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  1. LOL first all those videos about hos to make money selling jewellery and now this!? This is Howcast, not Jewcast!!!

  2. @Bizzylizzy9000 You do not need to be Jewish to celebrate Hanukkah. Avi was right Jews don't want Christian to be Jews, They don't even want Jews to be Jews..

  3. DAMN! That chick was so Jewish she broke her ARM! btw they left out that you should kick back and enjoy a nice bottle of wine. drinking wine is the best part of being Jewish by far. and when gazing at the andles, you can also watch tv or read a book. that way you arent sitting at a table awkwardly gazing at candles. but most important of all, BE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND SHARE THE LOVE HAPPY HANNUKAH

  4. @redoma2008 – Ridiculous, according to Christ himself, the Chosen have lost the vineyard and God can raise sons of Abraham from mere stones. They ever hear of the book of Luke in your "church". I say that not to demean the jews, I'm sure they find your appropriation of their holiday just as stupid as other Christians do. You want Muslims who reject your faith celebrating Christmas too?

  5. Damn. Celebrating Hanukkah is not nearly as hard everyone says. Light a candle every night, go to the synagogue, and sometimes exchange gifts.

  6. very helpful, but a bit confusing. im not jewish but i find the religion very facinating. Is celebrating Hanukkah actully this hard? or do they make it seem complicated….

  7. because oil was left over thats the holiday , thats like me starting a holiday because instead of getting a week out a of tank of gas i get a whole month .

  8. you have to be jewish.
    i am sick of non-jews sticking their fucking noses into our culture

  9. @Bregowald
    If they are potential converts they would need to begin applying Jewish customs into their everyday life. Otherwise, the Orthodox Rabbi's and even most Reform Rabbi's wont continue on with their conversion.

  10. @TheJosephPrice You don't "convert" to Judaism, dumbass. You're either born one of us, or you aren't. You either have Jewish blood or you don't.

  11. @Bregowald
    Umm yes you can. It's a long and lengthy process but you can. Judging by your attitude, I would say you are likely a Non-religious Jew. Speak to a Rabbi and they will tell you so as well.

  12. @Bregowald
    If you don't have Jewish blood on your Mother's side at least, you will have to go through a conversion process. Orthodox Conversions can take a year or so. Rabbi's in Israel only accept Orthodox Conversions.

  13. ive ben in2 antibulyin & kindnes stuf 4 online.people hav ben comin 2 me 4 advice on twittr bout bing gay,or how to stand up to bullys and all sorts of stuff like that.but 2 days ago this 10 year old little boy found my page. he told me that he was juish and that he was having some issues with some childeren making fun of some juish song he had sang publicly 4 his music teacher. ide luv 2 help him bout this but he seems abit sensitiv bout it.

  14. this goes to my last comment.so i think i would be able to help this sweat boy more if i could mabe understand alittle what it feels like to be judged by your religon.ive never been in that situtation be4. if any of u have can u guys please give me some advice?

  15. if this person is really a Jew, they are a disgrace to Jews everywhere. most Jews are very accepting and not like this.

  16. EXCUSE ME!? I'm a Messianic Gentile and I'm sure glad that I'm not a JEW if they're anything like you. I know there are some really great Messianic Jewish people out there and I thank YHVH God for them! There is no longer Jew or Greek (we are all mutts). We are now ONE in Messiah. May God bless you with grace, spiritual awakening, and repentance.

  17. I really like this video! Thank you to all who participated and posted! I love the Jewish people and I love Jesus!! I love all of the Jewish holidays and have learned about them so I can give honor to God with them!!

  18. well when you put it that way its not fun anymore!! all you have to do for hanukkah is celebrate and remember why your celebrating! happy chanukkah everybody!!

  19. Do you believe in God. If you don't 😠. So if you a Christian don't Celebrate Hanukkah. To all those who don't 😊. I don't Celebrate Hanukkah.😄 lol!

  20. If you read Luke 1-2, it seems like Jesus was born in the 9th month, not the 12th month.

    Luke 1:26-38 is Gabriel only announcing that she will give birth to the Son of God. There is no mention of conception. "In the sixth month the angel Gabriel…"
    Luke 1:56 "And Mary remained with her (e.i. Elizabeth) about three months, and returned to her house."
    Luke 2 – Christ is born.

    The orthodox ethiopian didascalia says Jesus was born on the 25th of the 9th month (aka Hanukkah).

  21. what you said is a hannukia not a menora, yes you need a hannukia with nine candles.but a menora has only 7.

  22. That looks like so much fun!!! The Jewish Celebrations, that Constantine took away from the Jews and replaced with paganistic holidays.. The Jewish holidays are more fun than that of the pagan holidays.

  23. I like to research about other religions other then my own (duh) and this video was interesting to learn about the Jewish traditions. Thanks!

  24. True menorah has 7 candles, 3 branches, 1 center pole.

    This represents 1 God, 3 persons, 7 spirits.

    This is Christianity.

  25. It's a really great holiday and I like it a lot. I'm not Jewish but I know a lot of people that are Jewish and I celebrate it with them.

  26. You just can't say how to celebrate Hanukkah it how people celebrating that every one is celebrating different u can't say you need to do this, you need to do that, that's not right

  27. honestly, Hanukkah is my favorite holiday. i love spending time with my family, lighting the menorah (even though my little sister almost got burnt), praying, and eating

  28. A lot of people make fun of and insult the Jewish, but even though I'm not part of the religion, and also my family happens to be German-Christian, I think Hanukkah is a beautiful festival of remembrance and respect and I wish there wouldn't be so much anti-semitism in the world. Bless the Jewish and all those who suffer from prejudice xx

  29. Im half jewish is that ok if i celebrate hanukah and later set up my xmas three for the other half of my family? 🤔

  30. I went out today to find a menorah and couldn’t find one. I haven’t even seen ANY Hanukkah decor, nothing! Hanukkah starts tomorrow night! My first year not celebrating Christmas. My first year celebrating Hanukkah. I’m not Jewish but I’m a gentile that’s been grafted in. Anybody know where I can find a menorah? I’ll be making my own as best I can if I can’t find one. Shout out to anyone who can share some info. Shalom to all!

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