How To Do Lead Generation that is Fun & Meaningful, NOT Spammy or Sleazy

Hi there, my name is Jon Leland and I’m
a digital marketing strategist and I want to talk to you today about how to
do lead generation. A goal that all online marketers have to build their
audience, build the community, with new leads, new prospects, and to do that in a
way that’s fun and satisfying, not spammy and sleazy. So that’s the first thing,
actually this video came about through a online conversation where the woman was asking about how do I do lead gen, just the idea of lead gen or lead generation
kind of made her skin crawl because she associated it with the get-rich-quick
schemers that are out there pitching digital marketing day and night on the
web. So, when I talk about lead generation I’m not talking about that kind of
get-rich-quick sales pitch, go get them, you know, hustle until you die type of
attitude. That’s not who I am that’s not how I approach it. How I do approach it
is from the point of view of relationship building. Relationship
building is a whole different thing when you talk about lead generation and it
involves authentic value. I use the term “leading with value.” So first of all, in
order to do lead generation that feels good, that is going to really actually
work in the long run, you need to offer something of value. You need to give a
gift or a service. I’m doing this video for you because I think this is an
important point, and because I intended to be valuable and useful. You have to
determine whether I succeed at that, but I’m here because I want to be of service.
So, immediately for me lead generation is not spammy. It’s not sleazy.
I’m authentically trying to be of service. So, any good relationship
building oriented lead generation starts with value and so immediately it feels
good because you’re being of service. It also begins a real conversation because
authentically you’re contributing value. You’re building a relationship you’re
not saying take, take, take, give it to me, give it to me. You’re saying here,
I’m here, I want to be of service, I have something valuable to offer and the
relationship building then becomes a kind of what I’ve heard called the “pink
spoon”, like at the ice cream store where they give you a free taste. So, it becomes
something in a way delicious, right? You’re offering a free taste, a sweet
taste, of what you have to offer that’s authentically valuable. And when you
offer something that’s a value, then the the your ideal prospects, right, you’re
not looking for any lead. You’re looking for leads who are really kind of your
ideal customers, your target audience. And when you offer something of value, when
you lead with value with that opt-in, incentive, free ebook, webinar, you know,
organic social video like this, what have you… Then the you’re going to attract the
people who are a natural fit right for your message. You’re not looking for
everybody. You’re looking for the people who are your tribe or your community, and
you want to build a relationship with them. So, you start out by being of
service you feel good about that. Two, you’re connecting with the people who are the right people for your service or product by offering them, you know, a
sweet taste; so it becomes kind of a fun exchange where you’re putting yourself
out there. It doesn’t have to be a fearful thing because you’re going for
the people who are a right fit for you. And then that synergy begins to happen.
And so lead generation authentically does become relationship building and
when you approach it that way then lead generation becomes even more than
relationship building, it becomes about building a long-term conversation which
can become a long-term relationship. And you know I’ll pull back the kimono on
myself here, I’ve not been doing as much of this being of service as I want to. So,
my request for you today is let me know, is this valuable? Do you want more kind
of videos like this? Because I’m intending to be here more regularly, more
frequently, in order to engage with you in a conversation and hopefully
attract the right organizations and the right people who can value the kind of
services that I provide, and my company, ComBridges provides. So, I look forward to hearing from you. I hope this has been valuable
and thank you so much for watching!

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