encourage you
to look online for some fantastic recipes of latkes online…some of them are extremely elaborate to very simple with just apple sauce on top. Either way that you
choose to make ’em, your kids will have fun and the story of Hanukkah behind
those are great as well. There are eight nights of
Hanukkah, and it’s very traditional to invite
people over during the nights of Hanukkah to celebrate with you so it’s
an awesome time to get together friends, to get together
family and create new traditions. So it’s not just one night like it used
to be with Christmas, but this is an entire over a week long
process of just friends and family getting together,
playing games, eating food, trying out new things, and creating new
traditions for your family. In the transition from coming from our background of Christmas to Hanukkah,
At first it’s kinda very frustrating, and then you get creative, and you begin
to have fun with it. And so that’s what we’re doing here. I want
to give you just a couple of ideas that the Staley family has come up with. First of all, one of the
things that we did right off the bat in the very beginning is we wanted to portray pictures.
Everybody loves pictures, and we love taking pictures of our kids. Our
pictures are… our kids are our stars, if you will, and
so what we did was we decided to take stars, cut them out, and put pictures of each year as we’re preparing for
Hanukkah and doing Hanukkah and put them on the stars and then hang
them on the ceiling from our house. every year we take new pictures from
what we’re doing and we’ll put those pictures on stars
and snowflakes next year and then we’ll kinda trade those out.
And what’s fun is as years go by, you pull out these
pictures, and it just brings back memories when you’re showing pictures of your kids
when their small or as everybody gets older. It’s just
a neat… a good feeling to pull out those
pictures those memoirs as you’re decorating for Hanukkah
that year. Another tradition that we’ve done early
on is actually making our own menorah. This can be really fun. They can give you
the opportunity to really dive in with your kids or your
grandkids and be creative and do something fun. And so that’s what we’ve done here with
this. This was our very first original menorah that we made. I think we
picked something up at and one other craft stores. We have
some blue sand that we put in there, and then we just simply put candles
inside up that menorah. Originally we used clear oil candles. We wrapped the oil
candles in paper for each night of Hanukkah,
and on the paper, it would have what the light represented. So it started off
with the light of creation. I put creation around it. And then had different lights, and the
light of Yeshua as the center shamash candle, and so I’ll be
talking about that a little bit later as I go through the actual ceremony and kinda what we do each night
of each candle Hanukkah. But you can…one tradition is
you might be able to make your own Hanukiah. You don’t have to have just one. You can
have all over the house, and they’re all kinds of different
Hanukiahs… Hanukiahs or menorahs out there. The menorah is a beautiful instrument that is…it’s a candlestick of light.
That light, like I said, it not only connects to the light of
creation and the light of the Word of God…
representing the Bible within the Scriptures itself
and ultimately Yeshua, but it also has the connection they
calling Judeaism the Tree of life because it actually
looks like a tree and the blossoms on the candlestick branches itself are coming
from the almond tree, which is the tree of life that was
found in the Garden. So it has beautiful connection to the actual
Garden of Eden and the eternal tree of life. That’s what
the Eden…that’s what the Menorah represents
is the Tree of Life, and so when we create a menorah on our tables, when we buy a menorah, when we
decorated with a menorah, we…however you do it…when you light the menorah, you are literally, prophetically lighting
the tree of creation. You’re bringing back that pure holy, beautiful light that was never supposed
to be burned out. If you look online you’ll see about 5,000
different kinds of menorahs that are out there… from kids menorahs to very elegant
menorahs or very simple wooden menorahs, you
can choose one for your family or multiple ones for your family. We have several. This is one on our dining
room table. What I wanna do is to go through the menorah and share what I share with my family
each and every night and how we do it because the whole point
of this video is to kind of give you some ideas. Not necessarily so that you
could do exactly what we do, but for you to get some ideas of how the
Staley family does it. And then you can kinda spin off your own
ideas if you want to or you can adopt some of ours. There are some great ideas that are out there. Alright, first and foremost,
you start on the right hand side, and this is day 1. So day one I make
everything about light and so I’ll pull out the Bible, pull out the Scriptures… and pull out Scriptures that are connected
to each one of the days that are found as we move through here.
So on day one I talk about the “light of creation,” and I’ll pull out Scriptures in
the book of Genesis were it talks about creation…where it talks about light, and I’ll have one of my kids read those
Scriptures. Day number two I call the “light of Adam.” And the
reason why I do that is because the light was given to Adam and Eve to
be able to hold it up and take that torch, and I bring in Scriptures and let
the kids read the Scripture of how Adam and Eve fell and how they put their light under a
bushel. They didn’t pass their light on. So what we’re doing is we’re doing an
evolution of light from Genesis to Revelation so that my kids, my family, people that are
spending time with us that night can see exactly what I believe Hanukkah is really all about. It’s the
Festive of Lights…It’s about light. The third light…and by the way, the first
light that you normally light is called the shamash candle. It is the servant candle, and from the
servant candle… which you can notice is higher than all of
the other candles… it stands higher and today in Judaism
nobody knows why the shamash candle is higher than
the rest of the candles. Well, I have a hint of why it’s a little bit higher.
I believe because the greatest servant is the greatest in the household. And the greatest servant that ever lived is Jesus, Yeshuah the Messiah,
who stands higher, and he serves all the rest of the
candles. And so from the shamash candle you light each
and every candle. And so the third light…but since our
shamash candle is a little modern here…I’m going to use a a lighter…our third candle is the “light
of Moses.” This is where the light was given back
to Moses, and his job was to take the light and to… to share it with all of Israel,
and Moses did a great job doing that. And we’ll pull Scriptures out let them read
a little bit of how Moses got the Ten Commandments and how David calls the Ten
Commandments…calls the commandments a light under his path…which brings me to the
next candle. The fourth night is the light of King David. One of my most
favorite figures in the Bible is King David. He was an incredible king,
as you well know, but he has some phenomenal Scriptures… some amazing sayings that we find
in the book of Psalms. And so I like to go to the favorite…the
longest chapter a the Bible, Psalms 119, and specifically nine through 11, and I let my kids read
that out it says, you know, that how can a young man keep
his way pure? By keeping it according to Thy Word. He talks about how the commandments are
the light unto his path and how that there’s no way for him to keep his way pure outside of following
the light of the commandments. So… and there are other scriptures of how
it’s a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet…So finding Scriptures…and you can find some
Scriptures well…maybe you’ve got some better ones. That can go through each one of these days.
When we come to the fifth day, this is the the day of the disciples so we have you sure on
this day and the light comes to Yeshuah who
is our Messiah, and He is connected to the fifth and the sixth and seventh and eight days
because on the fifth day, this is His day. This is the “Light of the
Messiah”…the resurrection of our Lord, and so I…it’s easy to find Scriptures
and bring them up and to talk about the light of Messiah raising from the
dead and Him even giving instructions about a city on a hill, and we shouldn’t put our light
under a bushel. Those are great Scriptures to read on day 5. When you come today six it’s real easy. Yeshua gives His light to
His disciples, and He says…and turns to them and says, “You are a light of the world..You are the
light of the world.” And He gives them instructions on
how to take His light and give it to Him and how they’re
supposed to take His light give it to other people. And so the
disciples where the next part chain a light, if you will, to take the
light from creation to Adam…to David…from Yeshua… to the disciples. On day 7, the next day…the second to the last day,
the disciples are giving their light to gentiles…in my case, that’s me. And I explain how Israel is a part of…is the entity…the
National entity of light that God gave the children of
Israel… the children of God. And how the disciples,
the Jewish disciples from the southern kingdom, mixing with the Israelite
gentiles, if you will, of the northern kingdom and how coming
together of all of Israel becomes the beautiful perfect
light to be able to give to the rest of the world… the great gospel of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
On the last day, day eight, the eighth day is the greatest day.
As a matter of fact during the festival of Sukkot, which
many theologians believe is why Hanukkah is an eight-day festival…because they
did not get a chance to celebrate Sukkot, which is the favorite holiday of the
year…the favorite holy festival of the year…they never got to
celebrate it while they were under solicit control of the Greeks, and so they decided that
when they got back control of the temple that they were going to
celebrate the Feast of Sukkot. And so that’s why they mixed the menorah with the eight-day
festival and outcomes a 9 branched menorah because you have the shamash candle
and so the 8 branched menorah with the center candlestick being Yeshua, Himself. The very next light that
comes is the return of the Messiah and the light of the Millennium. This is where the
light, the perfect light, of the temple will come into
existence, and we will see not dimly. We will see as we are
seen. And so I pull out Scriptures that have
to do with the Millennium. And so altogether the nine branch candlestick
represents the light of the world…Jesus the
Messiah, Yeshua our Messiah and in everything
together puts together perfect light into this world…this dark
world. OK one of the fun new traditions that we
did this year was actually letting the kids make their own Hanukkah t-shirts. It was a fun experiment and some of them
turned out really fantastic so I’m just gonna walk through my kids let you see their shirts and kinda what they
did. This is my second oldest, Sierra. Show us your shirt. We’ve got “Happy Hanukkah,”
little snowman down there, a little dreidel, a menorah. And she sports the ring around the collar
snowflake style. Alright, this is Alena…number three. She
also has a menorah…very creative way she did hers, “Happy Hanukkah” down the side, and with the base of the menorah being a
dreidel. I thought that was pretty cool. Maleah show us
yours. Alright, turn towards the camera there… alright, that’s very cool…oh, yours is the
form of a heart. So you have a heart and the star David in yours. That’s
beautiful… then “Happy Hanukkah” down there. You did
a really good job. That’s awesome. Kylah, give me five. Yours turned out
really good, too. You have a white shirt and you kind of did the same menorah
as your sister. Really good job. And then my little bit,
Selah, give me five. What’s yours? You have… what is that?
Selah: a snowman A snowman…very good!
“Happy Hanukkah to you”… This is an awesome opportunity for you
to be able to be creative with your family from ideas that you make up in
your head to all the ideas that you’ll find
online. This is a festive season. Listen… it’s called the Festival of Lights for a
reason. It’s all about light of the menorah, or it’s all
about taking back the temple and making it ours again…kicking the
enemy out and putting Yahweh back in His place. That
enough is time for celebration. So Festival of Lights…it’s the time Yeshuah
was conceived in His mother’s womb, and what a great time for you to start
conceiving new ideas and do new traditions for
your family. Another thing that you can do during
Hanukkah is play lots of games, especially if you have kids. Big kids
love games. Adults love…as a matter fact, I love this game. This is one of my favorite games. It’s
actually the most traditional game in all of the Hanukkah season, and it’s
called Dreidel Game. And on the dreidel there are four Hebrew
letters. There is a… the letter “shin.” There is the letter
“nun.” There’s also a letter “gimel,” and the
letter “he.” Together they form the acronym “ness gadol ha’ya sham,” which simply means
a great miracle happened there, and so each one of these letters
has a significant meaning. And when you play the game whichever
letter it lands on gives you instructions on exactly what to do. So if it lands on a letter “he,” they get
to take half the pot. If it lands on the letter “gimel,” they get to take the entire pot. If it
lands on the letter “nun,” they don’t get any of the pot.
It goes to the next player. And if it lands on the letter “shin,” they
have to put one into the pot. So you simply go all the way
around by spinning the dreidel, and I’ll see what happens. Shin…I have to put one in the pot.
Everybody starts off with five. I have to put one in the pot, and you
simply play the game until it goes all the way around. Now the great part of the
game is what’s in the pot… what’s in the pot are gold coins. These gold coins are not just any gold
coins. These are chocolate gold coins, and you can use any kind of candy you
want, but it is more traditional to use the golden
coins. Why? Because in the Seleucid times during the the takeover at the temple when the
Greeks were in control, the tradition is that the Jewish people
were hiding in the caves, and when the Greeks would come by, they
would stop and put their Torah scrolls away cuz
they were not allowed to read the Torah during the Greek take over of the
Jewish people that time. And so they would put their Torah scrolls
away, and they would start playing the Dreidel game, and they would teach the kids the Torah
through the letters of the alphabet. And so it
was to trick the soldiers during that time period, and
as soon as the soldiers were gone, they would pick their Torah scroll back up.
well, that’s the tradition story anyway, but let’s play and have
some fun and eat at the same time. Oh, you get all of it! Wow! Shin… she’s got to put one in… Shin… Kylah…look here…Good job, Kylah! You win! So along with the dreidel game, our family likes to play a variety of games and one of those
games that we like to play, even just in general, is Memory. So we decided to make up our own
Hanukkah memory game. We just kinda drew some different pictures on here of things that have to do with Hanukkah.
These two youngest ones always beat everyone so let’s see how
they do. Good job!!!
OK, Selah, your turn. Alright, gifts…a lot of people ask us about gifts.
“Is it okay to give presents during Hanukkah?” We don’t want to be
like Christmas. We don’t want to do all that stuff. This is each person’s individual
conviction. We’ve tried multiple different ways. We
first started out…we should give gifts every night… of Hanukkah…one gift a tonight per kid. Well, we have six kids. That kinda
adds up and feels a little bit too much like
Christmas to me, and they kinda got too excited about the gifts they were
getting each night and weren’t paying attention to much…to
the actual meaning I was trying to bring to each night of
Hanukkah. So we stopped doing that and what we do today is basically we give
one or two gifts each person on the last
day of Hannukah. You can do it on any day…
the first, the middle of the week or at the end. And that way there’s
absolutely no focus on the gifts at all. We don’t make them
expensive gifts in all. They’re just to tell them that we love them. And so some people are against gifts
and that’s okay. That’s their conviction, but you can
give gifts any time of the year. We choose to give one or two gifts just to
say that, “Look, you brought light into my lift. I want you to know that I
appreciate you,” It’s just from us to them makes, and it makes it
real simple, very cute, and it works. So that’s kinda how we work with the gift thing. We’re not really
into the whole piles of gifts. That’s one of the materialistic things
that as I believe, one of the downfalls of Christmas is it’s fallen into materialism and gets people focused on materialism. So no matter what holiday you celebrate, when you do that, it really takes
the focus away from the spiritual message that we’re trying to create. So that’s where our family is. Alright, let’s talk about lights. This is
the Festival of Lights, and so there is no better time to decorate your house inside and out with lights during the Festival of Lights. If anybody has the right to put up lights
on the outside of her house, it is us because Christmas has nothing to
do with light. Christmas has to do with all kinds of crazy
stuff, but this is the Festival of Lights, and we
have the right to banner lights on the outside of our house.
So I encourage you to do that. Do it big, do it small, do it
however you want to do it. And I always encourage you to put your
menorahs up outside to let people know that we’re not celebrating Christmas. We’re
celebrating the Festival of Lights. And it creates great conversation for your
neighbors because their probably going to think your Jewish, and I it gives you an opportunity to
witness to them and let them know what you really believe…
where you’re coming from. So we always enjoy decorating the
inside and outside of our house with lights and I encourage you to do the same. Alright, I hope you enjoyed our Hanukkah video
to give you a kind of Staley how-to…and how we do things
here at Passion for Truth and our own personal home. I pray that God gives you tremendous
ingenuity…creativity… to come up with some traditions with your
own family as you transition to this amazing holiday. We pray
that God blesses you along the way. Are you ready guys? One, two, three…”Happy Hanukkah!”
Selah: Happy Hanukkah! See you later guys, Shalom.

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    Orient from on High. O Lord, glory to You!

  12. May Yahuah bless you and all of your beautiful family! I am alone this Chanukkah but I will be spending time each evening with not only you but others here on YouTube of like mind. You did a great service with this video and I am sure that Yahusha is pleased. Shalom.

  13. Sooo beautiful. I agree about the gifts, it takes away from celebrating the birth of Jesus! Kids look forward to the BIG gifts and not the celebrations! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to you & your wonderful family Rabbi. Shalom(Peace) to ALL.

  14. for all jews that dont like this video because its about yeshua and hanukka i remind you yeshua was a jew… if you dont like it dont watch things like this and go to your normal jewish videos!! Thank u very much!!!

  15. Hola! Dios le bendiga pastor jim, gracias por todas sus enseñanzas que han sido de gran bendicion para mi vida. Pero me gustaria que pudiera traducir sus enseñanzas al idioma español o con subtitulos latinos si fuera tan amable, gracias y que el altisimo lo siga bendiciendo con toda sabiduria en el conocimiento de Dios.

  16. Please pray for Jim for restoration as he is one of the best teachers out there and God has really used him to direct many back to Torah.
    Check out TORAH TRUTH FOR TODAY for more teaching on the subject of all believers getting back to Torah.

  17. If I understood this correctly, each day you lit the main candle and then another candle of that day, so each day you only have 2 candles lit? And do you let them burn alone, or do you extinguish them at some point?

  18. I love the feast of dedication!!!! I can not wait to get my candles !!!!! JESUS LIVES !! We as Christians have always burned the 5 candles for the Grace of our LORD.

  19. The star of remphan is not the star of David. Please read in Amos and in Acts…It is not the star of david. sadly we have not read our Bibles enough to know.

  20. Please answer this because i want to celebrate this year…

    When you light the menora do you light all 8 and tell the meaning and scripture all in one day? Or do you do it one day at a time? And if its all in one day which day do you do it?

    What day do you give gifts? How many times out of the 8 days do you have people over to celebrate with you?

    When do you eat? What do you eat? What if i have work?

    Please answer if you can, anyone with experience in celebrating. This holiday

  21. Ben, shame. On you , you need to read the Holy Bible or ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you do not know, and that is , because of the earlier. Jewish people unbelief, we were given the chance to be SAVED, you should be happy for this chance. So by your own words you love the world ,of which God hate for the Christian people should not love., so now is time for you to REPENT!

  22. Ben and the others of you who love the world, Please I am b,egging you all to REPENT, If you want to be SAVED..Do not get mad at me, I did not write the Bilbe.

  23. Thanks for sharing this video and for sharing your family experiences!

    To me it shows very nicely how Hanukkah can be celebrated, even by creating new traditions (not that I doubted that new traditions could be made but this video like confirms it ^^).
    I'm not Jewish but I'm interested in Judaism a lot and to me Hanukkah just seems to be a great, beautiful holiday.
    If I were Jewish I would certainly have two menorahs for Hanukkah in my home (one traditional one, one selfmade and more creative one) and would do the famous traditions like making latkes and bread, playing with the dreidel, giving small gifts to people and playing/singing some holiday songs.
    When it comes to making new traditions, maybe I would come up with a new recipe like your dreidel stick or a fitting tea for Hanukkah (I'm a tea lover). And I would not only play the Dreidel but also other games in general, with that I mean board games and card games. Maybe a one or two different ones per night 🙂
    And because I love to draw and paint, I would create eight different hanukkah menoras with a fitting dreidel, one for each night, at least on paper. Their themes can be different, from cartoon characters to children to nature motifs to colour schemes. And I would create my own greeting cards and at least some of my house decoration.

    And I would decorate my house similar to the Christmas season, mostly by putting regular candles here and there. Also, I would have at least one Hanukkah sweater or something 😀

  24. I love Jewish people and Israel and I desire to celebrate alongside Jews in some small way. If a Jew feels offended by that then I'm sorry. I'm studying the history of Hanukkah. I want to thank God for protecting the Jews and I want to celebrate that fact. I mean no disrespect. This is the first year that I'm not putting up a Christmas tree and been contemplating and researching the legitimacy of Christmas being a holy day for a few years. My cousin is married to a Jewish man.

  25. A Jewish holiday, but so sad Jewish people still not believe Jesus at all. Please do not mix up with Christmas celebration.
    Otherwise, my Jewish friend will not say believe Jesus is betrayed their own people. Christian does not celebrate Hanukkah, period! Wish Jewish believe Masahh -Jesus one day. 🙁

  26. You christians ought to hate this holiday because its a pharasi tradition that is part of the oral traditions leave beautiful jewish holidays alone

  27. Hanukkah is a minor holiday compared to other Jewish holidays, not like Christmas which is instead the highest of holiday among the Christian holidays. G-d dispersed us to test our faith, we stuck with what the Torah teaches us to not proselytize and to not convert, and here we are, still standing. We refused to convert and the church persecuted us with torture and death for centuries, trying to suppress and destroy our existence. We paid with our blood to preserve the values and traditions we have, this is why it becomes very personal when we see that our ancient traditions are watered down with glitz and glamour (even if with good intentions). Our traditions are profoundly meaningful to us, it is bothersome to see people use our religious traditions, while having little knowledge of the Jewish Torah and its message.

  28. I guess it was recorded on December 2014 … I'll be happy seeing him again celebrating with his family during Hanukkah on December 2022.

  29. Im a christain, I dont celebrate christmas. I know its a pagan holiday. but i want to learn Hanukkah. Im sorry if I affended you

  30. Only Jews should celebrate Hanukkah,otherwise it is disrespect!!!!!The message of Hanukkah for JEWS,is to not assimilate!!!!Jews do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ

  31. Trees with lights. Yep, just another replacement for Christmas. I mean geeze Hanukkah is a minor holiday in Judaism. It’s been Americanized into this replacement for Christmas.

  32. Hola hermano jim .
    Doy gracias a YAHWEH por su vida por k ELOIM a abierto nuestros ojos a través de sus enceñanzas ,
    Por favor siga suviendo enceñanzas en canal pasión por la vida por favor ,
    o las k son en ingles por favor pongale subtitulos en español para k puedamos mi familia y yo seguir aprendiendo.
    Muchas gracias por su pasión por YAHWEH , tiene una hermosa familia que ELOIM los guarde y los siga bendiciendo en todo lo que enprendan

  33. As someone who grew up in a Rabbinically Jewish household, i find this video extremely informative and i look forward to celebrating Hanukkah the way it should be, without the Pharisee laws and inventions.

  34. It's funny to me that the Catholic (Christian) holiday, Christmas is done away with in exchange for Hanukkah. I find it odd because until 500 years ago, all Christians were part of the Ancient Church and The Catholic Bible actually contains the story of the Maccabees, while the Protestants threw those books out to cater to the reformers' agenda of doing away with the idea of purgatory and praying for the dead. 🤔.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of celebrating Hanukkah, but it's strange that folks will eagerly cling to historical sources who've boldly rejected Jesus as Messiah, while shunning the special celebration of the supposed greatest event in human history: G-d with us. It's also strange that Catholics get flak for asking Angels and Saints to pray for them, but nothing negative is said of the weekly Sabbath song inviting & blessing the ministering Angels (Shalom Aleichem).
    I think the "reformation" has left many Christians feeling lost and rootless and since it demonizes the Ancient Faith of our fathers, many of us search to find meaningful expressions of Faith and reinvent the wheel.
    (Just some thoughts, no offense to your lovely family. I think its wonderful to adopt meaningful traditions to make special memories).

  35. Antiochus was not a Greek, he was a Syrian mercenary soldier in the Greek army who later rose to be General. After Alexander the Greek empire was divided into 4 by his Generals, Antiochus was one of them (the King of the North in the book of Daniel) who would used Syrian mercenaries to control his part of the empire. The Greeks as a whole were mostly racist so were not interested in giving their lives to maintain Syria as it was not a rich hub of natural resources and trade as Egypt was, which is why the Greek General Ptolemy controlled it (the King of the South in the book of Daniel). And it was the Greek Ptolemy who created the great library of Alexandria curated by the Jew Miamonadies. And it was out of this time the Septuagint Bible was formed.

  36. Awesome! I have more Hanukkah and holiday songs here. I also have other styles of music. This cd was all my voice no samples! All other cds are all keyboard no samples.

  37. Jesus celebrated Hanukkah, it is in the New Testament of the bible. The book of John Chapter 10 verse 22. He even gives a Hanukkah speech.

  38. Do you think your wife wearing make up is from Jesus as a child of God also I have been asked to remove all makeup (face paintings) as written is what they are and begin wearing long-sleeved dresses to my ankles that are a size bigger to no create a sexual image? It is written in Timothy how a woman shall dress (Modestly) and other scriptures how to behave (act/be) as a wife

  39. I appreciate your video but the star of David is not in the Bible and its really not a good thing as far as I heard. Solomon was the one who used it when he turned away from God. It's not what the Jewish people say it is. As you know they lied about the oil and even worse about Jesus. They are not above reproach. We both know that they twist things and I believe it….now with the Star of David. I just want you to know about it so you can ask God for discernment and wisdom in his will and way.

  40. I just ordered my first Hanukkah set and I am soo excited! I am a Christian and this will be my first year celebrating Hanukkah. Thank you for this wonderful video and all the teachings. You have such a beautiful family. Thanks again and God bless you.

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