How to make a Nerf Gun cake

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today I have the privilege of making a Nerf gun style cake for Jedd,
my boy who is turning 8 this year 💝 Can you believe that? Which also means my
website is turning 8 and lots of you guys have requested a
Nerf gun cake so let’s make it. For the vanilla sprinkle cake we need butter
icing sugar eggs almond meal flour sprinkles baking powder and vanilla. Add
the icing sugar to the butter and beat those together and you can get all these
recipe quantity details on my website along with other
cake recipes. If you don’t want sprinkle cake you could get chocolate cake
whatever you like. Pour in the almond meal and let that mix through and then
add in the eggs. Add a good dash of vanilla and then the flour and fold that
through until it’s just combined. Then you want to spread that out into three
baking trays. once it’s all spread out evenly between them sprinkle on some
sprinkles … now the reason I don’t mix these through the cake batter earlier is
because the color tends to run from the sprinkles and make the cake batter a
weird color so I want to keep the cake batter vanilla colored and then the
sprinkles adding little dots of color through it so I like to sprinkle it on
top and then give it a quick mix through and then that’s it just bake them in the
oven like that and then let them cool. Once they are cooled you need to level
them and then cut around the cake template and you can get that template
on the website too. Place the first layer of cake onto the board now I don’t think
you’ll find a cake board this long you’ll have to make one I cut a piece of
MDF to this size and then just covered it in foil. Put the magazine part three
fingers away from the handle and this piece is the only piece that’s staying
one layer of cake the others are all going to be two. squirt on a little bit of
milk to keep that cake super moist and then spread on a
then layer of buttercream. Add that second layer of cake on top everywhere
but the magazine as I said that staying one layer. Now you need to round out the
top of the cake just use a serrated knife and cut off a corner all the way
along that top edge then push the knife in towards the board to round it out on
the bottom side. Now cover the whole thing in buttercream and then take some
acetate and round it out along that long barrel there just drag it along to
smooth and round it out. just slowly and carefully running it all the way along.
now take some bright orange fondant and place that over the top front bit of the
cake. Now I have a video on how to color fondant and I’ll link you to that at the
end so that you can get these really bright colors. Run your hand along the
edge just to tuck it under where we trimmed on the underneath there to round
it out and then use a fondant smoother to make sure there are no lumps or bumps.
Because this is a plastic toy in our eyes we expect it to be smooth and
perfect without any bumps so you have to try and make sure you do a really good
job of smoothing it out. Cut off the excess at the end of the gun and push it
down flat and then again use your fondant smoother just to flatten it out
that little bit more. cut out a circle of cake from the center and use a little
spoon to scoop out some of that cake so you have a hollow. now we don’t want this
cake to dry out so I’m going to add a little bit of melted chocolate into the
middle and spread it around to seal out the air. Then just add a ring of orange
fondant over the top around that circle. next add a rectangle of orange to the
back and trim that off just like we did with the other piece. The next bit that
is orange is the magazine cover that in fondant and smooth it out flat. now to
make the corners a bit more square, just put the fondant smoother next to
the edge and then use your finger to push the fondant towards the fondant
smoother. if this is the first cake you’ve ever made or you don’t have a
smoother just tightly wrap a small hardcover book in baking paper and use
that here against it instead of using a fondant smoother you don’t have to have
all these tools you can use other things 😊 Use a pizza cutter to trim the excess
off now you might need a knife to trim right into the corners because if we use
the pizza cutter all the way into the corners there we’re going to cut into a
cake. Roll out some black fondant and place that over the bottom half of the
back of the cake. now use your fingers just to smooth it around the shape of
the cake and then you want to trim off the excess from around the base. Time for
blue fondant I love these bright colors… spray it with some cooking oil to stop
the template from sticking and then cut out the shapes shown in the blue outline
and just leave it longer on the three edges that are going to drape over the
edges of the cake. Put that onto your cake and again smooth it out and make
sure it’s sitting straight and flat on your cake. then use a knife to add
indents for the details on the blue section… these details just make it look
a lot better than if you leave it plain. repeat that same process adding blue to
the barrel of the gun. On this piece I cut the slits before I added it to the
cake on some of the other pieces I cut them later I’m not sure which method
worked better it was a similar result I think with both so do it whichever way
you prefer. Add lines and indents and these also help it look very straight so
it helps give that straight line to your eyes so you feel like it’s more perfect
and more like a toy. use the template to cut out the shapes that go over the top
and put them into place just using a little bit of water to make them stick,
then use a straw to make circle indents the top. Add a blue piece around the top
in the middle there and then add another piece over the top of that followed by
four more strips of blue fondant and then keep adding all the blue pieces of
fondant onto the cake until they are all done. Then we need to make the hole where
the trigger is. Feel where the hole is using your finger
and then cut it in the center using a sharp knife just cut a cross shape and
then push down the fondant at the edges. add a rectangle of black fondant to
cover two sides on the inside there and you probably need to use a straw or
something long to help you press it into the edges and then just add another
piece of black on the other side of the inside so it’s all covered. Cut the grey
handle piece and add it over the top and then cut out the little triangle shape
from the template and push it into the fondant so you can see where it should
be. Remove the paper and then use a mini straw to add those little circles and
then emphasize the lines on the edges using a knife. do the same for the top
triangle and then use the back of a spoon to make indents along the edge,
then add the black strips on the handle down the side there. now all of these
details are functionless on these guns you don’t need any of them they’re
purely for looks. Imagine how plain this toy would look if
it didn’t have all of those bits on them… I don’t know who designs all these bits
what’s the job title of a person who designs the decoration parts on toys?
Not the functionality of them not making the Nerf guns actually shoot but just
the decorative bits. It sounds like a pretty fun job to me not one that I ever
heard about when I was choosing uni courses. Cut out the numbers and put them
into place now this bit actually does have a function it tells you how many
phone bullets fit into the magazine. Once they are on the magazine straighten them
up so that they look good and then add strips down over the top. Add the other
shapes as shown on the template and then indent them I’m using the back of a
spoon here if you don’t have in that’s the right shape you can always
just cut the corner off a cleaner razor and use that for your indents. Add a
little bit of orange near the trigger and make three little lines indenting
into it. Put on another piece for the button and add lines going all the way
across it for the grip and now add some strips of orange across the top of the
gun barrel again these have no function they’re just there to make it look good.
Add the trigger into place we do need that one pushing it up to one side of
the fondant and then roll some snakes of black and add them into place. Now cut
out some letters and add them on you could write nerf or Fortnite but I’m writing Jedd. If
you don’t have a letter cutter to do the writing on this then you could pipe the
letters on out of buttercream or watch my other video showing different ways
you can make the letters out of fondant if you don’t have a cutter. Add the word
elite to the gun and then roll some snakes of blue and top them with a
little bit of orange for the nerf bullets. You ready? Three, two, one…
Whoa! That’s amazing! You even did the Nerf bullets at the front. I wanna eat it now! And then it’s party time happy birthday
to my beautiful son Jeddy, I love you so much 💕
Here’s the video on fondant letters and how to color fondant and more cake
videos … subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes chocolates and desserts and
leave all your requests in the comments below. Make it a great week and I’ll see
you on Friday!

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  1. Wow, cool!!! That would make a fun cake for an adult boy too, with calmer colours. Hope Jedd had a lovely birthday!💖

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  6. I was wondering if you could try making a vegan cake if you haven’t already?? I’d love to follow a vegan tutorial by you.

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