How to Learn English by Listening to Music: EASY AND FUN Way to Study

Hey everyone Welcome to my channel Thanks for watching and subscribing for liking my videos and for commenting below Today I want to share my experience of learning English language and I want to share one of the most effective methods to learn it As you know I started to learn English when I was 4. I’m 26 right now. I’m 21 years into learning English language and I guess I have a lot of experience in it One of the most effective things that I’ve done was going to an Engish speaking country like Great Britain or the United States and learning English with native speakers but I know that not everyone can go to a foreign country and spend a couple weeks there and not everyone has an opportunity to hire a native speaker in his own town and practice every day There’s one amazing, absolutely – free method to learn English language and I’m going to share it with you Since I was 8 I feel in love with American pop culture I used to listen to all of the songs in English like Britney Spears my favotite singer and I used to write her letters I was so into her albums her songs It really helped me learn a lot of English You know when you’re listening to something You really want to understand what’s happening in the song You start translating it And then you hear the song over and over again and you can encounter many new words because you listen to the song every day you would eventually memorise them This is the best way to learn new words When you encouner new words and then repeat it and then it’s there in your brain This is what I did First I started doing it with Britney Spears I just listened to her songs started to translate You also have to be careful one of the most popular songs by Britney Spears is Hit me baby one more time If you ever listened to her She sings “oh baben, baben” something it’s weird but it’s actually oh baby, baby This is the way you learn the accent because actually American people sing like that because Britney Spears’s singing like that So there are many many things that you’d hear in the song and they’d look different on paper when you actually see the lyrics Another thing I’ve learnt from songs You know the song “wish you were here”? This is the second conditional Wish you were here I guess this is the second conditional If I’m wrong, please correct me in the comments Another song that just came to my mind we actually used it during the lesson in our language school And this is a song by Modest mouse Which starts with a phrase They have such a weird accent Imagine I was around 13 and the teacher gave that song and we had to write down every single word we understood I listened to the whole song I had like 3 words written correctly If you haven’t heard this song please listen to it listen to the whole version Try to write down what you get and then read the lyrics This would help you understand the accents because English is such a language that you can know thousands of words and you can be super proficient in grammar but when you hear native speakers you start talking to native speakers you might have a lot of problems understanding and talking to them in a way that they would understand and there are many idioms and many grammatical things that you can learn from songs like wish you were here and there’s also songs like by Nira Jones why I didn’t come This phrase also helps me when I I try to put something like this in a sentence It’s not like I don’t know why I hadn’t come It’s I don’t know why I didn’t come All of those small things like if you remember if they stick to your brain they would make your speech more amazing and more natural So really try that And all of the songs English language songs which you have in your iphone right now try to read the lyrics and try to understand every single word And when you listen to them again you’d notice in your brain “hey, I know that this is this word, and I just looked it up in the dictionary”. And I know what it means and this way you’d memorise it And I think best language schools all over the world would use this method so you would sit down with your teacher and the teacher would switch on a song like my teacher did I actually just returned from London where I attended classes at UIC English school Many of you might wonder why I’m attending English language classes if I passed TOEFL and all that My business is connected with studying Engish abroad I want to make sure our partners are the best I studied in one of the schools and the teacher was so amazing he sang the songs himself He brought in the guitar Well, you’re going to see it right now I recorded the video There’ll be a small task for you I’ll put the task that he gave us and try to fill in the words Please tell me in the comments if you did everything right or if you’ve done any mistakes Please let me know if you liked this method of learning English language and if used it Thank you so much for watching this video And now enjoy the piece from the class

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  1. you are good human because you help people to learn languages but this video is really not good because music is forbidden for human.

  2. hi ممكن اكلمك بلعربي انا معجب بوضوح النطق عندك واقوم بتنزيل الفيديو لكي اتعلم الانجليزية منك وشكرا

  3. I use this every time to teach my students. It helps with many things like confidence boosting, pronunciation as well as improving lexicon.

  4. hey. My name is Vodik .l want to study in U.S.A but I don't now how What should l do?.now,I am 20. l study English at University,also l am going to finish my intermediate this month …bla bla what should I do your best friend,fans vodik

  5. Hi it's aroushi from Pakistan I am new here I want to learnEnglish from start will you please guide me I am your new subscriber. I hope you will reply me?

  6. Slow songs; Hello and Lady by Rogers. Lyrics are clear. Understaning those songs helps develop my level in English, for sure. I still remember E-Type. It is a Swedish music of kind, in English though. I used to listen to this one when I was 15 years old. I like English songs so, so and so much.

  7. Yes it's such a better method to learn english.I heard MLTR song with subtitle and sometimes it's cleared word spelling confusion. Good way

  8. Yeah in a lot of songs & music we pronounce words different than we speak them. Even in a informal or relaxed or colloquial way of talking. Movies & TV are usually better for listening & pronunciation practice. Still love music & reading the lyrics though as a native English speaker born & raised in America.

  9. Со звуком что-то, он немного режущий, высоко частотный, на русском канале, вроде лучше!

  10. Hi Marina. Thanks a lot. Pretty Marina, smart Russian woman, is the best in the world. M: Tell me songs that you listen to when learning a language! Did you get all the answers correctly? A: Stand By Me Karaoke. No.

  11. Even if I'm reading the lyrics and listening to the Modest Mouse, the song is still very strange in its pronunciation))

  12. hi, I'm Al-Sayed from Egypt. I'm an English teacher. I love my job and I want to improve my accent. Would you help me, Marina?

  13. I use "lose yourself" for Eminem but I don't understand everything lol …Greetings from Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴 I love you!!

  14. Celine Dion's …a new day hs come, I knew dt I would go through..nd in I wsnt getn ds at all'..before I looked d lyrics 😂nd in cheap thrills (Sia/ ) the dollar bills were replaced by me by color pills 😝

  15. Wow, when you speak English, I understand you but when I listen to native speakers talking it's a little tricky. Can you give an advice to me to improve my listening skills. Please I need an advice

  16. I really like all your videos and your advices cause you have a beautiful sound and i lake your way of explanation ,i'm from Algeria so learning English is difficult caz our language is Arabic for that i prefer to watch videos of native speakers and hope that one day i can speak like them so thanks a lot Marina ❤❤❤

  17. Ur English is very cute that why I love with u 💕💘 I don't think to love with but I fallen love with every minute every sec

  18. You teach so many words and phrases.
    I learnt a lot from you , but is any synonym for word WEIRD? – I listen it is so many times like like from americans it so WEIRD

  19. What a amazing voice he has!
    I have started watching your YouTube channel recently and I’ve started learning English for 3 years but I have lots of things I have to overcome and then I found you are very well understood for me.
    I like your channel, well made and keep teaching us by your way.

  20. When I hear someone speak English, it is very strange because my native language is Spanish. I feel like I only hear half of what they speak to me.

    The listen is my problem 😔.

  21. Hi!!!! I am from Bolivia, i loved the song because it is from the Beatles, im a big fan of them, and like you did started learning English with Britney Spears' songs i did the same with The Beatles!!!!!

  22. 😒Listening to music will never help you to learn English because you want to speak and to communicate with other people around the world… not to be a singer..

  23. You are pretty and cute too !
    I liked the way you told us about your experiences when you had studied English <3

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