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[Music] she decided to join me so I will just let us sleep on my lap because he really loves to do that other day I recorded a table setting video because I have guests over and I always get the this question asked on Instagram about how I do my table settings so I thought it was just perfect moment to record that one I have recorded actually forest peace as well just easy vegetarian actually as well and they are really really tasty so I just had like a tapas kind of night with just our family and I decided just to record that one for you guys I have to say that it’s just not a really fancy table setting I just love to keep it kind of playing with this is panning out the dishes I mean the food just use my new dishes and I kind of wanted to show you around how I do it how I style it how I get ready for my guests so just let’s start with the video really you want some food as well huh you never help me Oh so the first thing I want to show is this kind of tray with just small feets on it and I always use this with my table setting if I just want to stand out one dish today I use it for finger foods and I style them with fresh food I prepared two finger food earlier I just have to fry them before my guests come over and place them on this tray and I always do this in the middle of the table so you can really see it and it’s easy to grab the food on it I actually used it for my cake another day and it looks really just appealing and it stands up so this is just an elevated train not really too high but it’s I’d really like to I really like to display the food on this one so before putting all the food and the dishes I always think like what dishes I want to see where so for my stylist of course I use a salad bowl this time I decided to go for a wooden salad bowl as well so they just match my other dishes so I decided to do the salad like kind of in the same theme of as my table setting so I put a salad in this one the fun thing about this table take the second is that I can use just different categories in different kind of dishes decided to put the wooden spoons in this salad bowl so I just looks more appealing to my eye let’s start with the first recipe this one is a pasta salad easiest pasta salad recipe you ever seen I just cooked 250 grams of pasta and tossed some chopped sun-dried tomatoes on it I used three tablespoons of green pesto and roasted some pine nuts edit them on the pasta and give it a stir and you’re basically done I actually just ordered the hmm veranda dishes like two weeks ago because I bought these other dishes in Turkey on a trip and these are from Russia Bachchan and I only had this one on other dishes and wouldn’t details and I just wanted to add more so I can mix and match them and these are just actually almost the same like the wooden from hmm ho I just use these ones to put like chips mono today I just use them for the meza and they are just like my hand not too big but big enough we just put a right amount or food in it let’s move on to the second recipe I’ve written to exact measurements and ingredients of this recipe down below but we’re just going to put all the ingredients except the eggplants in the food processor after that I added five tablespoons of grilled eggplant and gave that good stare I swear to God this method is really so easy and goes perfect with some baguettes so it feels like all my dishes are from hmm home but I promise you it’s not so I just ordered these dishes as well from hmm ooh home and I decided to use them for my guest this evening so I have a deep kind of bowl and a flat wall so I always put like a deep pool in it so you can use it for the best food from the salads and a flat plate for the cake and all the pastry and the sweets so you have just a clean one if this one gets dirty another messy recipe I really love to eat this mess on some crackers first I mix the cream cheese with some yogurt after that I chop the grill paprika’s and make topping you can find all the ingredients of the topping down below I just mix those and after that I place them in little bowls I just showed before when assembling this Messer you start with the yogurt mix and place the paprika on it top it off with the walnut topping and you’re basically done and I kind of did the napkin between this one so you can see which one was for like after-dinner use marbled effect napkin so I can tie all the dishes with each other so I really like the view that one last dish recipe this one is an Arabic Meza and it’s so easy to make just cut some tortilla wraps and bake them in the oven top it off with some yogurt grilled chickpeas and grilled cashew nuts don’t forget the olive oil of course so that was actually it for this video I hope you really liked it I was so excited to film this video I just love to do table settings I’d love to have gets over an hour oh just to cook for down this it’s just the best feeling ever so if you liked it give me that thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe haha yeah she was on my lap the whole time oh so mother you have something to say or for our viewers no yes or no don’t forget to subscribe guys and if you have any questions just ask them down below and I hope to see you in another one bye

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