How to Cook a Sushi Dinner Party

Welcome back to another sushi video recipe,
I am Chef Devaux and today I am going to show you how to make a sushi dinner platter. Now
this was requested by a loyal viewer in the comments section of my prior videos.
Basically what I am going to tell is do less, now what do I mean by less? I mean when a
beginner tries to make sushi for many people what they do is try to over reach, they go
and make 20 different sushi rolls, and they have 20 different ingredients to decide from.
You go and make one with tuna, one with salmon, one with yellow-tail, one with octopus, one
with crab, one with all sorts of stuff. They go to the fish market and they are grabbing
everything they can, just chuck it into all the sushi rolls. And then what you have is
so much waste, and it takes so much time to stop and start, trying to make different types
of sushi rolls. In a restaurant that’s fine because you make all the prep and you’re going
to make six, seven, eight each and then that’s not a problem. But when you’re at home and
you’re making one of each that’s when you waste so much.
What you want to do is you want to make one amazing sushi roll, like the mosaic sushi
roll, the flower sushi roll, the crispy deep fried sushi roll or many other of my sushi
rolls that are amazing, and then you want to make one simple one and you want to top
it with different types of things. So it looks like you made 20 different sushi rolls but
you only made two really. Much like when you make a cupcake and make the base and then
you put different icing on the top, you do the same thing with this.
Let’s go see how this is done. Simple Sushi Roll
Here what I am going to make is a very simple salmon, cucumber, sushi roll using 120g of
cooked sushi rice, which is about 4oz, and some water to wet your hands so that the rice
doesn’t stick to your hands. If you want to learn how to make cooked sushi
rice then just click on the link on the top left corner and that will show you how to
make this. Now you spread it out nice and softly, you
want to fluff it out here, you don’t want to squish it down. You really don’t want the
rice to become too pressed and compressed, you just want it to break up in the mouth
as you eat it. Okay, so you take a bamboo rolling mat, covered
in a plastic bag and just place it like so, rice side down. Now you add a piece of sushi-grade
salmon. If you want to know more about sushi-grade salmon then click on the link which just appeared
on the top left corner. Okay, add a little bit of sliced cucumber, you want to add very
little of everything because otherwise you won’t be able to shut it up. Now you simply
just pull it over holding in with your fingers and then shut, press in, release and then
move forward and then just firm up again. Now you don’t want a circular sushi roll,
you just want a square sushi roll, this has a more or less square shape — perfect. And
this is your basic simple sushi roll. You just cover it with some cling film and cut
it. Just press the cling film onto your sushi roll and then use a very sharp knife like
this one to slice it. Slice it in half and then slice the halves
into quarters, and the quarters into eighths. If you want the same knife as I’m using then
just click on the link on the top left corner and that will take you there.
Now the ends you can just leave them like that, firm them up a little bit or slice off
a small amount so it’s just a finished end. There we go, perfect.
If you have a very blunt knife after cutting it, it might have moved or deformed a little
bit, don’t worry just take your bamboo mat in a plastic bag and re-firm it up. There
we go. So now that you’ve cut the sushi roll, now to top them. Now I’ve got loads of different
types of toppings and just get to it. Here is some avocado sliced and they are just the
right size so it fits on top of a sushi roll — perfect. Add a piece of smoked salmon,
you can trim it a little bit so it’s just the right size — just like so.
The sharper the knife obviously the easier this goes. Okay, and then it’s pretty simple,
this is wasabi sesame seeds, you can get these on my websites and they ship globally — perfect.
This is plum sesame seeds and they taste like plum. Okay, perfect — and then this is wasabi
seasoned masago, so its capelin roe, beautiful stuff. This is masago, also capelin roe but
this time without the wasabi. You just simply roll them in and they should adhere to your
sushi rolls. Then this is toasted black sesame seeds, I really recommend you get toasted,
don’t go for raw because they don’t taste that great. The toasting really brings out
the essence of sesame seeds, and then you can of course toast them yourself. This is
toasted white sesame seeds, and some panko. Panko is just toasted bread crumbs.
Okay that’s really nice and it looks like you made those from different sushi rolls,
of course you don’t have to make only one of each, you can make three or four of each
so it looks like you have actually made sushi rolls and they’re all different.
Now to really make your guests excited about this, you have to display it in a way which
really just grabs their attention. So here, a sushi boat. You can buy this online from
my store, the link just appeared on the top left corner and it ships worldwide. I think
it goes for about $100 more or less. Here you can add some cucumber garnish, just to
decorate it a little bit and you can learn how to make this by clicking on the link on
the right. And then you just start laying your sushi rolls, just simply just place them,
they are going to look so much better inside this boat than any other plate, I can guarantee
that. It just makes it exciting to eat, it’s like
going to a restaurant, it’s an event. This really is great. Alright, so obviously you
could fill this up much more and get a much grander effect, but I’ll just do it for presentation
purposes. If you make more than one sushi roll it will be packed, so that will be great.
I hope you guys enjoyed this cooking video recipe how to make a sushi platter. Now what
I should say was only the filling sushi rolls, so you still have to make one amazing sushi
roll and you should probably choose that one from my other videos. So check out my other
videos by clicking on the right, and I am sure you will find something which is stunning.
Now if you want to buy this sushi boat, then you click on the left right now and that will
show you where to buy it. It’s collapsible also so it fits into a dishwasher which is
great for cleaning, and I mean your guests will be really impressed when they see this
roll out to the kitchen. Whatever you serve on it will look better on this boat.
I made this video because a lot of you requested it in the comments section of earlier videos
I have made in the past. So if you guys want to see something, leave it in a comment below
and if enough of you ask the same thing then I’ll make it.
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Thanks for watching, until next week. END

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