How to Make a FunFetti Birthday Cake For Dogs | DIY Dog Treats Recipe 116

♪ Guess what we’re doing today! ♪ ♪ Somebody has a birthday coming! ♪ Miss Memphis is turning six (6) years old on April the 4th and today we are
going to make her… a ‘Fun-Fetti’… That’s right! ‘Fun-Fetti’ birthday cake for dogs! Birthday cake is for Memphis,
but you’ll get to share it too. Of course, I don’t have food in my hand yet,
but there’s a bunch on the table. Still don’t have in my hand yet. We are going ahead and make
a birthday cake for dogs. If you guys are new here, don’t forget
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as a birthday gift for Memphis! Right Memphis? As always, if you want to see more
of our treat videos, including lots of other birthday videos… We will have links up above and
down in the video description below. Let’s make this cake! First thing we need to do is
preheat the oven to 350F/180C. What? Just because it’s your birthday,
doesn’t mean you can automatically steal… I mean… Oh okay! We just started the video and you are
already stealing all the things? I can’t be mad at you
cause it’s your birthday! [laughs] ♪ Yeah! ♪
Okay! Let’s get to make this cake! It’s going to be interesting! Just to say that… First, we’re going to mix together
all the wet ingredients. What you think?
Wet ingredients first? Memphis is like: “Yes please!” That will include one (1) large egg. Which Memphis already tried to eat! Want to try and eat this too? You are staring that down! A quarter (1/4) cup of peanut butter. Of course, make sure your peanut butter
doesn’t contain ‘xylitol’ Want to clean up this spoon? Well heck you want to clean the peanut butter spoon. Shelby, you want some too? You like to clean up the spoon as well? Oh yeah!
Want a bit more? Oh yeah! Alright! ♪ What else do we have? ♪ A quarter (1/4) cup of coconut cooking oil. As always you guys, I will put some
affiliate links to some of the ingredients we’re using and some of the other things like the
cake pans, down in the video description below. And a half (1/2) cup of honey.
This is local honey. It was actually just starting to get
a little bit crystallized. But it should still be good. Let’s pour it in here! Oh, look at that! It came out
of the bowl just perfect! I know, you like honey! Memphis is like: “Yes! I would like Michigan honey!” How about you?
Wanna try some? Shelby is like: “Nope!”
“I don’t want to try honey by itself!” “That’s just gross!” [laughter] Oh! For those of you that probably are
asking about the hoodie I’m wearing? I wore it cause it’s green and is Memphis’es
color and it’s her birthday. This is from ‘’ If you want to get one, use the code
‘SNOWDOGSVLOGS’ and you get 10% off. The last of the wet ingredients,
one (1) teaspoon of vanilla extract. Now, we’re going to lightly stir together
all these wet and sticky ingredients. Trust me, they are wet and sticky. They are not going to mix together super well
because there’s a lot of oil on things. Just try to combine them a little bit. See? You can see it’s kind of
more mixed together! I’ll just fix it together a little bit better
but you are not cleaning the spoon! I’m sorry! Next, we are going to add
one (1) cup of unsweetened coconut flakes. Coconut is very absorbent and we may
have to add a little bit more water to our batter after we mix all the stuff togheter. But, we shall see! We should be good!
We’re just kind of hand mixing a little bit. She’s like: “I didn’t get to try coconut!”
Want coconut? “Yes! I want coconut!”
“I want all the ingredients!” What you think Shelby? Want coconut? Want coconut? Oh man!
Coconuts flakes! Here Memphis! Coconut flakes! Shelby likes coconut flakes! Like those?
That’s pretty good stuff? Huh? Then, the last thing we’re going to add
is one (1) cup of gluten free baking flour. You can use ‘all purpose’ flour,
you can use ‘whole wheat’ flour… For all purpose and whole wheat flour,
you can substitute one for one ratio. One cup of either of those. We’re using the gluten free flour.
I actually did bake with it recently for the dogs and I really like it how
it turned out in recipes. I know, not everybody is going to be
able to get that. We’re going ahead and start to stir
all of these together. You are also going to add
one (1) teaspoon of baking soda. For some reason, that clip did not recorded. In with the flour and stuff… We want this to form a cake batter
like consistency of course! If it is a little too dry, but remember
were not making cookies. We’re making cake! If it is a little to dry,
but is not looking to dry… We’re going to add a little bit of water if it comes down to it,
but this one might… Might work out pretty good! I added a quarter (1/4) cup of water. This is a ‘Fun-Fetti’ cake! To make a ‘Fun-Fetti’ cake
we’re going to add some sprinkles. If you guys don’t want to add sprinkles
or don’t want your dogs to have sprinkles… You don’t have to add them! You like a sprinkle? Is that good stuff?
Like a sprinkle? But, we’re going to add them.
Now, with sprinkles the color will start to run quickly. We’re not going to super stir them in. I have two (2) tablespoons here and I’m
sprinkling and fold them in and sprinkle a few more in. You probably won’t need a full two (2) tablespoons,
but we’re just going to sprinkle a little bit in. Then, you don’t want to over stir it.
Just want to make sure there’s some mix in there. I know, you want this real bad!
Don’t you? You are like: “I’ll take all the sprinkles”
“and all the things!” Alright, we have spring-form pans
and we’re going ahead and use my favorite. ‘Bakers Joy!’ Spray these pans, so everything
doesn’t stick. Apparently sprayed the table as well
because… Oops! Now, we are going to split this in half. I have my spatula and we’re going
to pack this down in here. Again, it is not super doughy so
you’re kind of packing it a little bit into the cake pan. Try to make it about half and half
for each ones, so they are about even. As you can see they are pretty leveled.
Pretty heavy and set in the middle of there. Now, we’re going to throw them
in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. As with regular cake, you are going
to stick a toothpick as long as nothing sticks to it it should be pretty good and since
I have a little cake batter left… Let’s see here… Wanna try some? It is your birthday! Oh, you got it!
Good thing cause that would hit the floor. What you think Shelby? Would you like to try it? Oh man! Is that good stuff?
She’s like: “Whoa! It’s like coco-nutty!” “Coco-nutty goodness and amazing-ness”
“and all the things?” Yeah? It’s all done! Alright! We’re going to throw these
in the oven and then let them cool… ♪ …so, we can decorate it! ♪ This one’s going to be fun and
I’m excited to see how it turns out! Alright, so is actually the next day
and I’m going to show you what I did. Remember how I said to
test it with a toothpick? Make sure you test it with the toothpick! I actually ended up
cooking them for 30 minutes total. The first round, I only did it for
20 minutes since I thought they we’re done. But, I was in a hurry and the middle sank. I remade the cakes and did full 30 minutes. Test them with the toothpick and
these are actually done. What? Oh, you can see…
No, you can’t take the whole thing! You can see the ‘Fun-Fetti’ stuff.
It works! You can actually see it all on the sides. That turned out pretty cute! Are you kidding me? Watch out!
Don’t hurt yourself with this! Okay, the next thing we are going to do
is to frost these cakes! You could do it, just like this! Just cut it and give it
if you don’t want to frost it. I’m actually going to cut the top
of both of these. I’m going to do a ‘tier’ cake…
Just like that! You have to put way too much frosting
to make it sit like that. I’m going to cut the top of both
real quickly! That’s how I found out
the other cake didn’t worked… If there’s only one when I tried to
cut the top of the other one. It sank! We’re just going to trim the top
off of these! Now, we have our two (2) nice little cakes.
We are going to frost them… I actually just going to use
whipped cream cheese. Sometimes, I do this and mix it
with apple sauce in it. Sometimes, I mix a little bit of honey in it. Since I’m using actual whipped cream cheese,
I’m not going to mix anything in it. We’re just going to use that. What we’re going to do here
is figure out, which one I want to put on top. I think… It’s going to be this one. I didn’t cut them super evenly! Look at how cute the inside is!
Is ‘Fun-Fetti’ like and it’s so cute! Frost this cake! You don’t have to use a ton.
Basically just to cover the center. Memphis is like: “Use a ton of frosting!” “I’ll eat it all!” Now, I put the other piece on top.
You can see there’s not a ton in the middle. Now, we’re going ahead and frost
the top of this. Mmmm… You can get fancy and pipe the frosting on. You can do all kinds of fancy things,
but we’re not very fancy! [laughs] We think is adorable! Alright! Want some frosting? How about you Shelby? Want some frosting? WHAT? Is dip! Oh!
Now you know is dip and is okay? Want some more?
She got a little more than you? There you go! Alright!
You got frosting! We got the cake frosted! ♪ Okay, let’s check it out! ♪ Look how cute it is! Now, I’m going to decorate it! Because, it just can’t be a birthday cake
without being decorated. I actually found this cute tiny
number six (6) and I’m going to put on it because it’s going to be
Memphis’es 6th birthday. Then, I found these candles that looks like
little stars. And some birthday hats and gifts! So, I’ll put a couple of those
on it as well, I think. But, I’m also going to use some sprinkles.
I know there’s sprinkles in the cake. But, you can’t have a birthday cake
without some sprinkles on it. Again, I’m not using a ton.
Just going to sprinkle some on there. And there… We have Memphis’es 6th birthday cake! It’s so… CUTE! Alright! I’m taking some photos of this, so we have thumbnail photo
and a good memory of the cake. Then, as always! They are going to try it! As I said before, there will be
more links to different birthday videos up in the cards and down
in the video description below. Including some of our ice creams, if you want
to make cake and ice cream for a big dog party, you can make cake and ice cream and
do all the fun things, right? She’s like: “I am so ready!”
Alright! Let’s get this ready! Alright! There’s the inside of the cake.
You can see all the ‘Fun-Fettiness.’ We cut two (2) slices and now,
♪ they are going to try it! ♪ Alright! There you go Memphis! There you go Shelby! What you think? I mean, you guys already had a couple of nibbles,
so I’m sure you are going to like it! Oh, is it good stuff? “Heck, yeah!” Happy birthday Memphis! My goodness! I can’t believe you are…
Hey! Don’t eat hers! That’s not fair! Shelby, I’ll get you another piece.
Here! You clean your plate! You let Shelby take her time!
She’s a slower eater than you! [laughs] Oh my goodness! A little bit of announcement here
to end this video… If you guys are in, or around
Grand Rapids, Michigan area. We will be there with Memphis and Shelby
this weekend and then we will be at the Canadian Pet Expo
on April 19th to the 21st (2019). I’ll put some links down below,
with the information and all that. If you guys want to go and check that out,
you want to come and meet the dogs. Also, sounds like we may be coming
to California for ‘PetCon’ (Los Angeles) in June. Follow us on all the social media sites
listed down below. You will know when all that is happening. And yeah! Happy birthday Miss Memphis! Friday will be her birthday gift un-boxing video
where she un-boxes all the things you guys sent her. Good job at cleaning Shelby’s plate! [laughs] As always you guys… Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! You love ‘party animal’? She’s like: “I get to clean”
“all the crumbs in the carpet.” “All the crumbs off the paper.” “Off the plates!” Yeah? Good stuff? Good stuff! Thanks for watching, you guys! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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