How to Immigrate a Spouse from Overseas: I-130 Marriage Petition WhiteBoard Step by Step

Hi this is a Jacob Sapochnick immigration
attorney based in San Diego. And in this video, we’re using “show me” it’s
an application that allows us to present information in the written format and recorded and I’m
excited to use it so a lot of our clients and people visit our website are always interested
to know what is the process to immigrate a foreign spouse to the United States. When we have a foreign national who is currently
out of the US waiting to come, what is that, what are the steps. So the first step is the US citizen spouse
must file an application a marriage petition application and that application is called
the i-130. The i-130 consists of forms supporting documents
to establish to the government that there is a marriage and that the US citizen is asking
to immigrate the foreign spouse. The process of i-130 is filed with the USCIS
which is the US citizenship immigration services and it’s it’s a form that is filed in the
U.S. it’s not sent to any foreign country but it is filed in the U.S. And the process itself may take about four
to five months for this application to get approved. Once the application is approved, the petition
is sent to the National Visa Center also known as the as the NVC. This is a kind of like a middle agency of
the State Department this is no longer the USCIS and at that point the National Visa
Center will require more documents more fees from the US citizen and the foreign national
as they prepare this case for the interview before the US Embassy. That process may take another three to four
months once the MVC is done with the process they will send the case to the US Embassy
in the foreign country once the petition arrives the US Embassy that’s going to take another
two or three months for them to process it until they set up an interview and the interviews
is the final step where they will question the foreign national verify some documents
and if all goes well they’ll issue an approval and that’s going to be an immigrant visa. The visa is good for six months and the for
national can enter the US and present documents at port of entry and upon entry they’re going
to get their green card in the mail and they’re going to be US residents. So the whole process takes about ten months
to a year to bring a foreign spouse at the US and of course it varies from country to
country but if done correctly you will be successful. If you have any questions feel free to email
me [email protected] and feel free to visit our Facebook page at

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  1. Hello respected sir, my husband filed I 130 petition and he received only form I 797 C and its more than a month no more reply from USCIS. Can you please guide me what to do.

  2. HI,I have seen many videos on YouTube about immigration. I have ten years green card and I filed 1-130 ( for my son who live in India ) that is approved and I received a approval letter from USCIS two days before under section unmarried son 21or older of LPR, 203(a)(2)(B)INA.I know about next 6 step to process this case but my basic question is that how long it will take time to get visa endorsed. Is there anybody who can answer my question?

  3. Hi,Jacob
    First of all,thanks for your video.I have some question to ask.I get that i have to apply i130 form to get started to bring my spouse.What I'm not sure is what do i have to do after approve.i.e do I have to do myself NVC thing?How do I pay the fee,if the USCIS send all of my document to NVC?
    And when I take a look at the USCIS website they ask tow g325a to send with i130 form,one is for me and one is for my spouse.I can do that,but since my spouse is in oversea,how do I let my spouse signed g325a?Thank You! Hoppoing your answer.

  4. Hello iam a US citizen and i filed for my wife on December 13 2016 and received a notice letter with priority date December 27 2016 , it will be 4 months now on April 27 2017 that i filed , my case is being handled by the Nebraska Service Center and it shows that they are handling cases from August 30 2016 but they seem moving really slow because two moths ago it said they where handling cases from August 9 2016 . But idk if thats has to do something with my case ? Its real fustrating .

  5. it takes more than a year to bring your spouse from another country , those who saying that they come over here within three months they all are pathetic lairs

  6. I want to file !-130 form my daughter and her husband and three child  ,I am us citizen , mydaughter live with her family in Iraq ,I need advice how money form must tofill and how much the fee,thanks wait to respond me

  7. my case is at nvc is being there for more than 1 month and no aswer back can someone please tell wen would i get my enterview

  8. hello please somone help me my case is being at nvc for almost 2 months i already send everything and still no answer how long for enterview i being so hard cuz i need my wife please help

  9. I signed the I-130 form in 30th November 2016, more than 7 months already, and still no reply… please can you tell me what i need to do now?

  10. Hello Atty Jacob…. Good day!. It was today I received an Interview Scheduling Instruction from the US Embassy Manila. It was found out that, my eldest son was not included in the PACKET advise for interview. My son already 22 year old last Feb 2017. He was then 14 year old when my Father applied for my F3 category family petition. My father is my Principal sponsor and died.. I applied for Humanitarian Reinstatement reconsideration since I have a US Citizen sister residing in the US since 1986. Just recently, i received an email for scheduled Interview. My 22 years old son did not included. what should i do??? Is he still qualified for
    Immigrant Petition 21 year child act ?? what should I do? where I can make a request to write? thank you very much Atty Jacob and more power to your community.

  11. Hello sir, I have a question my wife applied for me i-130 on 24th October 2016 she received recept letters (WAC—-)now it's 10 months running no approval yet. What shell I do now wait or tell my wife to call USCI .. I'll wait for your kind responses Thanks

  12. my filed i_130 petition from to USCIS on April 17, 2017 for me and April 25,2017 and I receied only form i-797C and its more than 5month no more reply from USCIS and now my visa till have few month expire, what shuold i do next ?

  13. My I-130 petition was approved and sent to the national visa center. I received notice that my case has become current for processing(an immigrant visa was NOT immediately available to me, so i had to wait in line for my case to become current) While this process has been going on, my Wife has also been in the process of getting her citizenship(she filed my case for me while she was a lawful permanent resident) and he will receive her citizenship before the year is over. Here is my dilemma. Should i go ahead and file with the NVC immediately? Or should i wait for her to get her Citizenship THEN file afterwards?

  14. I am Indian and my fiance from usa. now we have decide to get marriage. .
    for marriage she will come to India. .so my question is just after the marriage I can go along with her to usa on k3 visa or I have to wait. ..please explain

  15. I am Indian and my fiance from usa. now we have decide to get marriage. .
    for marriage she will come to India. .so my question is just after the marriage I can go along with her to usa on k3 visa or I have to wait. ..please explain

  16. I am Indian and my fiance from usa. now we have decide to get marriage. .
    for marriage she will come to India. .so my question is just after the marriage I can go along with her to usa on k3 visa or I have to wait. ..please explain

  17. I am Indian and my fiance from usa. now we have decide to get marriage. .
    for marriage she will come to India. .so my question is just after the marriage I can go along with her to usa on k3 visa or I have to wait. ..please explain

  18. I am Indian and my fiance from usa. now we have decide to get marriage. .
    for marriage she will come to India. .so my question is just after the marriage I can go along with her to usa on k3 visa or I have to wait. ..please explain

  19. Hi , i think my case is defferent than what you seing , for the first step uscis i tooks me 11 month , and now im sto waiting for the nvc to send me respens it s almost 1 month now and th all process since i send them documents i n 11 8 2016 is 12 month now ,,,,,,, somthing wr

  20. ইউ এস গ্রীন কাড হোল্ডার সন্তানের জন্য এমেগ্রেসন ভিসার জন্য এপ্লিগেসান করলে কত সময় লাগবে। সন্তান অবিবাহিত বয়স ৩০

  21. If i am Apply for my Wife and my Children . would i be pay the fees more or it will be the same price for the fee.

    – if i am a US Citizen ?
    Do i still need that Alien Registration number ?

  22. It took me over two years to get my wife here from the Philippines, took longer to get her here than the marriage lasted, watch out guys it is all a big scam. well over $40 K SHOT ALL TO HELL.

  23. wow, 94,000 views and so many comments. Thank you all for supporting and watching this video over the years!!!*

  24. I'm USA citizen, I just applied for my husband and December 26 2017 and today is January 9 2018 not even one month God is Good, if you place God first everything is possible., my prayers to you all….🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏾👫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️

  25. my case is different,i faced interview with my wife,and succeed interview also ,but due to shortages of visa only my wife got visa as main applicant,now she is in usa and got green card already, what is the process for petition for me, kinly reuest for ur suggestion

  26. Actually Iam aan Indian citizen but Iam working in Qatar , I have a dought my i130 form send to which NVC.India or qatar please tell me.

  27. Hello !What is a k – 3 visa? Can I apply for a k- 3 visa? I am a USA citizens living with my wife in her foreign country. What forms do I need to file to get her to come to USA . Thank you

  28. Hi, I'm processing my US citizenship I just went for my fingertips last week, so my question is can I begin the 1-130 form now or I wait until I become a citizen? Please i need your advice. Thanks

  29. thank you so much for the information , i have a question ,will there be any problem if i reissue my passport while my visa is under process at nvc . thank you

  30. hey good morning, I am at my last step, but I need to know this first. I am from Jamaica. my wife is American. we are waiting on 11weeks paper right. does that mean after it come through is my medical? today let 4 weeks, so 7 weeks leave.

  31. hello sir I am Rahul from india
    Filled my case in bŕother and sister law in 30 january 2006 how much time to open this case.

  32. Hi Mr Jacob I sent form to UScis on 8/7/2017 for my spouse an I didn't get any approve until now it's more then 6 months now, thanks

  33. I am a u,s citizen and married an Algeria man I applied for him to come here Nov, 2017, I received my receipt number , but it's been 5 months and nothing yet. I am in Indiana and I have been denied flying from drs due to health reasons so now I can't go see my husband I'm very upset and worried about this. How much longer do i have to wait? Help!!!!

  34. Hi Sir Jacob! It was December 2015 when my mom filed a form I-130 for me to be able to go to US. How long should we wait before we can get the status of it? Thank you.

  35. Thanks very much I deeply enjoy your lecture. I got it well and I hope and want you to please send me some marriage questions for me to adjust to my interview when it comes up. [email protected]

    May God bless you. Hope we be in touch. Hope to hearing from u as soon as possible

  36. My brother apply for me i130 in years 2013 October and it is approved, I am married and I have two child can u give me any informatio about it how's long take it to make our journey. …

  37. Do they have to have a green card before applying for the I-130? Not sure where to start. I am 21 and my husband is 23 we got married in 2016 in the states. Now we moved to his country to see if it will make it faster or not. Jesus please help me.

  38. My question sir right now I am ready and fill the form My question is can I included the paperwork plus check of filing fee of $ 530 .. pls answer me and my number is 904 415 1523

  39. My CR1 Case I-130 Petitioner have been approval on 22nd June 2018
    Call Texas Services center my case have been shipped to NVC since 12nd July 2018.
    Is that normal call NVC today my case NVC still not received my case yet. ?

  40. If u are married to a foreign wife , do u still have to provide an affdavid of support , or not because she is already a wife a spouse or u may have different idea

  41. Hey Jacob my name is Armando I just barely downloaded the I30 I got married on March 2018 how long would the process still take if everything goes right 8 to 10 months or 8 to 12 months if I have any questions I will go on your Facebook thy thank you

  42. Mr jacob i watch ur videos very informative question ..what is d job of NVC IN A I130 PETITION..MY I130 IS APPROVED HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT AGAIN. ….US CITIZEN PETITIONING FOR PARENTS.

  43. Thanks for explaining.My question is when do I have to submit I 864 and can I use my current income pay stubs as proof of income thanks

  44. Thank you mr Jacob I watch a lot of video honestly your video explain very clear and good ‘ I already file. The 1’130 but I don’t received any respond I paid already the fee and I already received the receipt that they already received my payment July 3 2018 My question how long and how can I know my application is approved .. I hope you have time to answer my question. My e mail is [email protected] .com. God bless you.

  45. This is the best video I’ve seen, the best explanation👌. Short and to the point. I finally get it, including the waiting times. Not even my lawyer could explain it this clearly. I’ve been waiting for my approval for 4 months now. I hope they hurry up. Didn’t see my wife and kid for a long time now

  46. my case has been aprove in 9 months… after 3 months I have riceve the nvc letter and I olso pay the fees…I'm waiting from 4 months now but didn't get the interview letter yet….what's the problem…. 😞😞

  47. Hi my case was finished by interview in the embassy but after a year of interviews they reject my visa and I don't know what to do would you please advise me thanks in advance

  48. i would like to sponsor my parents: i need to submit two I130 form to uscis for my dad and mother. Do i need send them I 864 together with I130. Which document we need to submit with I 130 to USCIS?


  50. Green card holder file to spouse processing ? and can I visit US while I 130 is pending ? if not, is there any chance to get temporary visit/work permition ?

  51. So I'm an American married to a Brazilian and we got married February 3, 2018. We sent in our petition and it was accepted on May 10th, 2018. It is now March 2, 2018 (we celebrated our year of marriage a month ago) so we have been waiting for NINE AND A HALF MONTHS and our petition STILL hasn't been approved!!!!!!!! Is there a way you could make an entire video to show us JUST the process of the USCIS? What is it that they do? How they do it? Why is it so complicated? How long does it usually take someone to go through ONE petition??? How many do they go through in a week? How many do they receive each year?
    It's really disheartening to see all these posts about getting there in 5 months, or AT LEAST getting your petition accepted in 5 months. That one post about his petition being accepted in less than a week made me want to cry. :'( Most of these posts are from 1, or 3, or 5 years ago, before our President decided to practically close the borders. Its a lot harder now. We even had a religious wedding, so that should count towards authenticity, but I don't know what the hold-up is. I've been living here in Brazil for more than a year and a half and I REALLY miss my family. And while I could return to the U.S. at any time, I can't just leave my husband here. (It's hard enough to be separated for just a week!) So a few months in the U.S. would be torture, besides expensive -_-

  52. Im having an interview for my i130 after rfe and and transfered to local office even though any signs of approving or not didnt tell me.

  53. I believe you have the option to file the i-130 if you live abroad in a country that has a USCIS field office.

  54. My receipt date is 3/14/18 its now 4/19/19 and my petitition was sent to NBC and I am now "in line to be scheduled for an interview at the Chicago field office" yet no one knows how long the wait is or why its taken so long. The responses to requests regarding "out of processing times" basically say they have no information available as to why. What gives? My husband is immigrating from Italy, an allied nation and had no criminal record or issues.

  55. Hi, Jacob

    I am wondering if it makes sense to ask about k-3 visa for wife ( she lives outside US). Do you know if time needed to get K-3 is near the same like for immigration visa?

  56. Hi, I am from the u.s but currently living with my husband abroad. i want to sponser him, although with me living abroad i am not working and do not have the required income to sponser also do not have a co signer. what other routes can i take to sponser my husband to come to america without having the required income?

  57. Check out our latest F2A category I-130 update !!!! 2019.

  58. If I have been married for 18 years and have children who are 15 and 16 years old Can’t the process go a little bit quicker?

  59. This was recorded 6 years ago, how long does it take for a green card holder to immigrate his/her foreign spouse now to the USA?

  60. Hello my application apptoved today 26 august 2019 please tell me how many time required for interview call please answer me i m very thankfull to you??

  61. My husband is filing i-130 for me and we need to add more addresses to his Address History. How to do so? We should mention the page and part, which is easy, but what us the reference for the Item, since it's all new information? It sounds like a stupid question, I hope you have an answer. And thank you for your videos they are super good😊

  62. Hello, this is a great video. Thank you. I am on H1B visa and I just got married. Do I have to file I-765 and I-131 as well?

  63. Hello sir i have a question plz answer me as soon as husband fill up form 260 send to the nvc on 31 0ct 2019.but only document police certificate send 2 december 2019. So plz tell me nvc they call me for interview 31 december or next month???

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