way behind me as well arrest I don’t harm my house we don’t have anybody that’s ok so here at Big E and square cake and ice cream with vanilla buttercream and i am going to cover the key black fondant smooth out the edges and trim off any excess fondant and repeat from my dad’s 70th birthday there he and my mom day goin dancin they’re always getting to optical than exploring Duncan Gay so this seemed like the perfect design for my dad and he absolutely laughter because one of these numbers to stand up with food and first of the complicated Phoenix to be nice and dry I’ve kept late night and jumpy and added some tiny fighter to my sword and it’ll dry faster as well and making the buttons as I go as always we’re Phoenix Wilson moved to place your fondant concerned often freezer for 10 minutes and do this for three or four buttons to create the fondant shirt like some white fondant xfinity can sleep in the middle of your kick and using a clean ph trim off the edges I can’t believe how quickly this week him together and you can use this for a bachelor party Kate design or advanced forum take just a funky for you to meet and it looks amazing as well using your pc and creator land and center of your white piece of fondant to make the jacket lapels of creating temper with a piece set that on top of your key can’t turn precise the country just make sure that both lapels are equal in size and once you’re happy with when you’ve turned them remove them from the key phrase ever p-please reason water and sprinkle with some edible black glitter you can always get the letter Steve but knowing my dad I had to ask some birthday Laimbeer the brush some water onto your key aspect of the palace on how to create the color realize strip of white farmers around five millimeter sec and either Willer and trim Pierce 289 you something right Peter collar around just until it’s great that I’ve used one of the kids lunchbox here blows are trying to use gold nicely into the fur collar and lead to dry for 10 Minister still I’ve also have some titles fighters to the founders of where and I have my numbers of driving erratically and even gold edible plants just to make them standard a bet no i’m going to show you a quick simple way to create forms forte so what you bonded light and then and helps you have some kind of spider here as well come into a rectangle here and cutting it off the outer edge and create some fools and just remember you want to shoot and oocyte wait here in the middle and trim and do you stand for the other side if you think that you can real helpful in anyway give it to be like come on you know you want a no cutting another step of Providence create a line going to head off to the side and pickles and now I thank you stick your color onto the cake even some water take the collar on and take your vote on as well so first I’m sick on your buttons and any of your final details at last I will be enjoying this keep oil if you find it helpful again consider subscribing to my channel t don’t let any of my future videos and making frozen cake from a nice next week so can’t wait to get stuck into that and i’ll see you next time

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