How to Make a FUN Kentucky DERBY Party: DIY Party Decorations

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas
To kick off the start of the Kentucky Derby Party, the guests were met with road signs
that were transformed in to equestrian road signs. I just used photoshop to create the signs
and then I pasted them on to auction paddles. At the entryway to the party. There was a chalkboard sign in where the guests
kindly signed their names. Each lady was able to pick out the hat of
her choice which is really the point of a Kentucky Derby Party is the cool hats. And now for the food portion we had strawberry
lemonade or non – alcoholic mint juleps. The recipes are in the video description. For drinking straws, I used the lyrics to
camptown races. Each individual straw has a different line
of the song written on the sides of the flag that is attached to the straw. How I made the flags was I took these label
stickers and I cut them in to triangles and folded them over on to the straws. You must have the hot brown sandwich if you
want to have a Kentucky Derby Party. So I changed the recipe a little bit. I toasted the sauce after I covered the sandwich
with it to give it a nice texture and also I used turkey bacon to make the sandwich a
little bit less rich than it originally was. The other option that the guests could choose
from was the corn casserole. I added the ham, the cubed ham to it so that
it could make up a main dish. It turned out really creamy and really nice. I think I like this one the best out of the
two. To incorporate the roses theme of the raceand
food I made some strawberry roses. You see there Run for the Roses. It was really easy to do. I took a whole strawberry and then I just
sliced offed the strawberry on four sides here. And in the middle I sliced four sides again. Anyways that makes a really easy strawberry
rose that will act as a fun little table decoration as well. We can’t have anyone going home empty handed
so we have to have a parting gift bag. It has a little pin from a past derby festival. Each guest will receive a mint julep glass
that they will get to use at the party. When they are finished I will wash their glass
and give it to them in a little gift bag. So that a guest could cheer for their own
horse, I made bidding paddles that also serve as fans. They have the individual names of the horses
in the jockey colors written on the paddles. That way a guest can pick out a horse to cheer
for and then look at the back of the paddle and then find the corresponding jockey for
that horse. They also get jockey goggles to wear if they
want to. I got a set of twelve for about 15 dollars
on ebay. They are not that expensive. The guests could either watch the events outside
while they were eating on the porch. Or they could come inside at the bigger screen. The Kentucky Derby Race was so exciting to
watch. It was that much funner with a bunch of screaming
people. They lady that picked Nyquist the winner of
last years race won the platinum horse shoe. Which was a spray painted horse shoe. She was pretty happy to get it. I was pretty happy to get rid of it. Thanks for watching! 2 Timothy 4:7

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