How to Create Fruit Fairy Wand for a Fairy Birthday Party | Pottery Barn

Hi, I’m Kelli Ronci, and I’m a stylist with Pottery Barn Kids. For our fairy party, we came up with a great way for you to
offer healthy treats to your kids. These fairy wands are super easy to make. You can make them with a variety of fruits. We chose
watermelon, honeydew, green grapes, and pineapple. You can cut your fruit into bite-size chunks,
or you can make these cute shapes like this flower, or star or butterfly. We used fondant cutters, or
you can also use fruit cutters, and these can be found at any local craft shop. To make these shapes, start by cutting a slice of your melon, about three quarters of an inch thick, and then go ahead and press your star or whatever shape into it. And then poke it out, and you have a cute little star shape. And then you want to take a skewer about twelve inches long, and as a safety point, you want to snip off the point. And then you can just begin skewering on your chunks of
fruit and cute shapes. You want to alternate colors so that it’s pretty,
and top it off with a star, and now you have you fairy wand. This is a clever
way to offer a nutritious treat to your kids.

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