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Guess what we’re doing today! Today we are baking a birthday cake for Miss Memphis. She’s turning five (5) years old. Want to make a birthday cake? Sounds like a plan? Let’s make a birthday cake. If you are new to this channel,
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missing all our amazing videos. Let’s make some birthday cake. As I said, we are going to make a
birthday cake for the dogs. The first thing you want to do, preheat the oven to
350F/180C and you’re going to want to have a cake pan. You can use a round cake pan or, mine’s actually
over there and I’m using a bone shaped cake pan. We’re going to need a big bowl and I’m using my ‘Kitchen
Aid’ mixer and mixing together all the wet ingredients. That is two (2) cups of water. Oh hey! Want some water?
(laughter) Is that exciting? Is it tasty water? Oh man! So exciting! (laughter) Next, is one (1) egg. Which we already beat a little bit. Next, is going to be a quarter (1/4) cup of honey. But… Don’t steal the ingredients! Even if it is your birthday! To make sure, honey comes out of the cup,
I’m using a little bit of ‘Baker’s Joy’ and spray it on the measuring cup. I sprayed a little bit. Now, we’re pouring
some honey in here. This was actually a trick I learned,
from you guys in the ‘Pawdience!’ Eww! Dog hair! Want some dog hair in your
birthday cake? I’ll bet there will be some. Let’s see how this works! Ready? Oh man! That worked pretty good! It actually did! You can see how much of the honey
has actually come out. Without issues. It’s not super sticky and everything! Aren’t you adorable? Want some honey? It’s super sticky! Super sticky! How about you? Super sticky! How about you Shelby? Honey? She’s like, “Oh! Maybe!” Alright!
(laughter) Next, is two (2) very ripped mashed bananas. The other thing you can actually use, is like an organic
baby food. You can use one jar of organic baby food. If you have ripped bananas, mash them
until they are like gooey. Let’s see. I don’t think… Oh! Watch me make a mess! Do you like bananas? Oh! You ate it? She just spitted the mashed banana around the floor. I think I fooled Oakley. How about you? Shelby is like, “Nope!” Memphis is like, “Me? I love ‘naners!” Let’s see if Oakley… Will figure out that’s a ‘naner’. Whoa! Making a mess! Try that now? Wanna try it? No! Just as I thought!
(laughter) So, it’s two (2) mashed bananas. Now, we’re mixing these wet ingredients together. Now that is mixed together,
we’re adding everything else. We are using three (3) cups of whole wheat flour. Memphis, I don’t think you want to lick straight carob. That might not be… That great… Apparently, it was!
(laughter) For the flours, for those asking, if you can
substitute the type of flour, you can do that. Just look up for [conversion] on ‘Google’ for a cake. Make sure that you want a substitute
for wheat flour in a cake. There are a lot of different substitutions.
But, is easier to just ‘Google’ it. Next, we need one (1) cup of rolled oats. Half (1/2) a tablespoon of baking powder. And our favorite ingredient! This is carob powder. Is CAROB! Not Chocolate!
CAROB! This is going to make it look like chocolate cake,
but is not going to be a chocolate cake, is going to be a carob based cake. Somebody said in the comments, “Why you always
have to make sure to say that? We all know!” Some of you had been around for a while and know that.
Some people find these videos by a chance. They may say, “Are you feeding the dogs chocolate?” Is not chocolate! Is carob! Smells like dirt…
(laughter) Let’s put this in there. Oh! I don’t know if I said how much carob…
A quarter (1/4) cup of carob powder. For those wondering, where to get carob powder… I will put an ‘Amazon Affiliate’ link to it,
down in the video description below. I’ll buy mine, on ‘Amazon’ because
none of our town grocers, sells it. Now, we’re mixing this all together. Oh man! Who wants to lick the beaters birthday girl? It’s your birthday! I guess you can lick the beaters! (laughter) Shelby, you are missing out! Alright! We got to give Oakley some. Oakley gets to try it too! Wanna try it? Want to lick the beaters? Memphis is like, “That was mine!” Wanna try some? Try some? Oakley got a nice chunck of… You came back? You can’t eat the beaters! Just lick them. You can lick them, can’t eat them. There you go! Just lick it or whatever you want. (laughter) Alright! Little more for the birthday girl,
since it’s her birthday. There you go! You guys can share! Oakley knocked a bunch from the floor! Okay, that’s enough! That is what is going to look like when it’s all done. Now we are going to take a little bit of
‘Baker’s Joy’ (non stick spray) and we’re spraying this pan, to make it non stick. Now, we pour this in. ♪ Let’s pour it that. ♪ Memphis are you helping? Yes! This is your birthday cake! It is! “Mommy’s making a mess!” “She’s really good at that!” This is going to be a very dense type of cake. Once you have it on the pan, whenever is
a silicone pan or regular pan, tap it a few times. We’re just trying to get it settled,
so there’s no big air bubbles. Then, we’re going to take this and put it,
in the oven at 350F/180C for one (1) hour. To tell it’s done, insert a little tooth pick in it.
If it comes out clean, it’s done. If not, put it in for another five (5) minutes
or so, until it comes out clean. Make sure is not burned
on the edges. But yeah! I think… Ready? We’re done! We’re ready! Oh my gosh! So much in that bite! Oh my goodness! Where’s Miss Shelby? She’s like, “I was napping!” How’s that? Want another bite? You get another bite! Then, since is Memphis’es birthday… Want to lick the bowl? Not eat the bowl, but lick the bowl. Okay! We’re going through all these dishes in
the dishwasher and throw this in the oven. Not throw in the oven…
Set in the oven! We’ll be back! The cake came out of the oven and
is cooling. It looks amazing! While that is happening, we’re going ahead
and mix together some frosting. Now, you can use different things
for frosting a dogs cake. I’m going to take some whipped cream cheese
and probably use the whole container. Whatever I don’t use, put back in there. And about a spoon full,
big spoon full of peanut butter. I’m mixing that together. Is like cream cheese
and peanut butter frosting. About that much peanut butter.
Maybe a little less than half (1/2) cup. Then, one container of whipped cream cheese. ♪ Just gonna put these together… ♪ Good stuff? Try some? Good stuff? Try some? (laughter) I know is going to be the frosting! Now, we’re going to stir these together. I’m not fully mixing this, because is going to look
marble like and I’m going to leave it just like that. It’s mixed together pretty good. But is looking marble
like flavors, than one color. We’re going to do that. Then, as soon as the cake is finished cooling,
we’re going to frost it. I also feel like this is a really good time to mention,
that this is a treat. Not a meal suplement. This is something your dogs can have
just once, in a while. Not all the time. Also, for those of you that may not know,
Jamie and I (Jessica) with some good friends of ours and other people we know, are starting
a new animal shelter in our area (Alpena MI). For Memphis’es birthday, people we’re making
donations to the animal shelter as her birthday gift. If you want to make a donation to
the Alpena County Animal Facility, in honor of Miss Memphis’es fifth birthday,
there will be a link down in the video description below. Don’t forget, that every single dollar helps. If you have
a dollar and you want to donate, that will be awesome! If not, you can share it or donate later. We thought it would be cool! As of today,
she raised over $1,300 dollars in birthday donations. Let’s see if we can double that. It will be pretty cool! And there… We have it! It’s a birthday cake for Memphis! I found the number 5, since she’s five (5)
and I found a bunch of birthday candles. I’m not going to light them. But, I thought it would be cool for the photo of Memphis’es birthday cake. I also used a little bit of sprinkles on it.
Not a lot but something to give it a little color. Yeah! Now, they get to try it! It turned out super cute! Geez! I think is your birthday or something.
Are you excited? Want a piece of cake? Want to try it? Yeah? Can you speak? That was a jump! Can you speak?
(bark) Oh my goodness! Yeah? You want this real bad? Happy birthday, baby girl! Ready? Nope! Sit!
(bark) Sit! Wait! Set! Go! There you go! You ever wondered why Memphis
uses a slow feeder bowl? That’s why! When you give her things,
not in the slow feeder bowl, she just tends to chomp, chomp, chomp and swallow. Look at me, birthday girl! Happy birthday! Did you even taste it? She’s like, “Yeah! Parts of it! Can I have more?” Alright! Is Miss Oakley’s turn! Are you ready for some birthday cake? She’s like, “Wait… What’s going on?” Yeah! Is a birthday cake up there! There you go! Get it girl! Oh my goodness! You couldn’t nibble it? You didn’t had to inhale it! Aww! She’s like, “But is so good! I had to!” Is that good stuff? Yeah? “I think, that’s a win!”
Oakley says is pretty good! (barks) Can you turn around? Whoa! That was super fast! (bark) Do it again? Turn around! That was super good! Shelby speak!
(bark) You want this?
(bark) Sit!
(bark) Yeah? You want this? Ready? And… Here you go! There you go! I’ll say, you probably eat it slower than everybody… But, you at least chew it. Would had done this outside, but there’s
a whole bunch of snow outside and is like… Look! Are you getting it all over the carpet? (laughter) Good thing we have a spot cleaner. Huh? You just got peanut butter all over the carpet. I guess… Memphis’es birthday
gets lots of peanut butter in the carpet. The others are like “I see snow all over outside.” So, it’s a bit easier to do this inside.
At least I thought of that. Now we have to spot clean the carpet. Good stuff Shelby? “Yep! Good stuff!” Well, there you have it! Birthday cake for dogs! As always you guys, if you want
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Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Happy birthday Miss Memphis! I can’t believe you are five (5). Not only are you five (5) and you literally
had grown up on this channel in front, of everybody’s since the day we got you. Can you believe that? You are the only one out of all the dogs,
that is actually been here. Well, Oakley has been here since we got her,
but she wasn’t a puppy when we got her. You actually grew up from puppy
to now, which is just crazy! Happy birthday Memphis Bell!
Happy birthday! Want to play the tooth game?
Rarrr! Happy birthday girl!

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