Tonight is gunna be the night that Colton is gunna find his Lover. I am Phil Mackenzie and I’m showing you how to cook more
Leanness!! Specifically I’ve got a really big event tonight
it is a bachelor viewing party Bachelornation SAYWHATTTT I’m super
excited I’m gonna be supporting my boy Colton he’s gonna find love in his life
and the person he is gonna find also loves veganny leanness like we’re
gonna be having tonight we are cooking vegan nachos we’ve got all the
ingredients here they are super easy so every bachelor viewing party needs these
tonight so get ready Squadies. First up we’ve got our meatless beef here this is
precooked so I’m gonna add it to the whole recipe at the very very end we’ve
got our sweet potato I’ll show you how to chop these Bad Boys up nice and easy
we’ve got onion tomato we’re making our own Guac we’ve got coconut oil paprika
there are cumin tomato paste and some chopped tomatoes in a can all right my
coconut oil is not in liquid form right now so I’m just gonna do a few
tablespoons just a few in my pan and I’m gonna melt these bad boys down so fast
it melts get a peeler get a sweet potato and we are gonna be peeling away
all right nice and easy that’s all you got to do and then once you peel your
sweet potato, you grab a big knife like this you take that big knife
you look this sweet potato straight in the eye you say you know what today
we’re making leanness! we’ve got a big bachelor viewing party tonight and you
just go HIYA!!!! chop it and what you end up chopping is nice little thin there like
half an inch thick there we go lean chippies so you end up making a whole
tray like this and you’re gonna put all your lean tatos into the bucket look at
that see that is coconuty leanness liquid form and it is going into our
Bowl here so just take it over just sprinkle it all woooooooooo….oh that’s gonna be
delightful so the ton of flavor next step salt and
pepper. PEEEEEWW PEWWWWW now that was coated in just salt in
there you got pepper it up there – best friends to lean buddies can’t have one
without the other and then we leave remix so I’m just mixing it all up whoo
get those chippies cover now you take these guys and you just BOP EM, WOOOOOOO there we have it we’ve got the nachos
we’re ready to go 375 on the onions they’re going in for
about 20 minutes all right so we’re gonna make a lean squad GUACAMOLE it’s
super super easy oh we’re gonna do two avocados
why was the avocado late to this bachelor viewing party? BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A CAR DOE
that’s one of my name jokes let me know if you like that way so just slice up my elbow
and these are really gonna complement the nachos avocados are full of healthy
fats another fact is they’re full of potassium a lot of people will tell that lot
of potassium in an avocado how you get the middle oh boom cha just like that
get a little Bowl I just go around the edges and I just get ready to Oh bop it
in there no I’ve got my guacamole in a bowl holy leanness and just mush it up
for now we’re gonna get some lemon juice in here you decide this is your party
there we go I did have a lemon as you can see new goal for the extras is I
like the lemony leanness next up cilantro I’m excited grab it get your bowl. BEEEEEEWWWWWW now next up a
little bit of diced onion for the leanest guacamole hey dice up the onion here we go there we go get the sound
effects going so I got my onion in we’re going to dice up some tomato okay
not too much just a little bit dice it up in the bucket oh there we go
so that is all in my bucket a little bit just a little bit of spice I love spice
also side note it gets your body burning you know chili pepper anything spicy
fires up your metabolism! A little bit pepper if you want while you mix you can
sing I got was called a LEAN remix you can sing a song – Tonight, is gunna be the night that Colton finds his lover. He’s gunna find the one that real oen that hes gunna be with forever! we got the guac LOOK AT THAT — Guac for our chips, our nachos ten minute mark while you’re making your guac flip your nachos look at real good. REAL NICE!! flippin flippies like that alright so we
want to flip them so both sides get cooked
ten minutes four three two one so ends we go now while these are in for
the final ten minutes we’re gonna cook up the beef that’s Vegan beef so I just
take some mince garlic right there we go just sizzle that up get on a medium is heat
and then next up we’re gonna add the onions so again depending on how risque
you’re feeling or you can do a little bash and bop the onions and garlic got
been in there for a couple minutes then take this big leanmazing chunk of meatless beef (look at it!) amazing and we’re just get it in the pan then you just mix that around
look at that looks exactly like real beef so we’re gonna do about 12 ounces
of diced tomatoes or just using this can these are actually spicy so I’m just
gonna get this in here you can smell it Smell the Flaaavors. Oh I just want to get excited
once you got diced tomatoes in there just a tablespoon of tomato paste and
just a little bit squirted in there there you go! All right time to add some
spices to really maximize the flavor to make the tastiest Vegan nachos
you’ve ever had a little bit of cumin get it in there we’ve got Paprika! so I’m going
to do a little extra here just the last couple minutes that ten minutes is up
for the sweet potatos now we’ve got a really important step you do not want to
miss this one you grab vegan cheese I am using a deliciously dairy-free cheese
here I’m just going to get it all over these chippies and I’m just gonna put it
in cool thing about this cheese is it melts
now they’re going back in just a couple minutes you just want the cheese to melt
a bit. The moment we’ve all been waiting FOR! take the nachos out there we go look at these cheesy chippies nachos top them
with the beef and some guac and some spring onion we take our
homemade leanmazing guacamole don’t be shy impress your friends get that on the top
because this is like the icing on a lean cake a little spring onion there we go
HOW BOUT THAT!!! Veganny Leanness nachos right here right now I’m excited I’m
gonna get my face mask on I’m gonna eat these while I watch Cole find the love
oh right sweaty if you like these please let me know please call blow make sure
you subscribe a whole buncha leanest come from 20 19
please let me know if you cook these. LET’S GET LEAN

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