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Hi, I’m Kelli Ronci, and I’m a stylist with Pottery Barn Kids. For our fairy party, we created these beautiful flower fairy
crowns for our girls to wear and also decorate at the party. You want to prepare a crown base for them in advance,
and then provide little buckets with trim such as feather butterflies, paper flowers, and even
maybe some fresh flowers, so they can have fun decorating the crowns themselves. To start off, you’ll want to prepare your base with a
twenty-one inch long piece of wire flower garland. We found this at a local craft store, and what you want to
do is overlap the ends by about three inches, and then twist the wires together to form a ring. Then, wrap these stray pieces in, and it’s through doing
this that you’re creating these little gaps, that the girls can then later poke their flowers into. Once you have your crown base, you want to attach some ribbons. Cut two thirty inch long, quarter inch ribbon pieces, and then we also used this beautiful paper leaf ribbon,
so you’ll want to cut four pieces total, Attach the satin ribbons first, fold them in half, and
then place the loop under one edge, and bring the end pieces through the loop, and pull, and then do the same thing with the paper ribbon. Now it’s ready for your girls to decorate, which they can
do by poking in the individual flowers, and butterflies, into the little gaps in the wire, and twisting them around. The girls can choose whatever flowers and butterflies
they want in order to personalize and truly make the crowns
their very own.

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  1. The flower crowns are gorgeous. What a great idea! I am looking for someone to try out my Butterfly Lullaby Fairy Party. I am the author of the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book. If you know of any children who would like a birthday party to remember ask their parents to get in contact.

  2. That is Absolutely DARLING!! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing you made this incredibly simple to understand. Love the whole party theme and that the girls were able to join in making their headpieces.

  3. Luv it!!! Definitely cost efficient than my original idea of hat and gloves for my daughter's Tea party. Thank you for the clear and precise demonstration.

  4. This is great info and a great craft but I don't think it needs to be so focused on girls/daughters only! Lots of boys like fairies and crowns, too!

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