How to invite ALLAH C.C to a dinner !

Nation of Prophet Moses: O, Prophet Moses! Wed like to invite our God to dinner. Please let him come and he’ll be our beloved guest. We’d love to offer whatever we have best. Upon hearing this, Prophet Moses got angry and shouted: How could you say this! Glory be to Almighty Allah, He’s free from eating, drinking and He is space-les. Moses told his nation to not even ever think about this again. After some time, when Prophet Moses wanted to speak to Allah Almighty on Mount Sinai, Allah told Moses. O, Moses! Why haven’t you brought my servants’ invitation to me? Prophet Moses: All praise is due to Allah. I feel ashamed to bring this request to you. You are Almighty and You are free from what they were asking for. God: Tell my servants I’ve accepted their invitation and I’ll come this Friday evening. Prophet Moses went to his nation and told them about this great news. The preparation started, the best foods and fruits were prepared. They made everything in the best way. Because the guest was not a governor nor a king. It was the creator of the universe. After the preparation was done, an old little tired man with his little dirty wrinkly clothes came by from a distance. Then he approached to the Prophet and said: O, Moses. I came here from a long distance. Can you give me food? I am hungry. Prophet Moses replied: Don’t be in a such a hurry! Take this water jug and bring some water so that you will also have some contribution. Very soon, Allah, the creator of all the things, will come here. Surely, the old man didn’t insist much and left. It was evening then it became very dark. They have waited and waited until dawn. Nobody came. The people went their homes one by one. Prophet Moses was disappointed. Second day when Moses went to the Mount Sinai again, Allah told him: O, Moses! I came by. I told that I was hungry. You sent me away to get water, ou didn’t even give me a piece of bread. Not you, not even your nation welcomed me. Upon hearing this, Prophet Moses said, O Allah! Only and old man came by and he was a human, one of your servants. I don’t understand. Then Allah replied: I was with that old man together. If you had welcomed him, you would have welcome me. If you had fed him, you would have feed me. Because not even skies and earth can contain me, but I am in the hearts of the helpless and in need. I came to you with that old servant of mine. When you sent him away hungry thus you sent me away.

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