How To Have Fun In Life

Everything one does in life should be for
the interest of fun. Not fun merely in the sense of play or leisure,
but fun in the sense of deriving excitement and enjoyment from life in general. We must alter our perspective of life in such
a way that prompts a movie-like observational experience of it. A second person perspective that enables us
to find entertainment and intrigue in both the hardships and the joys of life. It is easy to slip into the feeling that life
is pointless when you neglect the objective of fun. When you ignore fun, you become hung up on
destructive mindsets and routines. You work and worry and adopt the delusion
that fun will come at the end of life. But it won’t. Your journey will end sooner than later, and
when it does, you can’t take anything with you. And all the fun you’ve been waiting to have
won’t carry over. We can’t store life away in the closet,
hoping it will accrue in value. Life is not like a vintage sports memorabilia
hat or jersey. You cannot wait fifty years without touching
it and then sell it for profit. It only has any value when you wear and enjoy
it right now. Life crumbles of all meaning when we become
stuck to this idea that someone will buy our life at the end of it, just because it is
in mint, untouched condition. There will be no buyer and we will have forgotten
how to simply have fun and laugh at the obscurity of it all. Imagine life as just one day. Just like an actual day, if you wake up too
late, or not all, you miss out on experiencing it. And you want to be awake for it as much as
you can. Wake up and understand that life is not something
to hide under the covers from. Realize that life can be serious but does
not have to be arduous. Take care of the tasks required to function
in the modern world but know that they are temporary and not to be solely identified
with. WHAT you do in life is far less relevant than
HOW you do the “what” in life. There are innumerable belief systems and ways
of living out the “what” in life, but they are all bound by the same desired life-force
of fun and enjoyment. You can either give life a point by seeing
it as an incredible opportunity to experience the reality of the world as your unique consciousness,
embracing your profound ability to play with life like a malleable clay-like substance. Or you can live with your arms crossed and
pout in the corner. Your choice.

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  1. My friend, You are one of the most conscious beings i've ever heard speak! I mean it, I just subscribed to this channel. I only wish I had found this much sooner, With the benefit of hindsight I know this is the truth, the truth I never knew that could have saved me from the torture of fear, grief, nightmares, anxiety, stress, anger just to name a few. Just about a year ago I awakened and realized what life was about, before I awakened I took choice #2 in this video, I hung up life, waited in the corner pouted waiting to have my day when I start enjoying my life, Big mistake, when I awakened I naturally came to that realization and started enjoying every minute of my life and it has added more nostalgia and euphoria into my life and my consciousness than I could have imagined or fantasized about, its to the point where I no longer have nightmares, Only awesome euphoric adventures into the universe before I awaken my body to have an awesome day.

    Continue your awesome work, your profound understanding of life has the ability to awaken consciousness, that is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

  2. You can agree life is pointless in the whole yet still have your own purpose lol. Im an hedonistic nihilist. I believe life is pointless in the grandscale of things yet since I'm going to die anyway, might as well go out with a bang (having fun).

  3. "what you do in life is far less relevant than how you do the what in life." every teenager should hear this.

  4. I feel the video is perfectly correct. However we always have those down times or down turns throughout life too. Sure it's easy to have fun, and that is easy to let it play on. But we have to endure and go through time stretches of hardships too. So realizing that not everyday can be a roller coasting explosion of fun. Take as many good things out of the bad things too.

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