How to Make a Bachelorette Party Picture Frame : Tips on Making Bachelorette Party Favors

PAMELA YAGER: Well, that’s really cute. I
like the way that turned out. And what I specially like is the fact that it captured all the
elements of the party. So when the bride looks back on this, she can remember, “I remember
that time when we had the boas and this.” And what have we done? We’ve done a lot of
things that are captured in here. Well, we did these invitations. We have little a garter
invitation over here. And see that little embellishment? It’s also right there. We have
the party boa for the bride-to-be and they’re also–all the guests can have one. These are
fun. And we had the guest name tags. This is a fun way to do a guest name tag. And isn’t
it cute? I mean, I have fun where I even call someone by name or, “I forgot your name. I’ve
got to look at that guest pass.” It’s really cute. If you’d like to see more about these
because I put these together in other series on this program, take a look at Expert Village
and this was the bachelorette party series. And take a look at those and you can find
out more about how to put those together.

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