How to Make a Loaded Birthday Cake (Candy Drip Cake) | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Make a birthday cake so beautiful, they might
think you bought it! Hey, it’s Joshua John Russell. To get started
we first need to ice the cake with buttercream. This is going to be your base color. In this
case, I’m using white. Then using a pastry bag, pipe a messy line
of color around the bottom of the cake. I’m simply using pink, but you can add another
color, or the same color in a different shade. Now, smooth the cake again while dragging
the colors along. Next let’s add some ganache. Now you can do
this with Candy Melts, but once they set, the cake will be difficult to cut into. So
I am going to use a mixture of white chocolate ganache, candy melts, and gel color.
Just melt the ganache with a small amount of candy melts. Then add gel color to achieve
the right hue. You can use oil based color here too
Now it’s time to pour the ganache over the cake. This is a dripping effect, so you don’t
want to cover the whole cake. Use a squeeze bottle so you can control the
flow of ganache To finish add a few fun candy pieces and some
meringues! How cool is that! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you
can click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video to learn more Cake Decorating
techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been using in this video.

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  2. This is not the best looking cake in the world. But it does not look that bad, many people would agree if they were not a little kid! It is way too colorful then most people would like..

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    please can you tell me what is called this pink cream or how you make it ???

  5. Great video!! Love it! Just a question – is it posible to use inside such a cake cream from double cream and mascaropne and butter cream only to cover it outside?

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