How To Cut A Chicken Breast by Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner

A lot of times we need to cut chicken into strips. Pain in the neck. Have you ever taken a sharp knife and a wiggly piece of chicken and it’s just like okay who’s going to go first? Well first of all, you know the tip. Underneath your cutting board there, you want to put a little bit of a wet damp cloth to hold the cutting board. That’s going to help a lot. The other thing that will help… If your chicken… It’s stuck to the plate [laughs] If your chicken’s partially frozen.. I have a partially frozen chicken breast. In
other words, don’t let it thaw all the way. You take your fork like you’re going to cut into it and eat it. Get rid of that little piece of fat. I just want you to see how easily my knife glide through and makes these beautiful little strips of chicken. You can’t get it this thin when it’s all the way fresh. So partially frozen, look at these strips. See how nice that is? You can do that when it’s all the way fresh. So either freeze it or if you’re thawing frozen chicken, don’t thaw it all the way. Let it come like this, then it’s still much easier to cut. You can even cut it in half when you have a really thick piece. Cut it lengthwise and then cut, cut. Get rid of the garbage that you don’t want, like fat. Like here you have fat, cut it and voila. You’ve got chicken for stir fry. That was easy.

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  1. Great Video! I was just cutting up fresh chicken breasts the other day for stroganoff and that was a huge pain!! I will be using this tip next time I need any sort of chicken or any other meat cut up. 🙂 Thanks for posting ~ Heather

  2. You are so mean and obviously stupid if you think she is fat. Oh and I left out one other thing. Shallow. Great video Ms. Ely. It was very informative.

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