How to Have a Marriage Without Money Problems

– Hey Winston, we agree when
it comes to money, right? That’s what I thought. Well, today’s episode’s all about couples getting on the same page
when it comes to their money. (upbeat dance music) Money and marriage. Sometimes, it does this. Other times, it does this. Guys, it’s so hard, isn’t it? Two big issues coming together
as one can be very difficult. In fact, we found the number one issue that married couples
fight about: the money. Yes. And Money Magazine says
that 70% of married couples argue about money ahead of
fights about household chores, togetherness, sex, snoring,
and even what’s for dinner. So, it’s an issue, so
how do we deal with it? Well, you have to understand,
first and foremost, that it is almost
impossible to win with money when you’re not on the
same page with your spouse. Running on two separate lanes, it’s gonna be so difficult to win. But coming together, not only
tactically and emotionally, it unifies you, and it gets
you to your goals faster. So whether you’re married, dating, or want to be married one day,
then this episode is for you. We’re going to hit these things head-on. I talked to a couple who
went from hiding purchases and fighting about money all the time to being completely debt-free
and on the same page. And we’ll show you some
fun date night ideas that won’t break the bank. But speaking of breaking the bank. (mellow jazz piano music) You know when you have those date nights that you look back and you’re like, aw, that was so great and so sweet. We had so much fun. It was wonderful. And then you have the dates
you look back and you’re like, oops, not the best one. Well, if you haven’t
watched this show yet, you know that Winston is the
saver, and I am the spender. So, the idea of spending
money for me, I’m just like, let’s just do it, right? Winston is much more of a saver, and he’s actually become more of a spender since he married me. But I remember when we
first started dating, and he came to Nashville to visit me, and we were going to a
Predators game, an NHL game, and we’re driving down I-65, and I remember, we’re talking, and I look down and he’s going, like, 52 miles an hour or
something on the interstate, and I remember I was like . . . Now, I drive 85 no matter where I am. Like, I am just a bad speeder. And so is he now, too, which is funny. I guess he was just kind
of distracted, you know. I’m in the passenger seat. And so he’s talking all this,
and I look over, and I say, “Uh, hey, you know you
can go faster, right?” He was like, “Huh? Oh, oh, sure, sure.” So he starts speeding, and then, I’m not kidding, like two minutes later . . . (imitates police car siren) We get pulled over! And he gets a double fine
because the speed limit in Nashville went from, like, 70 to 55, and we didn’t know, so he
was going, like, 85 in a 55. And it was terrible, and
he always reminds me of that. So whenever I try to correct his driving, he’s like, “You got me a ticket like our first three months into dating.” And I was like, “Dang it, I know.” So yes, that was one date
that broke the bank majorly ’cause we were in college. We had no money anyways. I felt terrible. But anyways, we survived. Obviously. And I promise, you guys, you
can have a great date night where you don’t get a speeding ticket or spend a lot of money. And so to prove my point, I challenged my two producers
of the Rachel Cruze Show on a date night challenge
with their spouse. Let’s take a look. Alright, I’m really
excited about this segment because from behind the camera
to in front of the camera, I pulled out Diana, who is the associate producer
of The Rachel Cruze Show, and Chad, who is the producer
of The Rachel Cruze Show. And I was like, you guys, we
have got to do a fun challenge where we do a date night challenge. You two and your spouses
against each other. – You’re going down! (laughs)
– And it starts, all right. – And the trash-talking starts. Okay, so, here’s the deal. You each get 50 buckaroos. That’s right. And you’re gonna take your
spouse on a fabulous date night, and I want you to film it
so we can see what you do. And actually in our
Facebook group, you guys, you sent some great date night ideas, and so maybe you can use some of them to spark some creativity. And we’re gonna come back all together and decide who had the best date. So, there’s really not a lot of rules. You gotta take the 50 bucks. That’s all you can spend. – Okay, that’s easy. (laughs)
– I have questions. I have questions. – Yes, go. – Of course. – What if we have gift cards already? Can we use–
– No. Just the $50 bill. – Just the 50? – Just the 50.
– That’s all we get? – Yep.
– Okay. – That’s it. – One more question.
– Yes. So many questions. – I feel like she’s at a
little bit of an advantage. Now, let me tell you why. I have three kids, so there’s,
(moans) there’s babysitting involved in this. (sighs) She does not have any. You do have one on the way though so, congratulations.
– Congratulations. – Thanks, thank you. It’s a girl. – Uh, babysitter’s got to be included. All 50 of your bucks. The whole night.
– You’re making excuses. – Look, three kids–
– A little tension. – It’s a little–
– The challenge, I can’t wait. – Well, it’s alright, I’ll still win. – I don’t know. Diana’s feeling very– – I’m confident.
– Very confident right now. – Yeah, a little over,
the pride before the fall. (laughs) – We’ll see. We’ll see. – Okay, you guys. Go out, have some fun with your spouses, and I can’t wait to see what you do. – Alright, good luck.
– Have fun. Ohh! (laughs) – You saw that! – [Rachel] We’re still on camera! (upbeat dance music) – Rachel gave us $50. – Alright! – To show the world how
to have fun on a budget. I think the most important
thing here, though, is that we beat Chad. – Oh, that’s a piece of cake. – First stop, dinner. And something that Tim
and I do all the time is share a meal. So, we’re here at our second
stop of the night, Goodwill. – Yes. – It’s a choose your own
adventure kind of moment because we’re each gonna go in here and find presents for
each other for under $10. – And I love a good deal. – It’s true; he does. – Honey, orange tags, 99 cents! This is nice. What do you think about this one, honey? – [Diana] No. – Look at that, we can get both of ’em. – [Diana] No. – Thanks, but no price. – [Diana] There’s a price. – [Tim] Where? – [Diana] 1.99, honey. – Oh my gosh, for hand-painted? – [Diana] That’s okay. – What the heck? – [Diana] I think you should
find a different section. – I don’t know. – Alright, so I think that
was pretty successful. I can’t wait to see what Tim got me. I can’t wait to give him his presents. So, here goes. – Dumb and Dumber, number
one funniest movie ever. (paper crinkling) – You love golf, and you love coffee. A childhood favorite. Wow, I know exactly where
this can go in our house. – [Tim] Where? – In the garage. We still have $14 left. That means we have enough for dessert! – Yeah! – I wanted to tell you,
Rachel, we have $7 left, and our last thing isn’t
gonna cost us a dime. Okay, so to conclude our date night, we are gonna do a little stargazing. And we’ve got a little set-up here. Got some pillows, blankets. And we’re just gonna lie
in the bed of the truck and use our stargazing app. And it’s free-99. (upbeat dance music) – All right, guys, Team Chad here. Date night challenge. We got 50 bucks, and I thought I would like to do something nice for my
wife before we go on this date. So I decided to come to her
favorite place, Pro Nail, and get her a pedicure. So honey, that is for you. We are left with $17 for our date. It’s time to get creative. Team Chad date night challenge continued. We got the pedicure done. That was a success, right? – Yes.
– Yes, it was awesome. – We got Lucas and Maddox. Say hi, guys.
– [Lucas and Maddox] Hi! We are gonna go drop these two off. Zero dollars on the babysitting,
and let’s start round two. – Bye.
– Start round two? – Start round two.
– Yeah. – Bye! – High five. We decided we were going to, with our $17, see what we can find here at Demos’. I did a little bit of research. Looks like they have
some chili chicken nachos for two on the appetizer menu. We have $6 left, what can we do with $6? We decided to come out to the
park, check out the sunset. There’s ducks hanging around. They have food that you can purchase. Only 25 cents, so we
are still underbudget. How’s that duck food looking? – Tasty!
– Take a bite? (laughs) I’ll give you 50 cents. We’ve got some money left. – No!
– Come on, one bite. – Nope. – A dollar? She’s not gonna do it. Guys, this is proof right here, you don’t need a ton of
money to go on a fun date. Alright, we’re gonna do a big toss. Look at those happy ducks. (quacking) Some of ’em might be mad. Alright guys, that concludes
our date night challenge for Team Chad and Whitney. We are finishing the night
off with The Greatest Showman. Yep, that’s right. Went to Redbox and got it, so we are left with around four dollars. Thanks for joining us on our date. Good luck to Team Diana, and
yeah, we’ll see you guys soon. – Bye! – Alright, you guys. Date night challenge was given. Date night challenge
was received by you two, and you had two great dates! It was so fun! Okay, so I wanna know, was it hard to have a great
date night on 50 bucks? – Absolutely not. Tim and I always have a good time, and I think we knocked it out of the park. We went to Goodwill and had so much fun. And no, it was so easy,
and we had $7 left. – I know, you actually had
money left over which was great. Okay Chad, hard? – No, it was a good time. I mean, any time you get a
chance to take the children to the babysitter’s and have
a night with your wife– – Wait, which reminds me?
– Yeah? – Zero dollars for babysitting. What does that mean? – Yes, I didn’t explain that, did I? – No, I was like, who
is this free babysitter? – So, I saw some good
ideas on the Facebook, and I traded with a friend. So, we’re gonna babysit for them. – Oh, so using a money tip.
– Yep, thanks, Facebook. – Using a money tip, there you go. Okay, it’s hard for me to
judge ’cause we’re supposed to determine who had the better date night. You guys are funny. You and Tim, you all are funny. You bought Dumb and Dumber, which is really one of my favorite movies. – It’s so good.
– It’s so funny. Winston and I quote
that movie all the time. I mean, you, and the stargazing app. – So cool, right? – Actually, really cool. – We have been using it
for like, a year now. – I know, it’s pretty fantastic. – Okay Chad, you threw
in the kids on camera, which, you know, there’s
always gonna be a point there. Cute kids.
– Well, they’re cute. – Cute, cute.
– Always. You had Whitney like, go off
by herself for a little bit– – Yeah!
– Which is– – Pamper her a little bit.
– Which was a point. – We didn’t need the whole 50. – It was a point in my book. I
was like, that was fantastic. That was really, really creative. And the free babysitting is good. So you guys, you’re
kind of tied in my mind. Both really great date nights. – Hey, don’t forget The Greatest Showman. I mean– – Oh, that’s right! – And I still have like, $4 left too. I still have like, $4.
– Two of my favorite movies! And you have $4 left?
– Yes. – See, okay, this is a hard one. So you guys, it’s up to you. Now, you’re gonna vote. So comment below, are you Team Diana? Are you Team Chad? And next episode, we’ll determine who won. But hey, we’re all winners here, because 50 buck date night. – It was awesome. – It was good.
– Thank you, Rachel. It was so fun! – Hey, I won’t leave
you hanging this time. – Oh, thanks. – So nice.
– There we go. – High fives all around,
high fives all around. High fives. Alright, love it. So, when it comes to talking
to your spouse about money, it can be hard at first ’cause
a lot of people are like, “I don’t even know where to start.” “How do we even begin
these conversations?” Well, I have six money talks
for every married couple that you guys can start
together in talking about money, and it’ll make it easier. But before those, I wanna make
sure that you and your spouse have talked about something
that’s very important: life insurance. The thought of something
happening to one another is just unimaginable, but the
conversation needs to happen. Winston and I personally
trust Zander Insurance. Even though it is a tough conversation, they really make it easy for
you to get on the same page and help you find the
best options out there. And you know what, term life insurance is
really not that expensive. They will shop around to make sure that you have the best rates. So for example, an average
healthy 35-year-old couple pays around $41 a month. So if you don’t have life
insurance, go to or click the link below and get started. I know it’s something
that’s so easy to put off for another time, but you need to make sure
your family is protected. So while that is an uncomfortable
conversation to have, money in general can
be uncomfortable, too. So I have six money talks that
every couple needs to have. One of those is the story talk. Now the story talk is all
about understanding your spouse and where they’ve come from. You know, a lot of people
say that, growing up, your household was your classroom. And for a lot of us, there’s lessons we
learned in that classroom that we wanna take into
adulthood and use in our marriage and it’s great. And there are some lessons
that we want to unlearn. I think we all have those, don’t we? But understanding where
your spouses come from in regards to money is so key ’cause then you suddenly
understand their heart and why they view money the way they do. So to jumpstart the story talk, there’s a statement with a blank that is important for
you and your spouse both to fill out and to talk about. So what the statement is, is: In my house, growing
up, money was blank. And just start that conversation,
and you’ll be amazed. If you haven’t had this
conversation already, where your spouse has come from. Now another money talk
that you need to have is the fear talk. So when it comes to money, there is this sense of
fear with a lot of people, and fear makes us do crazy things. This is why some people get
a secret checking account, or a secret credit card.
The fear of their spouse knowing what they’re buying,
you know, just paralyzes them, and they do all these crazy things. So fear is something that is
very important to understand and to understand what your
spouse’s greatest fear is. So there’s a few fears
around money that actually Dr. Les Parrott wrote about. And they’re brilliant, and
so I took that content, I was like, “Les, I have
got to teach on this because it is so good.” So
here are a couple of fears that you might have. Number one: The fear of
just the lack of influence that you have in your money. I find that a lot of women
have this feeling of like, “Okay, you know he’s a banker;
he knows what he’s doing.” “I, I mean, who am I to talk about money.” You have this idea that your
influence is not important. So that is a fear for a lot of women. There also is a fear of lack of respect. And I find this with a lot of men. They’ll say things like, “Okay, well, she does the grocery shopping” “and all the shopping
for all of our things” “we need in our house.” “And so, I don’t know
how much things cost,” “like, she’s not gonna listen to me.” And so there’s just this idea that there’s not a ton
of respect on your part. And this could go, you
know, male or female, but I hear a lot of men talk about this. There’s also the fear
of the lack of security, and this is the idea that,
if something were to happen, if there was a medical emergency,
or someone lost their job, there’s not enough money to take care of you and your family. And that’s a real fear
for a lot of people. There’s also the fear of
not realizing your dreams. You know, you think back
when you were dating, you were like, “Oh, one
of my dreams in life” “was to live on, at least six acres,” “I just wanted to live on land.” And now, you’re stuck in a
neighborhood at 45 years old, and you don’t see the
possibility of that happening. Or maybe, you always wanted to race cars, and it was a hobby you used to have, and you thought, “That’s all I want to do,” “I wanna enjoy my time and race cars.” And now, you’re not able to do that. It’s just this fear
that you have this dream that it’s not gonna come true. And so these fears, again, dictate many of our money decisions and how we interact with our spouse. So get with your spouse
and fill in this statement: My greatest financial fear is blank. And it could be one of the
four we just talked about, or something totally different. But have that conversation, and, again, many of you will be very surprised
at what your spouse says. Also, have the giving talk. Now, giving is a crucial
part of what we teach about when it comes to money. And being able to do this
together and as a team is very, very crucial because
when you start giving when it comes to your money, and you start living with that open hand, that attitude is so contagious, and suddenly, you’re giving
in other areas of your life; you start serving your spouse more . . . I mean, there’s really
this contagious feeling when it comes to giving and something that everyone needs to experience. So if you haven’t already, I would definitely challenge you to that. But when it comes to giving,
a lot of spouses have conflict because one of you is probably
a more emotionally led giver, that’s me. You know, where you see something,
you’re moved by something you’re like, “Okay, I just
wanna be able to help.” “We have money, we can just
give some money this way!” And you very much are emotionally led, where others of you, more of Winston, more of a calculated giver. Winston and I, when we started
really formalizing our giving a few years ago and taking
it really seriously, we had a big conversation
because he said that he took such this responsibility,
this weight he felt that we look into where we give
so critically, and so deeply as much as we do our retirement accounts and our investments. We take as much time
there with our giving. So are you more of an
emotionally led giver or a calculated giver? So, talk to your spouse about that. And there’s also the grace talk. So why is grace important? Because we have all made money mistakes, and we will all continue to make mistakes. We’re not gonna be perfect; no one is gonna be perfect. Winston and I, we still
make money mistakes, okay? So you have to understand
that that’s going to happen. But there is this fine line between grace, when it comes to money
specifically with your spouse, because too many rules around everything and everything’s just so structured, it gets so legalistic and it’s like, whoa, my gosh, chill out, right? But then other times when
you just say, “Oh, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.” And they keep overspending,
and overspending, and overspending. Or they have a secret credit
card or whatever it is, and you’re like, “That’s
okay, that’s okay.” That starts to be enabling
bad behavior, right? So there is this balance
when it comes to it, where, yes, we’re gonna make
mistakes, but the key is, we have to learn from our mistakes. But with your spouse, give them grace. So what you can do, is fill in this statement
with your spouse: When I make a money mistake,
I love it when you blank. So, these are just four of
the money talks you can have. If you want more, click the
link in the description below for my conversation starter cheat sheets, or if you really wanna have
a fun date night experience, come see Dr. Les Parrott and myself at our Money & Marriage events. We are all over the country, so make sure to click the link below, and get tickets and come out. (upbeat music) Giving our family a nutritious
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the good stuff for breakfast. (upbeat music) Now recently, I sat down with a couple
who came here to Nashville to do their debt-free scream
on The Dave Ramsey Show. You guys, they went from
fighting about money to being on the same page and getting completely out of debt. So while they were here, I
sat down to interview them. Let’s take a look. You guys, thanks for being here. – Thanks so much for having us. – Chris and Skye, you guys,
what an amazing journey. – Absolutely. – $57,000.
– It has been crazy. – Yes.
– Crazy awesome. – So I wanna know, what caused
you in your life to look up and say, “Okay, things have gotta change.” “We’ve gotta get outta debt,” “we’ve gotta change the way that we’re handling our money.” – My husband got a new job, and when we moved to the new city, it’s a very affluent
area that we live in now. – [Rachel] Where are you guys? You guys are Houston, right? – We live in the Woodlands.
– [Rachel] Yes. – North of Houston.
– Okay. – And we sorta looked
around and we were like, “If we don’t get our finances together, we’re gonna drown here.” – Yes.
– We’ve gotta get it, and we knew about Dave Ramsey. We knew about Financial Peace University. We’d never done it; we always
felt like we didn’t make enough money to pay our debt off. – Yes. – And we kinda sat down and said, “If we don’t do this now,
we’re never going to get ahead,” “we’re never going to make it here.” So we actually drove to
Oklahoma for Christmas— he wasn’t fully on-board yet. – Okay. (laughs) The reluctant spouse. – And I had read The
Total Money Makeover in, maybe in graduate school. – [Rachel] Okay, okay. – And so, I had started to
do a little bit of saving, but at the same time, I still
like to buy stuff, right? – Yes, absolutely, absolutely. – So I sequestered him in
the car for eight hours. – Yes. – And we listened to
The Dave Ramsey podcast for eight solid hours, and I showed him my array of spreadsheets. (laughs) And I said, “We can do this.” “We’re gonna make enough money now” “that we can totally pay this
off in less than two years.” And he was like, “Two years is so long.” “I can’t wait that long.” I said, “In 24 payments,
we will be debt-free.” “No more debt.”
– Completely. – And he was like, “Oh,
I can make 24 payments. I can do the 24 payments.” – So when you were looking
at the 24 payments, were you looking, okay, we’re
gonna have to take our budget, and we’re gonna have to
sacrifice major lifestyles? Was there a lot of sacrificing
in this process for you guys? Or was it more managing the
money you have so much better? – I think for the most part it was managing the money that we have. The truth is that we, we work super hard, you know, we do a good
job, at the end of the day, we don’t buy new cars.
– Sure. – You know, our cars are
always two to four years old, and so, but at the end of the day, we’re making payments on those. And so, we just decided that we were going to tighten that up. Most people that we talked
to, it’s about eating out. Right, right?
(laughs) – Yes, yes. – Like, hundreds of dollars eating out. – [Rachel] Yes. – And so, we just have a way
that we just started to work and kind of tighten that up. – I love it, because I feel
like this story is a perfect example of, you guys weren’t in crisis, it wasn’t like you were
getting foreclosed on or anything like that,
but it was this point that you looked up and you’re like, we are just kinda being sloppy. We’re just not intentional,
and being not intentional caused us to have $57,000 in debt. But if we are intentional in two years, we can clean it up! – Exactly. – I mean, so that’s amazing. Okay, so you guys are on the
same page now it feels like. – Yes.
– Mm-hmm. – Were you always, or
you weren’t ’cause you, you kinda had to get on board. So, did you guys fight about money? Did you guys feel that at all as you were getting on board together? – Not really getting, once
we were on board together, it was pretty much smooth
sailing from there, but we definitely had
some arguments before. – [Rachel] Yeah. – I was very guilty of
hiding purchases from him. – You were? – Skye!
– I totally was. (laughter) Totally was. But it always made me feel guilty. I would buy something from
Target, something from Amazon, I would unpack it. “Honey, we’ve always had these pillows, what are you talking about?” Right? But it made me feel guilty.
– Yep. – Money shouldn’t make you feel guilty. And so when we started budgeting, it was like totally guilt-free permission to spend,
– So great. – whatever we wanted to. So I didn’t have to hide
my Target bags anymore. It was wonderful. – Yes. So for you guys, I mean you guys seem like you’re on the same page and even budgeting together.
– Yeah. – So, how has this changed
your marriage in general? – It’s definitely brought us closer. It’s given us a common
language to communicate with, which is amazing. – So you guys, you
know, you’re killing it, you’re on the same page, you’re doing it, and you’re here today to celebrate. – Yeah. – The 57,000, and you guys have a son. – We have a son.
– That’s right. – I met him in the back. – Yes. – Yes, so great. And his name is Jet, and how old is he? – He’s four. He’ll be
five in a month or so. – Okay, and how has he been in
the process with all of this? – I think we got really lucky in that we started doing it so early with him. – Yes. – He doesn’t really know any different. He was two, so . . . – Yes. – It’s not like he had to sacrifice all his toys or anything. – Right, right. – But in the last year
or so, we’ve implemented the give, save, spend jars, and he is highly motivated by money. – He is, he has $51 saved. – [Skye] He has $51 saved. – He told me that, he was
like, “I have $51 saved.” – Yes and he’s very– – He gives his offering every week. – He gives his offering every week. – And buys his doughnut and
chocolate milk by himself. – At church every week.
– Every Sunday. – So what was the hardest
part about all this? I mean, you have a young child, you guys are in a nice area of Houston, so it’s like you’re seeing
what everyone’s doing, you’re trying to be more
intentional with your money, all of it. So within these two
years, when you look back, what was the hardest thing to get over? – You wanna handle that one?
– Sure. Well, I know for me, the
hardest part was is that being clergy, like my entire life, I mean it just rolls over, right? – Yes, yes. You never feel like you get a real break. You’re always on call. And so, but for me,
like when I go hunting, and I head out in the
woods, like that’s my thing, that’s my time away, and
that’s when I get to, you know, release a little
bit and spend some time, but . . . – [Rachel] You sound like my husband. – There we go.
(laughs) Come on, come on.
– That’s Winston. (laughs) – But at the end of the day, I said that for two years
I’m going to sacrifice that. – [Rachel] Wow. – So, no new firearms, no
hunting adventures other than like hunting out of someone’s
backyard, totally legal. (laughter) But yeah, so for me, that was
the sacrifice that I made, we said, and I like stuff, right? – Right, right.
– So, getting all the stuff. And was it worth it? – Of course.
– Yeah. ‘Cause now we can do
that whenever we want. – I know, isn’t that awesome?
– Anytime we want to. (laughs)
– So great. And you guys have coordinated four Financial Peace University classes, so do you just love seeing
other people’s journeys begin? – Yes. – I mean, just as yours has? – Yes. But we get to watch the
people watch the videos, and you can see their body language, you can see them lean forward and do this, or nudge their spouse
or write something down. You can watch that.
– Yes. – And you can see it click
when they have that moment where it’s like, oh,
this is, this is doable. This is doable. And that’s why sharing
our story is so important, to share it with them. – [Rachel] I love it, yes. – We’re sitting in the room with them, and then we can show them this, and they’re like, “Oh,
you really did do this.” – You can do it, like it’s possible, yes! – We’re not just making this up, right? – Yes, yes.
– You can really do it, yeah. – That’s amazing, amazing. So, what would you tell a couple
who’s kind of on the fence? They’re like, “Ugh, I kinda
want to get going on this, maybe I’ll take Financial Peace University,” “but I don’t know.” They’re just on the fence on
this whole idea of getting out of debt, this whole money
thing—what would you say? – I would say, just don’t wait anymore. ‘Cause in five years,
you can either look back and tell yourself, “I wish
I had started it then,” Or “I’m so glad I’m already done with it.” So the time’s gonna pass anyways; do the best you can with it. Start today. Don’t wait another second. – So good, yes. – That’s what I would tell them. – Well, thank you guys again
for being here, seriously. – It’s our pleasure. – Hearing your story, it’s so encouraging, and you guys, I mean, couple after couple, we have shown you that this stuff works. But you have to decide. We can sit here, Chris, Skye, and I, all day and talk to you through your phone or your
computer or your iPad, but it’s up to you to say, “Hey, I’m gonna do something
different.” And start! I loved what you said, Skye. You have to start today. Don’t look back in the
next 12 months and be like, “I could have done it, but
I don’t want to anymore.” Stop with the excuses. Do it. Click the link below,
and start this journey because you can experience exactly what they are experiencing of being completely debt-free
and in control of your life. (upbeat dance music) Ugh, didn’t they have such a great story? I mean, ladies, don’t
hide your Target bags. Number one lesson. (laughs) But I love to see this
picture of this couple who actually gets on the same
page and what can happen. Loved it. Alright, so now it’s my
favorite time of the show, she works hard saving money, and it is a summer-loving edition. Ginger said, “Cash-flowed
our 25th silver wedding anniversary and vow renewal party!” “Love being debt-free!” “It will change your life!” Yes it will, Ginger. freedominabudget said, “We didn’t take out a
loan or go into debt,” “but sacrificed to pay
cash for our dream wedding!” “We are now on Baby Step seven and wouldn’t look back for a second.” Melissa said, “Our 10-year
wedding anniversary to Fiji and New Zealand in 2016.” Fiji? Jeeze, Melissa, well done. Golly. “Thank goodness we planned, saved, and got a great Groupon deal” “for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.” Love it. Libby said, “We recently
took a cruise to Bermuda” “where we got to share
some very special news.” “I love that we were able to
treat ourselves to a fancy room” “as we celebrated our growing
family, and now go through” “pregnancy and having a child
without worrying about debt.” Lauren said, “We’ve been to
Hawaii two years in a row.” “If you plan ahead and make smart choices,” “you can take awesome vacations
without breaking the bank.” Amen, Lauren, preach to the choir, girl. Emily said, “We celebrated
our 15th wedding anniversary” “by paying cash for five
days in New Orleans.” “And this was after paying
off $115,000 in debt.” Amazing. Thank you guys so much
for watching this episode, and make sure to subscribe
or like so you don’t miss the next episode, which is all about scams. And I’m going to tell you
a story about how Winston may or may not have
died because of a scam. He didn’t almost die, but
it’s a great story, so watch. Thanks to Team Chad and Team Diana and you guys for your
great date night ideas, and to Skye and Chris for coming in. Hope you guys not only get on
the same page with your spouse when it comes to money but
have a lot of fun doing it. And remember to take control of your money and create a life you love. (upbeat music)

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  1. Money problems in marriage are real. But they don't have to pull you and your spouse apart! This episode is all about how to win in money and marriage!

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