How To Make a Birthday Cake For Your Cat! Cat Birthday Cake Recipe + Invitation To A Birthday Party!

Hi everybody! Welcome back! It’s Claire and Rags! Guess what it is nearly Ragsy’s birthday! She is going to be turning 12
so I decided to make her a very special cat birthday cake now the cake itself is
made out of tuna and goats cheese so I know for a fact she’s going to love it! But if you want to learn how to make your little cat their very own birthday cake just carry
on watching okay so I’m gonna need for your cat birthday cake is one large egg
1,5 teaspoons of plain flour small pinch of grated cheese – I just used cheddar one drained 6 ounce can of tuna which is just those small and captioning Etna
systems markets make sure that it’s in spring water not in brine and I drained
this and water is just to the side here that’s going to come in useful later on got shrimp to garnish it and some cooking spray to make sure that it doesn’t
stick to the baking tray now for the icing we’re going to need 1/3 cup of
goat cheese if you just get one of those small wheels from the supermarket that
will do perfectly and a few pinches of catnip Alright so the first thing
going to do is preheat our oven to 180 degrees so just have that preheating
while we’re mixing all this together now take your drained tuna and just pop it into a bowl like I said keep the water to the side – it will be coming in useful later next are the flour And cheese and then we need to separate
our egg only using the white so separate the egg okay and then add the egg white Then w’re going to be mixing all this together ok, next we’re going to take our muffin
tray and our cooking oil and just spray to the compartment That’s just to make sure the mixture doesn’t get stuck onto the pan Okay and then it take your mixture
and fill two compartments okay and that needs to go into the oven for 15 minutes all right so while that’s cooking I’m going to make the goat’s cheese icing
which is going to go in the middle of the cake like a little victoria sponge So
if you want to get your goat’s cheese and just pop it into a bowl and then add a
couple of pinches of catnip And just to help soften it up – pop in a
tiny bit of your tuna water and now keep that to the sides just in case you need some more and
then mix it all together until it’s a nice smooth paste Okay and there is ours goat’s cheese icing – so put that just to one side until the cakes have finished
cooking all right now once our little tuna cakes are nice and cool we’re going
to take our goat cheese icing and put some on top of other little cakes and
then what we’ll do is take the other cake and just pop it on the top to make
a little sandwich cake like that now to garnish it take a little bit more of
your icing just pop it on the top Then get your shrimp – this is a particularly good-looking one and then all you need is to add a candle! And there we have it! Our little bit a cake for our Ragsy Unfortunately Rags is going to have to
wait to her actual birthday to try her birthday cake but we do have some fun
news regarding that Rags would like to invite all our lovely viewers to join us for a livestream birthday party which is going to be this coming Monday on the
28th of August! And this just so happens to be Ragsies actual 12th birthday, doesn’t it? Yeah… So join us at 10 p.m. UK time which is 2 p.m. Pacific and 5 p.m.
eastern time for some fun party games where you guys can win some relax
my cat goodies Rags will be trying her birthday cake and you might even sing happy birthday to her! What do you think? It’ll be really fun guys I hope you can
join in now if you did enjoy this video please give a big thumbs up as it really
does help us out and if you haven’t subscribed already you know what to do – hit that big red button. And me and Rags will not only see you in our next vlog, but
hopefully on her a birthday party on Monday, yeah? Good girl! I’ll see you then guys bye!

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