How to host a $30 dinner party

Hi I’m Cindy. Holiday time again, Christmas is coming! So what we’re going to do today is to have
a dinner party with all the ingredients here for under $30. Yes, under $30. We’ll have seven adults and one toddler. This doesn’t look like much,
however this is all you need. So let’s get on to it. One of our mains will be a spicy chicken dish using the meat from chicken drums. First we remove the meat from the bone, then marinate it in spices. When ready to cook, we dip in
a buttermilk batter and fry until golden. A Kiwi dinner isn’t complete
without a couple of salads. which is where having a garden
really comes in handy. All you need is a box or a pot. You can even do it in an apartment. So today we are making super fresh green and radish salads. I love making my own chips, because then I can add whatever
flavours I want. In this case we’ll be adding
Sichuan spices to a Kiwi classic. We’re preparing the garlic bread
a day ahead as well, just to make work a bit easier tomorrow, and the main things is baby is asleep, so we can do this. For dessert we’re having creme caramel, my husband’s favourite. For simple ingredients, like milk, cream,
sugar and eggs, but it can just create this beautiful dish. It’s so easy to make
but so delicious, and cheap. Another very simple but yummy side dish is
egg and tomato. Only needs two ingredients, five minutes, and there’s never any left over. The other main dish is twice cooked pork, using half a roast pork, a few spices, and some of our favourite veggies. We had a wonderful night. The guests really enjoyed their food, I had a lot of nice comments
about how yummy the food is. Even my little girl Emma,
she was tucking in. We’re so used to the things we know. For example a chicken drum always ends up
roasted chicken drum. A roast pork always ends up roast pork. But there are a million ways to make them, and just find something that you like. Surprise your family, surprise your friends, surprise yourself.

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