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  1. I think i'll stick with pasta and chicken, oh yea and a bottle of vodka never hurt! that shit won't work on a woman cuz i know for a FACT they don't like fish. another tip, prolly shouldn't try cooking for a chick you haven't fucked yet….just a thought…..juuuust a thought

  2. ahahahahahah so fuckin true mate….

    if someone served that to me i might have to rethink the relationship altogether! 😛

  3. Some good smokin bbq, vodka goodness, and sweet ice cream…. Now that stuff works on me. All that other stuff… might be a lil weird… like really.. the menu needs updating.

  4. wow..thats an awfull lot of food! i think , if you do this, only choose a few, cuz, i think after eathing all that, i would want to just sit and digest, not start moving around, ad doing activity..

  5. That was good!
    Want to see away better and funnier way to get some bed time play?
    you GOT to go see:

    HOWCAST (for DUMMIES) – A succulant crab dinner for your lady

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