How To Make a Fire Truck Favor Cup! (2 Minutes) | Discount Party Supplies

Hello Everyone! We have a fun video for you today. We are going to be assembling some firefighter
favor bags. So, the first thing we like to use is a 16oz
cup. And then you can really use any of the favors,
but we’re going to use a couple of our favorites today. In the back, always nice to put in a little
strip of stickers. Then we have a Firefighter Coloring Book. A little wristband
Some tattoos Some of our squirt guns
Firefighter Figurines. And all of these just drop right in here. One of our badges. And then simply fold the stickers over, so
they don’t stick out too much. Grab a favor bag, color is your choice. Slide it right in, twist it, and tie it up. These make awesome little gift bags for any
party occasion. Just hand them out to your guests during the
party or when they go home. Easy as that.

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