How to Creatively Decorate a Backyard Barbeque, with Anthony Albertus | Pottery Barn

Hi, I’m Anthony Albertus, stylist for Pottery Barn,
this summer for entertaining in the backyard. The best part about entertaining at this time of year is
throwing open the doors, getting friends together, and having a fantastic outdoor barbeque. When I started planning this party, I really wanted to
keep it local, the flavors are richer, it’s way more affordable, it makes a
much more interesting party and you get to bring the richness of what’s
available right now straight to your table. One thing I love about entertaining outdoors is the
backyard can really become an extension of your home. It can still be a statement about how you decorate,
but you always need to have the right furniture, and Pottery Barn has great furniture. We have this
fantastic Chesapeake Table, it’s concise and small and seats six, but it opens up
and extends to be the perfect thing for your barbeque. Adding handmade touches is a simple way
to make the party your own. From homemade labels patched on sweet fun mustards, to
even using this chalkboard oil cloth, and making menus or identifying the food, it’s
a great way to personalize, and make the party feel a little more special. Finding things locally, they look as great as they taste, you can use rosemary on your table instead of a fancy flower arrangement,
and it’s perfect, because not only does it look smart, but you can also
clip it, add it to the grill and it makes everything taste better. Everybody loves a hearty meal after a long summer day,
and handmade organic sausage is the perfect savory treat. They smell amazing and adding that rosemary just
heightens it even more. I wanted to use beer from a local brewery,
I think it makes it much more interesting when you can do something like a tasting. We can
use these growlers that we have from Magnolia Brewery, and actually set up a whole flight of beers just for
your guests, to try something a little different that didn’t come
from a grocery store. Summer is about keeping it simple, it’s about
fresh flavors, handmade touches, the perfect table for your guests to gather at,
and all right in your backyard.

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