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Hey everybody I’m Tracy Goodwin and first
I want to say thank you so much to Karen and Billy for inviting me to this wonderful party.
And thank you so much for asking me to give a speech to Sandy for her birthday. This is
just a great party. And you know the best moment up until now was when Sandy walked
in and had no idea she was coming to a party and the look on her face was great. This place
is beautiful. I’ve never been out to this country club and it’s just a perfect place
for Sandy’s 40th birthday. And I’ve known Sandy for a really long time. We grew up together.
I believe we were 4. I was 4 and Sandy was 3 when she moved next door. And we’ve been
friends ever since. You know I was a lonely shy child and I didn’t really have any friends
in the neighborhood. I was kind of quiet. And in comes Sandy, moving in and within 6
hours she had me out. She’s kind of a tomboy and had me out there catching frogs and planning
to build a club house and all of that. Congratulations to you and your family. And I thank your family
so much for moving next door. And we went to grade school together. Junior High. High
School. I was actually supposed to go to a different college and we ended up going to
A & M together and boy we had a little fun there. We had a little fun. Sandy would, she
would not deny a dare or a challenge. This was back many years ago when times were a
little different. I remember one night somebody dared her to go streaking across the football
field. A & M football field. Thank goodness a game wasn’t going on, right? And she did
it. This little problem when we got arrested. But that was no big deal. It was an adventure.
It was an experience. And that’s what Sandy’s all about is adventure. She’s got one of
the greatest personalities of anyone I’ve ever met. Everybody in this town loves her.
You just mention her name and words that people use to associate with her are loving, generous,
kind and would give you the shirt off her back. She’s so talented. She’s an amazing
musician and she has given so much to this community. She started the Children’s Music
Association and she just works tirelessly teaching children piano and guitar. She’s
such a talent. She was a school teacher for 15 years and supply and demand. She was just
in such demand for her music talent that she branched out on her own and now she’s opened
up her own place and teaching private lessons. And I know she’s going to have an amazing
future. Really bright future. And her values are so strong. She always does the right thing.
That’s one thing that you can count on. She’ll never lie to you. She tells it like it is.
And that’s why her students love her so much. That’s why parents love working with her so
much. Because they always know where they stand with her. And she believes very strongly
in children and helping children and providing for children. And I can’t even imagine all
the things that she’s going to be able to do in the future because of her passion and
her love for children and music and how she’s married those two together so well. She’s
got an amazing daughter. Our children go to school together. And a fantastic husband who
supports her. Thank you. Thank you so much husband and daughter. You’re just great and
you just let her blossom and just really let her become this amazing person that she is
today. So I’d like everybody to raise a glass, give Sandy a big Happy Birthday. 40 year.
You have had an amazing life. But I don’t even think we have scratched the surface on
what’s to come. So Happy Birthday Sandy. Down the hatch everybody and now Sandy if you’ll
come on up we, the neighborhood kind of put a little, got a little gift together for you,
so come on up and open it.

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  1. You are terrible!!! You cannot tell the story of your friend streaking and getting arrested at her 40th birthday!! That's embarrassing! Was that a joke?

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