how to get ukraine citizenship ,resident | marry a ukranian girl

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  1. فدو عمي عمتي قزمه فدو الك شلع قلع

  2. عزيزي دكتور ادم عندي سؤال عن مد الفيزة الاوكرانية وشنو طبيعة الجو برد او معتدل وتسلم الله يوفقك

  3. اذا كنت من مواليد اوكرانيا هل استطيع الحصول على الجنسية او الاقامة مع العلم اني من مواليد 1995

  4. ياريت دائما تعطينا دروس باللغه الروسيه انت وزوجتك ياادم عشان نستفيد معاكم

  5. Hi . I hear that can gate by money 50.000 $ citizenship Ukraine. It is true? For example I mared to Ukraine girl after one month I can gate citizen of Ukraine?

  6. Hello im amal from Tunisia 31 sana il live in Tunisia. Il wont Live in ukrainia. Ana abhaat 3la zawaj abyad mokabel flous please help me to cam and live in ukrainia zawaj abyad. And haw mutch i need for this mariage

  7. чи можу я подорожувати до Європи з українською постійною резиденцією

  8. Some of your informations are not updated..

    1. You can marry if you have VISA type D. Doesn't matter if this VISA type D from Marriage or from religious purpose etc
    2. You can get Permanent residence in 45 days as well not only in 2 Years. But for this you need to marry with special status women of ukraine. not just with an ordinary citizen of Ukraine

  9. U have mention in video that we can get citizenship after 2 years of marriage
    So these 2 years duration we have to stay in ukraine ? or we can stay anywhere else

  10. Thanks for your kind reply Are ukraniaian marriage berous are working in winters. And can i get her to pakistan or living in Ukraine for two years

  11. I am American, my girl lives in Russia (she is Ukrainian). Can I come to Ukraine to marry her on my first visit? What type of visa? The plan is she is traveling to Kiev from Russia (she quit her job from work visa) and Plan B is I will fly to live together. We are both moving to Ukraine because we think Russia is difficult. Our goal is to be together. Plan A is I will fly her to USA on tourist and then we will fly together to Kiev before 90 days. (she is from the Ukraine area in War but does not have family or live there).

  12. Hello! I am from India, my wife is Ukrainian. I have a permanent residence card in Ukraine. Can you tell me, please, how is it easier for us to get a Schengen visa ?

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