How to Design Kids Birthday Party Invitation/Flyer in Photoshop

What You’ll Be Creating. Let’s start by creating a New Document with these values Make sure that Color Mode is CMYK Press CTRL+R to hide/unhide Rulers Grab 4 ruler guides to the document edges Increase canvas size by 0.25 inch in both Width and Height “Bleed Area” The extended area outside the ruler guides is the bleed area Bleed area is the area that will be trimmed during the printing process. We put it into our consideration so that we can avoid adding important information in it Add a Gradient At Location:0 add this color value #99afcd Click in the middle to add a color stop at 50% Change that color stop value to #b9dae9 At Location:100 add this color value #e0f2f7 Change to Radial and Reverse Select Brush Tool Import Clouds brushes Create a New Layer Decrease/Increase Brush Size using “[” & “]” keys Add clouds on edges for that layer Press CTRL+Z to Undo if needed Create another New Layer Add a heavy cloud at the top Reduce the other cloud layer opacity to 60% Import the rays brushes Create a New Layer Move it to the top Reduce its Opacity to 70% Create another New Layer and add white spot at the center Group them with name “BG” I’ve downloaded both “kids” and “balloons” images from shutterstock You can find the alternative links for them in the description below Press ALT+SHIFT while resizing an object to resize it around its anchor point Click CTRL+R to show Rulers if they’re not Click twice at the corner of Rulers to reset the Zero Origin of the Rulers to the top left corner of the document Now, the very top left corner of the document has (0,0)Px Drag a ruler and stop it at 100PX. Hold SHIFT to move 10by10 Drag another 2 Guides and drop them at 200Px and 300Px Let’s create the first Ribbon. Grab the Pen Tool and make sure it draws a Shape Hold SHIFT while drawing to make a straight horizontal line Locate the other point with a ruler guide Hold SHIFT again Change Fill color to #38a1da and hide the Stroke Double-click that layer to add a little Drop Shadow This shape is a mistake made by me. I’ll delete it Let’s create the 2nd ribbon Using the Rectangle Tool, create a rectangle with the same previous color Duplicate it, and drag that duplicated layer below the main one CTRL+T to free transform, then reduce the width as seen Right-click and choose Skew, and skew that little rectangle as seen Double-click the layer thumb to Change its color to a darker color Duplicate the rectangle layer again, then press CTRL+T Change its width as seen Change its width if needed Double-click its thumb to change the color to an in-between color Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to draw a triangle as seen Create a Mask Layer with the selection, then select the mask and Invert its color with CTRL+I Select both layers and duplicate with CTRL+J With the new duplicated layers selected, press CTRL+T and Right-click and choose Flip Horizontal, then move them to the left side Select all layers and Right-click, then choose Convert to Smart Object Press CTRL+T, then right-click and choose Warp From Options Panel choose Warp: Arc, and set bend angle to 15 Grab a Ruler Guide to the middle and adjust the Ribbon to the center Select “BG” group then import the confetti image. it’ll be imported above it CTRL+J to duplicate it Move it to the right side at bottom Duplicate and add to the other side Blur the confetti in both sides with a Gaussian Blur of 5Px Hold ALT+SHIFT to resize a layer around its anchor point Group them with name “Confetti” Import the gift image Add a Levels Adjustment Layer, and Clip Mask it to the gift layer Add a H/S Adjustment Layer, and Clip Mask it too Reduce saturation a little bit, and play with the Hue value to change the gift bow color Hue: +180 will be ok Add Motion Blur to the gift to be more realistic as it’s falling from the top Select the gift layers Duplicate them with CTRL+J Select one of them and move to the top Adjust the position of both layers as seen Change the Hue to this gift to -37 OK, Great! Duplicate both gifts Take them and add them at the both sides of the ribbon Reduce the Motion Blur for both to 10 Import the streamers I want to reduce the shadow here as much as possible The best option here is to target the black and grey colors and reduce the black in them using Selective Color Target the white color and decrease the black in it too to brighten the streamers Let’s see the difference With Rectangular Marquee Tool select a streamer, then CTRL+J to take what you’ve selected to a new layer Select the 3 streamers and resize them Drag&Drop to your document Change their sizes and positions You can duplicate one of them with CTRL+J and change its color through Adjustment>Hue/Saturation Change Hue level Select all streamers and group them with name “Elements” Move that Group below “Kids” group Add Motion Blur: 20Px Duplicate and move to the top Move them to the “Elements” group Also, Move “Gifts” inside the “Elements” group Add “Birthday Party” text CTRL+T to change size Change the ribbon size too if needed Zoom-in for better control Double click to open the Layer Style window Add Gradient Overlay Add Stroke Add Drop Shadow to give the text a 3D depth Grab Rounded Rectangle Tool, then create a rectangle Change Fill color to black and remove Stroke if you have Change Corner Radius to 20Px Change Opacity to 50~60% Add footer text with Arial font 2 lines of lorem ipsum and a site name for the party organizer Move the ribbon to the bottom a little bit if needed Add Color Balance Add Hue/Saturation Add Brightness/Contrast Add Gradient Fill Change Blend Mode to Color Burn with Opacity 25% Thanks for Watching. 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