How to Give a Birthday Speech : About Birthday Speeches

Hey, this is Tracey Goodwin, I am the “Red
Sweater Lady” and today I am going to teach you how to write and deliver a birthday speech.
A great birthday speech in fact. Now, we are going to cover a lot things that you should
do, what you shouldn’t do and how to write it. And, in the process of talking about all
of those things, you are going to understand how to give a great birthday speech. Now,
traditionally birthday speeches only happen at milestone occasions, but you never know
when you are going to be asked to give one, so you really want to be prepared. Because,
birthdays to a lot of people are super super special. And, you might want to go ahead and
get those gift ideas in your head, because, as the birthday presenter, not only are you
going to present a speech, but you are going to present the gift. So get ready, this is
going to be fun. Let’s go.

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