How to deal with dietary restrictions at Christmas dinner | 22 Minutes

– We’re so happy to have everyone home
for the holidays Your dad has been cooking all day – Butter-braised, bacon-wrapped with my
famous apple sage stuffing Who wants what? – None for me honey, I’m on a diet – And did you say butter-braised because
dairy free – I’m lactose intolerant – I’m gluten free – No stuffing for me honey, I’m off
carbs – I don’t eat meat anymore except for fish and chicken just no turkey. – Is that free range? – Did it die of natural causes? – Was it an assisted suicide because that
is the most morally delicious – Nothing for her she’s just difficult. [Thud!] – Okay everyone, dig in [Voiceover]
Brought to you by Canada’s Liquor Corporations Nothing says Christmas like booze.

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