How to Give a Birthday Speech : Giving a Birthday Toast

Okay now it is the moment that you’ve all
been waiting for. It is time for the toast. And what’s going to happen in the toast is
really just one simple statement. And in this one simple statement we’re going to kind of
do a little bit of a recap of everything we’ve done, everything we’ve talked about so far.
It does not have to be long but the thing you want to make sure and do in the toast,
again, is be positive, optimistic, supportive. It’s been 29 great years having Jenny as a
friend. I’m so thankful for the day that she was born. To her family for having her. For
all the wonderful things she done so far in her life. And how many great successes she
had. And I know those successes are just going to be more and more in the future. So let’s
all raise our glasses to Jenny. Happy Birthday Jenny. And it just has to be that simple.
But basically wrap it all up in one statement and then give your little catch phrase about
raise the glass, down the hatch, whatever it is to que people so they know that you’re
through with the toast and they can drink, okay?

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  1. This lady has given me a very good structure to in which to write my Dad's 80th Birthday speech. Very helpful. Thank you.

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