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Thanksgiving Dinner Dad’s Mashed Potatoes Hi I’m Karen Bates. We’re here in Anderson Valley
at the Apple Farm. This is my brother Johnny who has his own business
down the road, the Booneville hotel. The Apple Farm is often where we gather during holidays,
it’s a good spot to bring everybody together, at the end of our harvest season. We’re gonna do mashed potatoes, and
uh, it’s not usually my job to do the mashed potatoes,
it used to be always my dad, and so Johnny gets to step into his footsteps
and carry on the tradition. We’re gonna start with some Russet potatoes,
and we’re gonna peel them, these have a lot of starch in them and so they’re
very, they work really well as mashed potatoes because the starch is part of what makes the creaminess of
the mashed potatoes. As far as potatoes, you kind of figure about a
half a potatoes per person, so we’re gonna put a generous heaping of salt in there,
probably a couple of tablespoons, so sometimes we add some garlic into the potatoes,
lately we’ve just been throwing a couple of whole cloves in there, it’ll soften and cook with the potatoes as they do,
and I’ll also add a coupe bay leaves in thee, it just adds a nice little flavor.
Karen’s gonna mix the milk, and melt the cream and butter. and we’re gonna warm that up and get that ready, um, everything needs to be warm as you put this together, so we have about
six potatoes, so about six tablespoons, something like that. Cream, I’d say we’re probably gonna use a cup and a half
for this, for six potatoes. Put the potatoes on the stove here, and I’ll put the cream on a low heat
you don’t want to boil that, especially if it’s milk you just
want to melt it a low temperature. And the potatoes we’ll cover, so we’ll let that go for,
set a timer for about fifteen minutes and check them and then check them every five minutes after that until
it’s done. So we’ve taken the potatoes off the stove,
um, we cooked them until they’re just nice and soft you don’t want to overcook them
or the starch will come out, so we’ve got the potatoes here,
we’re going to discard the bay leaf, and reserve about, oh, a cup or to at least
of the potato water, to add that back, we need the moisture.
You want to start, actually I’m gonna season them with a little salt in the water, we’re gonna put a little salt here,
and we’re gonna mash them dry first, And once again, you’re not overworking them, but
but you’re mash, you’re mashing them versus beating them The beating would increase the gluten and you’d
get very gooey potatoes at that point, We’re gonna go ahead and start adding
some of the butter cream mixture we warmed up. You want everything warm, and work that in, it’ll absorb quite a bit of, uh, liquid, I’m
gonna add some fresh, we’re gonna take some of the pepper ground, the pepper that we toasted a minute ago, put a little bit of that in here. I’m gonna go ahead and work in the last of the butter
and cream. They’ll tighten up as they sit, so, um, you definitely, you want to get em, you want them
on the wet side to set at this point. We’ve got these finished now, and if they seem a little dry after
you add your butter and your cream and you don’t want to add any more, uh, you just take
a little reserved liquid, potato water, and ad that, because that’ll have some of the flavor of the
potatoes, and you work that in. And get ’em, you want them light and fluffy, but you don’t want them so thick that you can’t spoon them onto the plate. Feel free to change things up and move around, that’s
the whole fun of Thanksgiving, Let the kids jump in and have a
good time, that’s what it’s all about. Thanks. Dad’s Mashed Potatoes
Peel and Cut into chunks 6 large russets.
Cover with cold water in a sauce pan. Add 1 TSP salt.
Bring to a simmer and cook until very tender.
Drain and reserve potato water.
In a small saucepan heat:
A chunk of butter
Milk or Cream, about 1 cup. Start mashing potatoes, using the reserved potato
water as needed. When smooth, start adding the hot
butter and cream, along with the salt & pepper. Continue
mashing and whipping until fluffy and well-seasoned.
Cover with a lid to hold.
Dad’s mashed potatoes were always lumpless.
But they taste good lumpy too. Pottery Barn Please visit for a
printable copy of this recipe.

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  1. @wenzelsopinion Yeah… a dangerous amount of salt. and cream, AND butter. Hmmm… these mashed potatoes have "heart attack" written all over 'em.

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