How to Cook From Tokyo’s Vending Machines

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  1. His ice and ice cream was already half melted when he poured it into the blender… he could’ve put it in the freezer made it at the end aaaaaand you NEVER twist off a blender it’s lock/unlock and pull🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. I remember watching this when I was 11😶

    I’m fucking 15 now and just realised that this isn’t suitable for a 11 yr old, or at least when I was 11. Idk what the fuck these 11 yr olds be doing. Turning gay or sum’n 🤮

  3. I was fully expecting him to make a legit video and then he literally said the food is gross and spills the drink all over his apartment floor. Nice!

  4. its smells like my moms feet 03:04. it smells so good 06:27 this guy kinda weird you know. my favourite thing to eat 07:03. i lied ive never done this before and its gross 07:47.
    08:00 this banna milkshake will be awesome. 08:28 its still good. 08:30 banana milkshakes suck.

  5. “This is going to be awesome because I’ve dreamt about this my whole life” HAHAHAHAHAHAH i fucking love Ty

  6. My guy was outside the liquor store drinking his jack Daniels and some camera crew asked him to make some food from vending machines

  7. I always come back to this video every year, get this guy on a series to review vending machines or something this was too funny 🤣🤣

  8. The best friend he is referring to that looks like the vending machine clown is his friend Halloween from the other video..

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