How to CELEBRATE PURIM & Make Mishloach Manot

hi everyone I’m Marion here welcome back
to my channel today I have another Purim video for you guys if you haven’t seen
my how to make a rainbow oh hamentashen I will link it below so it’s a really
fun one so today I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about how me and
my family celebrate Purim and I’m going to show you guys how I make mishloach manot, which are gifts that you give to people on Purim they can be really fun really creative most people put hamentashen
in them we swap one note but these days you’ll see all kinds different things so
these are going to be pretty traditional ones except of course our hamentashen which
are not traditional because they’re rainbow but yes I wanted to show you
guys what I do so first of all if you’re new to my channel welcome my name is
Marion I make videos about being a Jewish mom motherhood and minimalism
with kids so please subscribe to my channel to see more and definitely give
this video a thumbs up if you liked it okay so the story of Purim really
quickly is about the Jewish people in Persia a really long time ago
and this king named Achashverosh who was tempted by his advisor named Haman
who is evil and bad to kill all the Jews and this heroine named Esther and her
uncle Mordecai convinced the King that this was a terrible idea and they saved
all the Jews in the land so it’s a very happy ending story and the holiday is
celebrated with like lots of fun lots of drinking lots of festivities etc so with
kids we generally go to a Purim carnival at our synagogue that’s really common
and go to synagogue to hear the Megillah read
the Megillah is the story of Purim and people dress up in costumes they bring
noisemakers it’s super fun and festive so back to our mishloach manot I want to
show you guys how I’m gonna make this one and I’m going to be mailing mine so
I’m using a box that can go in the mail if I was gonna hand them out in person I
put like a little ribbon like this on it to hand it out but yes I’m going to show
you guys what I’m gonna fill it with and how it’s gonna look so I’m using this
white box which you go and then the post it’s got a forum some you have to
stagger which means happy forum and broke and the first thing we’re going to
do is just fill the box with this blue like crinkle paper kind of thing just so it
looks nice and got a little better background then I’m going to take these
little plastic bags and that’s almost like two or three hamantaschen and then
close it okay and then I have these little silver ties I’m just going to tie
them up I’ll probably do a second bag with my other rainbow color komen Tasha
and I’ve got two different sets going on here by the way I like I said I have a video
about how to make these hamentashen the recipe for this dough is so good because
the hamentashen don’t crumble which is really good when you are mailing them across the country so it’s one of my favorite recipes and they’re delicious okay so I’ve got my two bags of
hamantashen and the next thing I have is candy melts so I use these
candy milks have to put inside the hametnaschen so I have a bunch left over so
I thought this would be a great user for them traditionally mishloach manot are
just filled with all kinds of yummy food dessert things like that so putting
chocolates and it’s definitely a traditional and fun compact I think to
include that down and then I just have some tootsie rolls they do with all these
below and I’ve got some muffin cups here cupcake wrappers and I’m just going to
take one I just like to do this to the theme don’t get everywhere that’s it okay and the last thing I’m going to do
because this is going to a family with a dog at home I’m going to put some dog
treats which we have a lot of could be up to dogs here at my house in this
little bag and just put a little note from our dogs to their dogs just
something cute to add into that we shall point out and the traditional greeting on Purim
is just purim sameach or chag sameach which means happy
Purim or Happy holiday, simcha means happy and chag means holiday or happy Purim okay so that’s
the fast kick and I’m going to do now is put in some napkins these ones just say
celebrate you can do you know obviously whatever you want but I just thought
these were fun and festive it colorful but I’m going to put these on the top my
goal is to stuff the box enough so that the contents don’t like fly around in
the post so they’re pretty secure that’s another reason I like to do the napkins
and the last thing I’m going to do is just write this card to the family put
it in the envelope and that’s the last thing I’m going to put in the box and
then I’ll just seal it put their name address here and that’s going to be
delivered to them and when my son wakes up from his nap up I let him decorate
the box with like markers and stickers and that kind of things have been
happening little um you know handmade and component from him so that is how I
make me slack of my notes it’s just a fun little video for you guys I hope you
liked it if you did please make sure to give a thumbs up and subscribe my
channel to see you I see you next time bye

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