How to Decorate Picnic Tables for a 65th Birthday Party

Hi, I’m Barbara Kelley, and we’re going to
decorate picnic tables for a 65th birthday party. I thought our birthday guy or gal might
like a hot theme… like “At 65, you’re still hot!” So, our centerpieces and our table decorations
are going to be with a hot theme in mind. Here is some fabric I picked up with hot chile
peppers all over it, very festive and very colorful. For the centerpiece I use a wooden
crate you can get at the craft store. Then I used some floral foam to elevate the hot
sauces. I found some beautiful ornamental pepper plants. They come in all colors but
they’re not edible so make sure nobody eats them. You put the hot sauces on the floral
foam to elevate them and then you cover everything with Spanish moss. Add all different colors
of peppers that you get in the grocery store that really accent it. Then to top it off,
you put on your little sig “At 65 you’re still hot,” everybody gets a kick out of that!

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