How to get all the Anniversary Transmogs, Pets, & Cosmetics (Diablo 3)

hey folks this is rhykker with a diablo 3 guide on how to get all the pets portraits cosmetics achievements all that stuff from the Diablo 1 anniversary event the darkening of tristram this event will only be available throughout the month of January every year so if you don’t get these unlocks in the next few weeks you’ll have to wait a full year before you get another chance well I guess that’s a lie you’d only have to wait 11 months so we’ll start by saying how to get the banner cosmetic then the trans mogs then the pets then the portraits and we’ll finish up with those miscellaneous achievements act 1 the old ruins the darkening Tristan you’re gonna go there we’re going to go into Tristan and look for the old portal this is the old portal to the event reporting here and now Hey look everything is in old-timey style so to get this banner cosmetic here you gotta kill the four bosses in the event it’s pretty simple and you’ll do at least two of them because you have to and to you might miss but we’ll go through each of them here so first you gotta kill the butcher this is one of the ones that you could miss if you’re going really fast you find the butcher on level 2 you find in a closed room it’s generally at a corner that meets like this and there’s two doors with huge bloody trails leading into them it’s pretty hard to miss you have to be ignoring it deliberately to avoid it for the next is the one that’s the easiest to miss and that’s the Skeleton King while you’re going through level three there’s a side dungeon called King leoric’s tomb you go in there you find him you kill him no i care alot the next boss is Archbishop Lazarus you have to fight him if you’re going to get to Diablo so he’s to do that you fight right before opening that portal to the final level and of course kill diablo I’ll fuck one of my next the transmog just a couple that we can get here and the first is the red soulstone once you kill diablo he drops this legendary gem on the ground and it’s the only legendary gem that can be equipped into a helm slot while the gym itself isn’t great that transmog is super cool and you get that transport by actually equipping the gym into a socket in your help you don’t get it just from grabbing the gym so once you’ve accepted into a home socket at that point you’re free to use the gem transmog whenever you want the next transmog is the butcher’s cleaver you get this surprise surprise from killing the butcher he drops it it’s a blue item so you could miss it if you’re not paying attention but once you pick it up you get the transmog and now the last transmog is words leg and this is the most difficult one to get you have to follow a multi-step process in order to get the recipe to crap this item at which point you’ll unlock its transmog it all starts by going to level nine of the labyrinth search through there you’ll find a clickable object called the black mushroom from which you can then collect a rotten mushroom you want to bring that mushroom to Atria’s cut once at the height want to click on the cauldron while you have the mushroom in your inventory the mushroom will vanish and then you’ll get instead the witches brew you’re then going to take that witch’s brew bring it back to the ruins of Tristram back two farmhands corpse and you click on the corpse the Brule disappear and instead get the drunkards debt you’re going to take that and bring it to Ogden’s corpse click on that corpse are gonna get gardens letter you’re gonna take that to Pepin’s corpse from that you’ll get the healers prescription you’re gonna take that to Griswolds corpse and Griswold will then drop the plan for words leg you’ll want to bring that back to town teach it to hatred and then craft the item that costs 1 million gold now that you’ve crafted you have unlocked the transmog onto the pets there’s two that you can get starting with the butcher you can unlock the butcher bed by completing the anniversary event with a new character solo you don’t have to be level one when you kill diablo but you have to do the event with a new character and again you can’t have anyone else in your party it’s okay to have your follower but no other players you can also use paragon points you can use a gem of is to equip a level 70 weapon you can even equip all level 70 gear in case you don’t know there is akin ice cube recipe called the work of kafan ke ‘then and you basically take a level 25 Genovese put in any other item and removes the level requirement so you can have a level one character fully decked out in level 70 gear this way you can just breeze through the event as quickly as possible and it probably won’t be very fun that way but if that’s what you want to do you can to that now the next pet the Royal calf is more complicated to obtain but if you’ve already got words leg then you’ve already done most of the work if you haven’t gone works like then rewind this video and go through all those steps I’ll just wait here alright so you have words like and I are going to salvage it one Salvage you’re going to get a map of the stars going to take that and you go back to Atreus hut and to the right there are three cows that are clickable the map of the stars is supposed to be a hint that it’s related to cows got the hoof print stuff and you got numbers 213 that’s telling you to click the center Cal the second Cal then the first the left cow and then finally the third the right cow so if you click the cows in that order again centre-left right while you have that map of the stars you’re going to open up the next area the abandoned farmstead just over to the right of the cows if you somehow manage to miss click the cows or someone in your games being a dick you can just remake the game and click the cows again in the proper order once you’re in the Royal farmstead you’ll find a chest that contains the Royal calf pet which reverse and we go into what seems to be an oddly familiar locale filled with peaceful cows just grazing ranked just minding their own business but if you look at the structures here the layout of this isn’t this map look a bit familiar to you guys this look a bit like the secret cow level from diablo 2 and there’s a chest at the center there we’re just going to take a quick look around though because as you return now again bunch of peaceful cows we’re gonna take words stash and what we find in there the Royal calf it’s a pet this young creature has a regal error as though he holds some special place within his herd who knows what they would do if he went missing so basically folks this is the origin story of the cow level we abducted the cow King the Royal calf or just not the calculator will calf so I guess it’s the Prince the cow prints all right next the portrait frames there are two portrait frames that you can get classic angel and classic demon and these correspond to the health globes to help Amanda globes in Diablo 1 so to unlock the classic angel portrait you need to collect the seven cultist pages these are items that dropped from New new enemies called temporal priests who are generally surrounded by temporal initiates they’re basically just great risk ins of standard cultists now you can find these guys in the weeping hollow the festering woods halls of agony levels 1 2 and 3 and the cathedral levels 12 and for these are all act 1 areas and if you found a temple priests in one of these locations then it’s fine to move on to another one because you don’t see more than once upon a time now the great thing about these pages is that you can trade them they aren’t account bound so once you’ve found one let’s say you found some pages your friend found some pages you can just swap pages and it’ll it’ll work it’ll work now to unlock the classic demon portrait you need to kill every unique monster in the darkening of Tristram event there’s 40 of them in total and they won’t all spawn in one playthrough so check your achievement list to see which one you’re missing you can pull up even listening game i doing shift y and then it’s under I think general and then special events and a likely take you a few playthroughs to get them all but once you only have a few missing then you can refer to this handy graphic that I made it will tell you exactly where you can find each of these monsters where they spawn so let’s say you know that you’re missing a monster on level six you can skip the first five levels just run through them don’t bother exploring you don’t have to worry about missing your monster that you already got so that wraps up the the cool an important achievements are still a couple left if you just want those achievement points and it’s exploring certain region so if you want to find the dark passage you can find that in level two you’ll find the entrance of the dark passage and level 2 you’ll find an entrance to the Chamber of bones and level 6 and the halls of the blind are actually in level 7 there a region within level 7 and that wraps up this guide leave a comment with your thoughts on the anniversary event did you enjoy it do you think the rewards are cool thanks for watching special thanks to my twitch and patreon supporters for making these videos possible check out these other videos and subscribe to join rikers raiders for more Diablo guides

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  1. Thanks for all the information and especially the monster's location chart. It just landed me my classic demon frame. I was going several nights in a row without finding the last three monsters and was afraid that I'll have to wait the full 11 months for it to come back again. I switched back to my main, kited through the levels to get to where they were and found all three in just a couple of playthroughs.

  2. Damn. didn't know about the helm+gem thing. And I used it last night for item recipe and gone forever since no more portal. sad

  3. I've got all the main blue cosmetics but by some reason they doesn't appear to transmog. anyone knows why?

  4. I look forward to hearing your voice Ryker not in a gay way lol me and my girl both listen to you while laying diablo better then music we love your channel as you live for diablo I guess your voice reminds me of a carefree happy time I only watch you when I'm high and getting ready for a night of diablo

  5. I had some pre order items that i got with the game when it first came out for new gen and i just recently started diablo 3 again so i downloaded it again on ps4 and now i started a season character (currently season 10) and i have all my wings but my undead dog isn't there under pets which its not highlighted does anyone know why or had this issue before. Please help

  6. the old portal is still active?i´m doing the season 10 and y dont know if apears in season campaign(in my case i dont see that portal in my playtrough)

  7. I have an issue, my soul gem transmog is gone, I still have the gem and yet the transmog is gone. I tried equipping the gem again, but nothing happens.

    Anyone got a solution?

  8. So essentially I would have to create a new character and play all 16 levels solo before unlocking the rewards I can do with party members? Would you recommend this Rhykker?

  9. Hey, great channel Rhykker, Thanks.
    I have found all 7 pages, but i can´t find the portal to the event…… what am I missing????

  10. Wirt's leg this year is not a legendary and you do not get the map of stars from salvaging it so no cow 4 me cuz i didnt do it last year

  11. can anyone tell me why when i taught him the recipe, it shows up as just a magic item and not legendary?? when i salvage it i just get arcane dust and no note

  12. @Rhykker There seems to be a big issue right now with the Wirts Leg. Recipe is legendary but the plan when crafting is Blue. Won't drop Map of the Stars. Has blizzard taken away the possibility of new people getting Cow Calf pet?

  13. I started a level 1 character but the portal does not show up(PS4) it does show up on my lvl 70 toons.

    Is there a part we have to get to before it opens up?

  14. its fking broken it game me wrong recipe to craft blue not legendary, and it wont give me recipe again to get correct .. when i salvage i dont get old map cos it craft only blue mace not legendary and it didnt game me legendary recipe even i had recipe
    .. wtf

  15. Do I have to make a new character or I can do it after compliting the 14 lvls of the labirinth ? I'm asking coz I have kiled all the boses and i do NOT get the achivments for killing'em on my sesonal char//

  16. Thank you so much this helped me so much I got everything except some the pages will be doing that soon love your videos!!

  17. FYI… the monsters are not a guaranteed spawn. This forces you to play the same levels several times, hoping the monster will spawn.

  18. I started level 1 barb went thru the entire event solo on private game and no freakin butcher pet not very happy atm

  19. So I have ever other special item but I won't be able to get the demon portrait because when I kill the enemies I haven't killed yet it doesn't say I killed them

  20. steelskull is kicking my ass 😛 … and awesome video thank you for doing these … old farts like me sometimes need it lol

  21. Do you have to do the bosses all at the same time, because I know I killed 3 without knowing they were special, but I came back a second time for the 3rd one.The problem is that I haven't been keeping up with Diablo and stumbled upon the event by accident, and thank goodness its in time so I can get the pets.

  22. I have killed the butcher 4 times and picked up his cleaver and i finish the game, yet I didn't get the pet nor the butchers transmog and I did it with a new hero. because the game kept disconnecting I have to start over 4 times. I was at level 26 when I kill the guy, so I don't understand, why don't I have the butchers transmog and why no pet.

  23. What are those Lvl-s at the end of the video? I mean the image you made,i really dont understand that part. Btw its very good video overall.

  24. I found a black mushroom but not the rotten one pls help me!! And also how do u go to the labyrinth? And can you still do it now? Btw I found the black mushroom in a cathedral. Can somebody help me pls?

  25. I'm doing this on the switch I got the leg but the item was blue idk why if you knew please respond for getting this thanks alot

  26. Still same issue as 2018.. the leg is being crafted as a blue item opposed to legendary. No map. still. A year later after so many reports of the bug. What a wonderful job blizz. thanks. please fix soon.

  27. Anyone know why my wirts leg is a magic item and not legendary? I got arcane dust when I salvage it. How do I fix it?? help please

  28. I created and beat Diablo with a new character. A monk. I used only my companion and my mystic ally. But I didn't get the butcher as a pet. Admittedly it took me more than one run through/day to do this. Do I have to create a new character AND go through all 16 levels in one playthrough?

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