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  1. Hey I'm a kid
    I like fried rice so I learn how to cook fried rice
    My specialty is adobo fried rice

  2. *see’s in recommendation *
    *clicks *
    * watches *
    * keeps on happening*
    not hating on video

  3. In finland, we have thing called välipalakeksi that means snack cookie or something

  4. 1:10 actually, it is scientifically proven that if you eat more sugar and saturated fat for breakfast, it helps keep your blood sugar levels stay leveled. (Don’t overdo it though.)

  5. bully teases my lunch

    me: ur lunch looks like someone barfed on it
    bully: no shut up my lunch is steak and u will regret not having steak for lunch!
    1 second later
    bully gains 1500 calories
    bully: u so fatt
    me: ur fatter
    punches the bully's belly

  6. I Am good cook i need seriousely girlfriend for real true loveing relationship i need partner forever .😍😍🙋💗💗👫💑💏👪🌷🌷

  7. the stereotype that kids hate green vegetables and carrots isn't true when I was little I was addicted to eating carrots

  8. Who teases a person for what they have in there lunch like there’s this kid in my class and he has curry for lunch and everyone’s like ewww u like that u are a weirdo ,I mean so it doesn’t matter if he has a curry 🍛 he can have whatever the boy wants and if he likes it amazing it’s not like the bully is eating it

  9. who bullies people because they eat differently if it was me it would go like this;

    Bully: Hey! Eww you have a sandwich in your Lunch! You are fat!

    Me: Shut that pizza roll of yours and let me eat in peace.

  10. Every kid while watching this…

    Claire: You my friend, are a lucky parent

    parent parent parent parent parent parent parent parent parent parent parent

    Kid: why am i even watching this…

  11. In my school, if people see a lunch that they have never seen they’re like

    “Ohhhhhhhh What’s that!!”

    “Can we taste it??”

    “What does it taste like!?!?”

  12. 4:34
    what!? Yall got to say no to food as a kid? I had to eat it no matter what or else i would get sent out on the stairs as punishment

  13. Just bake brownies with vegetables in it. There’s a recipe online that is brownies but beans in it, I made it and I didn’t taste the beans whatsoever.

  14. What type of food are you

    Which meal are you part of (Like last digit)

    1-3 Breakfast
    3-5 Snack
    5-7 Lunch
    7-10 Dinner

    Bday month

    Jan-June= Vegan
    June- Oct= Vegatarian
    Oct-December= Normal

    Favorite Animal=food (if you got vegan and a burger you get veggie burger or something like that with the food)

    Dog= Steak
    Horse=PB J sandwich
    Frog= Oatmeal
    Birb of any type= coconut cake
    Anything else= some slimy mush

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