i am so ugly today ooooooOOOOoooo what’s up, how are you guys doing? i’m doing honestly… mediocre at best. as you probably know v-day is coming up valentine’s day the big the big v-day. you know what I mean? i would say valentine’s day is one of those days that’s pretty sad for those of us who aren’t in a relationship. it can be kind of a sad day. well i don’t think so anymore. i want to turn that shit around. this year, we’re all gonna love valentine’s day. those that are in relationships, those that are divorced, those that are single, those that are having an affair i think that you can have a great day spending valentine’s day by yourself and i’m going to prove that to you today in today’s video. today’s video is just gonna be me showing you some things that you can do on valentine’s day, if you’re single, to have the best day of your life basically. if you’re in a relationship, don’t watch this video because nobody wants your s0rRy a$s iN h3rE this is for singles only. for us lonely hoes. you know what i mean? no i’m just kidding. if you want if you’re in a relationship right now, you can watch it let’s get into it it’s time for our next valentine’s day alone lonely tutorial activity the next steps having fun alone on valentine’s day is to pamper yourself so that’s what we’re gonna be do-doing that’s what we’re gonna be dO-dOiNg DoDaY we’re gonna be painting our nails and putting on a little nice face mask this is the simply whatever. these masks are such a mess, but you know what it doesn’t matter. pampering yourself comes at a cost and the cost is making a mess in your whole entire house that you have to clean by yourself because you don’t have a significant other to help you clean up that’s what life’s all about. it’s a little bit scary honestly. oh um okay. god, you can already feel my skin glowing from within. let the pampering begin, baby okay, now that we have this all figured out, let’s put on some nail polish i literally just reached into my bin and grab some random colors. i grabbed literally the ugliest colors. that’s awesome i think i’m gonna go with this bright color here by the brand china glaze, so let’s just get right into it. when i was younger i used to really be into painting nails. it was one of my main hobbies in life and now that i’m older i just don’t care about it anymore as much. i literally used to do such cools designs and fun fact i actually had a nail painting account on instagram it doesn’t exist anymore, so don’t even try to find it. first coat is done. for a second coat we’ll just do a different color. i think that painting nails is a really fun and relaxing activity. it’s super fun to do when you just kind of hate yourself i’ve never felt more pampered in my life than i do at this exact moment, and I’m proud of me that’s the thing is that in life you can’t be focused on relationships because relationships come and go but you’re stuck with yourself forever because guess what? all your relationships are going to probably end at some point unless you’re like the 1% of people that don’t get divorced um you know what i mean? like at the end of the day, it’s just you and you. nails are finished i just got to sit here and wait for my mask to just kind of settle in so let’s gossip. let’s just talk about i don’t know what do people gossip about? let me tell you my ideal man just like tell you what my type is you know. i am so flexible when it comes to men. it really doesn’t matter. it could be anyone. i mean it could be anyone from magcon i am so flexible. it’s really important to me if they have a lot of money. yeah i don’t care about their personality at all. uh they can be so rude to me as long as they’re rich and they buy me stuff, i don’t care it’s like if i have a rolls royce in the garage, who cares if i come home to a shitty husband why would you marry someone who isn’t in the top 1%? you’re stupid if you don’t. no do you know what? guys i’m totally jk’ing. for real on the real low, the most important thing in a guy is whether or not they have flow game if a man doesn’t have good hair, it’s over. if he’s bald, that’s fine. he just has to look good bald you know what i mean? it’s all about looks personality is nothing. flow game is number one. looks is number two and how good they are at fortnite is number three everything else doesn’t matter. how are you gonna feel walking down the aisle with a man who has never won fortnite? okay that’s embarrassing. the moral of the story is flow game, money, flow game, fortnite skills, nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. alright let me give you a little overview of my fuck what happened these are my nails i don’t know if you can see it turned out pretty good not trying to brag though and then it’s time to take off this facial mask so oh god, ew sorry that is why i’m single. actually do you know what? let’s just continue chatting while i take off my nail polish because did you really think i was gonna leave this on? nail polish is for pansies ow i have so many hang nails and the acetone is just seeping into them like a motherfucker anyways now that i’ve been joking about what i care about in a man let’s talk about what i really care about in a man. number one, funny. if that hoe ain’t funny, it’s over. actually do you what? no one cares about what i really like in a guy, but yeah pampering yourself i know i’ve already talked about it, but let’s talk about it again because I have nothing else to talk about. pampering yourself important and crucial because that’s what it’s all about is making yourself feel like a princess because guess what? you are your own princess in your own kingdom of life and you aren’t defined by anything except for who you are in your heart. if you ever get in a relationship you know cuz all of us singles out here, we’re gonna get in relationships at some point we’re in this together, and it might be down the line, but it might be tomorrow, and that’s what’s crazy but either way the thing about us is we’re the strong ones ya know what i mean? if you’re in a relationship and you’re still for some reason watching this, listen up don’t define yourself based on like who you’re dating. a lot of people their hobby, their life, everything that they do, their an identity becomes their relationship. don’t do that i haven’t had a boyfriend in my life but i still know that this is true. your significant other should be a secondary part of your life and your first aspect of your life should be how badass you are because that’s what really matters at the end of the day. don’t be known as blank’s girlfriend or blank’s boyfriend. do you know how f*cking boring that is? so boring. be known as yourself. be someone individually so that you can be even better in a relationship. have your own hobbies, bring something unique to the table, don’t forget to have some time to yourself and don’t forget to have a life outside of your relationship because that’s what’s most important, and that’s what’s gonna make you the happiest in your relationship, and that’s it for that. moving on all righty. and for our last valentine’s day activity we’re going to be making some chocolate strawberries for obvious reasons i think a lot of people fantasize about having someone else make some chocolate strawberries for them and or going to a edible arrangements and getting them a $50 chocolate strawberry bouquet or some shit anyways i think that’s kind of a dream that all of us have considering that chocolate strawberries are so good like they’re genuinely so tasty. but do you what? having Edible Arrangements make them for you or having like your boyfriend slash girlfriend slash significant other make them for you, that’s boring. make them yourself and stop being a pussy. ew these strawberries are so like not great what a disappointment. chocolate strawberries are so easy to make but like i’m still gonna take you through it just in case you’re kind of stupid okay, the first step is to rinse your strawb’s which i just did. perfect. and also i recommend you buy organic because you don’t want those unnecessary pesticides in your lonely body now do you? and we’re gonna melt the chocolate. now today i’m gonna be using some dark chocolate because i have class unlike some people, but if you don’t like dark chocolate cuz i don’t know don’t have a penis, you can use milk chocolate too and you’re basically just gonna warm it you’re basically just going to warm up the chocolate in 30-second intervals for like a while until it all melts it’s pretty self-explanatory. let’s continue our discussion that we’re having earlier um i don’t know what we were talking about earlier so i forgot but uh yeah, so that’s about it we’re just gonna play the silent game for the rest of this video i guess just kidding i don’t like silence, makes me uncomfortable. well let’s warm it up. i hope that it’s enough chocolate i don’t really know. should i warm up more? nehh that’s fine i had a phase there where i was like making chocolate strawberries like every day because they’re just so good. dark chocolate isn’t even that bad for you, and it has antioxidants in it. we love science oh god i hate waiting for the chocolate to warm up though it’s so rude. chocolate strawberries are a really romantic food according to michelangelo, that’s a fake fact. let’s actually make some coffee while we’re waiting for this to warm up brb let’s talk about valentine’s day in elementary school what a time to be alive am i right peeps? i don’t know if they did this in every school, but there’s a lot of noises going on, my elementary school we would give each other little mini valentines and it was so cute and so fun for all of the little tots to walk around the classroom and give each other little valentines. i’m literally doing 20 things at once and i’m a little bit stressed out. are you guys stressed out? let me know in the comments. oh my god look at this shit right? god fuckin stoopid. it’s fuckin stoopid thicc. cheers. chocolate is so good. watch and learn, baby barista in the making you know that right, you heard that right, you got that right. now top it off with some of this coffee is done. cheers. you take a strawberry and you dry it off because i don’t know i think you’re supposed to do that then you just simply dunkaroo and put it straight onto the plate bon apple tit. alright, baby? that’s all it takes. while we’re doing this, let’s just chat so how are the kids? alright tough crowd. thing is about these strawberries, they’re not that great i always try to buy organic ones even though they don’t always look as good as the non-organic i’m trying not to add excess pesticides to my body although tempting. pesticides are fun and pesticides are crazy so it’s like hard for me you know what i mean? i’m kind of getting sick of this it does get a little bit boring after a little bit, dipping all of these strawberries every five f*ckin minutes you know what i’ve never liked when i was like younger and stuff? i don’t like when strawberries are too big i kind of like when they’re small like how am i supposed to fit that into my mouth? that’s what she said. you set yourself up for that one it gets to the point where it’s so big that it’s just not even good anymore i wonder how much of the world is single. i’ll google that. i’m gonna insert that percentage right here i feel like everyone’s in a freakin relationship these days. maybe it’s cuz it’s cuffing season. okay there’s no more room on this f*cking plate i’m so annoyed. watch and learn. we got some excess chocolate in here look at how we do it. dip, oh yeah baby good. yeah so i definitely recommend you make these at home. they’re super good, super easy and fun not too messy i mean cooking is always a little bit messy oh my god, i have a rash all over my face. what the f- NO is that? i don’t. okay that’s it for today’s video, i hope you enjoyed it. i hope it was fun for you I love you And do you know what? let’s be each other’s valentines this year because for all of us out here who don’t have a valentine yeah it sucks. i don’t care because we’re each other’s valentines this year. be my valentine? anyways, that’s it peace out. happy heart day. love ya peace

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  1. One time I made a homemade avacado and honey mask with a friend cuz we found it on YouTube and 2minutes after I put it on my face started to burn and I took it off and there were hives all over my face, but of course my friend’s skin was smooth and fine. Idk why I wrote this but the chocolate part just reminded me of that so yeah

  2. Did you know that the day after Valentine’s Day is national singles day?

    That’s my birthday. 😐

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  5. I get a rash/breakout every time I use a sheet mask no matter how expensive they are. There must be something in them

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