How to decorate for a Hogwarts themed birthday party with thrift store finds.

thank you for joining us on this tour of
our version of Hogwarts good day everyone I’m Style Hunter Fox and this
is my colorful life and right now this is Hogwarts mm-hmm
we just had a Hogwarts themed birthday party because she turned 11 and that’s
the year people go to Hogwarts right yes yes it was a great party would you agree
yes yeah I would agree yeah what do you think everybody’s favorite part was well
everybody really liked the wands we made wands and the wand chooses the wizard
right exactly so we had some tricks for that maybe we’ll show later
yep and we also I think they enjoyed the Patronuses oh yeah with the Dementor piñata we had
a Dementor piñata which was fun to make sort of more fun to beat up yeah yeah
and uh yes the sorting we had a sorting hat and a sorting ceremony
should we show them how that worked sure okay so this is the sorting hat
that we had made underneath here is what used to be a talking singing Christmas
tree believe it or not so there is a moving
mouth and moving eyelids and when I turn it on it does start moving
so what we did at the party is that I put it on a student’s head and say their
name and then my partner who was in another room would be on a cell phone
and the other cell phone is in the back of the Hat and he
would start talking like the like the Hat is talking to the kid saying things
like mmm I see greatness in this one and sort them x Ahhh Ruby…. Oh inteligence….oh very creative….clever….Ravenclaw!! Can you take it off my head now? Oh sorry is it heavy?Yeah. It’s kind of heavy. so this isn’t the first time that we’ve done a Hogwarts
party we did one for my birthday party two years ago so a lot of the
things that we got for that party we still had around so this one was a
little bit easier for setup but everything just about everything was
thrifted for these parties mm-hm most of the pictures that you see on the
walls all of the different fabrics that we use to make each house look unique
according to their colour our outfits except for the robes I made those how about a tour we’ll give you a tour of the different
houses a tour a tour yeah A TOUR! okay so this is Ravenclaw and um this is
my house clearly and so we have a nice chair here
and nice couch and here we have blue separating from the Gryffindor we also have
some paintings and here is the ravenclaw
crest and we have myself when I was like seven seven ish something like that and
then we have Luna Lovegood and you probably don’t recognize this witch but
it is actually a Rowena Ravenclaw and then there’s a cute owl now here of course we’re in the Slytherin house plenty of green lots of green fabrics
that I again got from the thrift store now of course Slytherin is in the
dungeon of Hogwarts which is also where the potions classes are taught so this
is where we have all of our potions we thrifted most of the potions bottles and
downloaded all of the labels from the internet printed them off and attached
them aren’t they super cool I have the Sword of Gryffindor and and I don’t know
what I’m gonna do I’m not even in Gryffindor but I’m gonna do something
as you can see I’m in the Gryffindor area it’s a nice area it’s very red so
we got a nice lamp with a nice owl on it we got a nice sitting space
yeah and I don’t know if you can see it from here but there’s the Gryffindor
crest and we have Sirius Black on the wall and that I think concludes the Gryffindor section I’m a Hufflepuff and this is my house we’ve got the Hufflepuff cup and of
course many paintings this is actually me from quite a few years ago we’ve got
my friend Oliver here and a nice little sitting area for the HooflyPoofs and
of course the banner we used a mist maker that you can find
around Halloween in this gorgeous glass bowl to make a Pensieve. Such a magical
effect one of my favorite parts of turning our
house into Hogwarts is making the dining room the Great Hall I love the magic our
meal consisted of typical party food like burgers and hotdogs but they were
all served on fancy silver platters heaped up high
I used string lights for the stars sheer Navy fabric for the sky and we made some of the candles out of toilet paper tubes and hot glue for the dripping wax
paint of course some of the other candles we bought welcome to Ollivanders so um I don’t
know where Ollivander went so I’ll be filling in for him today so are you
getting a wand? well maybe you should try this one just no one no the other way
around flick it at the lamp. maybe not that one maybe you should try this one other way
you always hold it on the big end alright flick it at the lamp I think that’s the one one of the best parts of this party for the
kids was potions class now I’m not a Slytherin I am a Ravenclaw but I am
the potions professor for this party now first we’re going to make Veritaserum as
you can see you’re out now first we started with 150 milliliters of syrup of
arnica next we’re going to add one teaspoon a wartcap poeder I’m going to
use a funnel for my flask you just want to stir that up till it
dissolves good now we’re adding pixie brains
these are not good pixies these are the most evil sort of Pixies these are the brains
that we’re going to use for the veritaserum now I am wearing gloves
because pixie brains are very bad your skin give that another mix almost there we are excellent now we have three
drops of mermaids tears and what’s going to happen is this
mixture is going to turn clear put a lid on it there it goes we now have a clear liquid instead of
the blue however the reason why this works as Veritaserum it makes the person
who takes it show their true colors whether that colour be blue or clear that’s a great little bit of magic Expelliarmus!
that was a good one I did good there thank you for joining us for this tour of our version
of Hogwarts we do go all out for our parties but the memories that we create
not only of the party itself with their friends but the creative process of
making and decorating and thrifting is really really special to us it’s a
bonding experience for me and my kids and I couldn’t imagine not going all out
like this for our parties we’ve created a reputation for ourselves I’m not sure
how we’re gonna keep it up cuz this is pretty pretty amazing
I’d like to know what your favorite part of our party was hit that in a comment
below and let me know what house you’re in unless you’re a muggle
are you a muggle if you liked being part of my colorful life for this video you
should subscribe why because to me having a life full of
color means having a life full of magic and there is simply enough grey in this world

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  1. This was a fun tutorial on how to create a Hogwarts theme party. The girls were a blast! My favorite scene was with the Potions Professor stirring alot. Do you rent out this theme party?

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