How to make a roast dinner #6 | 3 delicious desserts

– I’m so confident I’m
gonna do it blindfolded. (upbeat music) Hello everyone, welcome,
hope you are well. Welcome for the time
being to the last video in our roast dinner
playlist, which you guys, thank you so much have
absolutely torn apart, you’ve loved it. We’re finishing it off today
with three classic desserts that you can typically serve alongside it that are genuinely gorgeous
and super, super easy. Alright we’re gonna give you another try on your own today alright, okay. I’m kinds getting used to him, Homer and Lizzie are up
there, when I put them away despite taping them up,
all the tape come off. But hey ho, it is a miserable day outside, ’cause there’s light coming out the window it might look quite good
but it’s really horrible. Looks like it’s just gonna rain all day so these desserts are so
good, sticky toffee pudding, oh my gosh, we’ll have some
vanilla ice cream with that. Rice pudding, baked with the skin on, we’ll come onto that as well in a bit, and a crumble which we’ll start with which you just basically chuck in a dish. Lets get ready to crumble! Okay so get yourself
a baking dish like so, obviously any size, shape you want, depending on how much is
gonna be how much fruit you put in it, for how
many people you have. If you’re just on your own have a ramekin. Oh my gosh, I’ve got to
show you this, hang on, look I bumped the contrast
up, I’ll just lower it so you can see what it genuinely is like before I bump it up, plus
there’s lights in here. Look this is what it is
actually like outside, it’s so dark, the rain is coming down, and this is actually how
bright the kitchen is. I just have to play with the
camera to my best ability. But anyhow the great thing about a crumble is you can just grab yourself a bowl, in fact you can do this
straight in the baking dish but I’m gonna do it like this. This is some blueberries
that I’ve just washed, these are some raspberries,
oh there’s a bit of water in there as well, I’ll drain that off. This is is so much. Yeah we don’t need the
water in there really so just a real nice medley, we’re going for raspberries, blueberries, shove any fruit in you want,
you know the apple mixture we made the sauce from,
scale that up, apple stew, you could do pineapple in
there, mango, tropical one. I’ve always liked this
combination of colours or raspberries and blueberries, I think it looks quite sexy,
can I say that, I just did. And also some strawberries,
need to hull a strawberry. But obviously your strawberries
are big and chunky, you want to make them into
still bit size pieces, they’ll soften up but
you don’t want someone trying to eat the crumble and being like, massive strawberry on the
side of their face, no. There it goes, now although
you have natural sweetness in strawberries and blueberries, raspberries can be a little tangy, I quite like that though
but we will give it a little boost with some sugar. Alright so the sugar
goes on there like that and then we just lift to coat it. Now what you can do is shove
this right into the dish now and it’ll bake and
soften, and have it chunky but I want to show you another way. Stick the whole thing
into a saucepan okay, our frosted fruit, and what we can do is put this onto a low
heat, no extra water or anything like that,
I need a wooden spoon, we do want to keep it stirring but the sugar will dissolve into the fruit and breaking it down so you’re just kind of get an initial soften on it. As I say this would actually
be probably more common because you get a little
bit more smoother fruit but if you want it
chunky straight in there. So that’s only been a minute look, and you know, with the spatula it bends so you can try not to break your fruit but it’s quite good to
squish it down if you want. We’re just dissolving
that sugar up in there, kind of making a medley. Bizarrely you can actually
get a pack of this in the frozen aisle in the supermarket so you can skip this entire step and dump some pre-frozen
stuff straight into your bowl once it’s thawed out. Alright off the heat, that will do for me, that’s been about three
or four minutes max. Oh my gosh I love that, this
is the bit where we’re like, have we got enough fruit? I think we’re gonna be alright, it’s gonna level out and
I got some on the worktop, I need to get that off
soon before it stains it. Don’t worry about that,
my problem not yours. I’m left handed, why am I holding the pan with my other hand, so many questions. There it is. So the crumble topping, I’ve
probably talked about this once or twice on the channel before, there is one particular task
in the world of cooking, in fact I could probably
think of a few more. But there’s this one in
particular that I genuinely, really, really detest
and I don’t know why, it just feels a bit meh. Cubed, cold butter. So as I say I do really,
really detest this task, we’ve got some plain flour
here, the butter goes in, you can actually do
this in a food processor but I lent mine to a friend,
I need that back urgently, unless I can borrow yours. You lift it up and rub, I don’t know why, why do I hate this, it
just feels all bleh. I don’t like it, it
makes me need the toilet. Effectively it’s gonna help the butter get a real nice golden topping on it, all those fats in there. Alright, so cleaning my hands now and you can generally see,
there’s a couple of large lumps there but sometimes
that’s actually quite nice. It’s nice and coarse, or course it is. This is some brown sugar,
you can just use caster sugar if you want, we’re just gonna scatter that crumble topping on top. It will bake for 35
minutes, I’ll tidy this up but that is it. So what
I’m trying to say is, that is an amazing get
ahead, simple recipe you could put foil on that now put it in the fridge,
put it in the freezer and then when you’re ready
for the last half an hour, maybe when you’re sat down
starting to eat your roast dinner you shove that in and
it will be piping hot. Next up is rice pudding and when I grew up and had a roast dinners
nearly every Sunday as a kid, my Nan who lived with us, actually a lot of people
say who’s my inspiration, that was my Nan. She made the best rice pudding
and it had a skin on it with a bit of nutmeg and
it was just so simple, and tasted so wholesome
but this is even easier then the crumble because
although I made a bit of a mess, I’ll show you in a minute
you just dump it in a dish and bake it. The only important thing that Amy and I would like to share with
you is that when you look for the rice, you can actually get away with any rice, long grain rice does work but actually risotto, is it Arborio? Arborio works amazing
’cause it’s super absorbent and creamy. So you’re gonna need a dish like that, avoid that blob because
when I opened the can it kind of went everywhere. This is evaporated milk,
they do do a low fat version but hey, we’re making pudding come on, you might as well go for it. I am so confident about this, I’m so confident I’m
gonna do it blindfolded. (bright bouncy music) Okay yeah milk, is that going in, oh my gosh I’m so scared. Okay, and this is 200
grammes of the Arborio, are you there, 200 grammes of the rice. Please go in, did that go in? I think it went in. Now my dirty can, there we go. I can’t believe we did
that I was thinking, hang on a second, the milk particularly, I’m like is the dish big enough. So the rice is gonna
absorb all the sweetness, the milk, the condensed milk as well. Oh, that’s it. The only downside to this recipe is, I’m just pre-heating my oven
now on a very low temperature, 150c, 130c fan, gas mark two. That’s the only downside, but
now we ram flavour into it, spices work really, really well. So you could just grab
yourself a tub of mixed spice, because that’s generally
a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and things like that. Not actual clothes that you wear right. But just sprinkle it on
and don’t be shy with it. Really, ’cause this does get mixed around. What we do is we bake it
for about half an hour, maybe 40 minutes and then we
give it a little stir around again and then it has the final bake. I’ve actually got some
whole nutmeg as well, so just one of these. Smells like Old Spice. So right here is some cubed butter, we are just gonna dollop it in. Put it like, just scatter it around, it will serve a purpose
of making the skin. So that is it, we will
get this in the oven now. As I say we’ll go for 40 minutes. Here we go this is scarily heavy. It smells so good though, wow. That is a face that says I’m impressed. (eerie music) Last up, oh it’s good today innit. Sticky toffee pudding, ooh. For this recipe we are
gonna make it quite simple. I’m gonna refer to treacle,
if you do not have treacle in your country use molasses alright. That’s actually got me thinking, one of my best mates actually
calls people treacle. He’s like, alright
treacle, how’s it going? That’s quite a Londoner thing I think. Alright gorgeous, alright
treacle, alright molasses, doesn’t really work does it. In a crazy twist I’m
gonna do the sauce first, so we just be lazy and leave it. This is 300 mils of double cream, we’ll add in some vanilla extract, 100 grammes of butter, I’m
just gonna stick that there. Pinch of salt, I want a
little bit of tang in there. Some muscovado sugar
which we’re actually using in the main body as well,
and last but not least, I’m gonna try and just dribble this on, look at this, we’re doing modern art look. Whoa, one tablespoon of treacle. And I’m just gonna let
that just sit on there, there you go, I should have oiled this, that’s a little hack
that loads of you tell me when I do this step, why didn’t you do it? It will just slide off. We need three tablespoons of this in a bit so we’ll do it then,
but that is the sauce. We’ll just basically
warm this up on the hob, but we’ve done it, so
we’ll leave it to one side. I mean don’t leave this out for hours, we’ll need this in about half an hour. Bleurgh, that’s what we’re
gonna aim for, bleurgh. I need a baking dish for
the sticky toffee pudding, I’ve used one already
for the rice pudding, and I don’t know, Mrs Barry right, this is our fridge, Mrs Barry’s
made something in there. I don’t know what the heck
that is but I need that dish. The point is, if I do that and dump it out it would be hilarious, but not for me. My wife would kill me. So I’m gonna go for this big thing, I might regret this because
it might make it lower. Okay let’s make the body of
this sticky toffee pudding. Essentially a cake. So I’m gonna go for one,
doesn’t it look like Marmite, two, three, come on. Muscovado sugar again,
now this is some butter that I need to make a
little bit more softer because we are whisking this in a minute. There we go, softened,
that’s gonna make it a lot easier to whisk. Bicarbonate of soda and baking powder, one teaspoon of each. Two eggs, shell optional and the milk. Flour, self-raising flour, there we go. (breathing heavily) Right let’s stir up our
rice pudding a minute, take this out, oh yes,
and what I’m gonna do is just, you see how that skin
was starting to form already, we’re just moving it around. It’s the butter that actually
helps create the skin, but that rice is doing
nothing at the moment, it’s not absorbed it, we want it to take those flavour in, puff up. Alright so this is something
I like to do really, if you’ve ever got little
off cuts of butter, which I’ve had a lot today,
keep it in the wrapper and then if you ever need to grease a dish like we are here you can
use it as kind of like, easy buttering tool thing. So we pour that batter in,
and suddenly I’m thinking this is actually the
right size dish for it because we have got the
self-raising flour in there. We have got the bicarb
and the baking powder, we should be alright, it’s
quite a good depth already. And we’ll hopefully get a
little bit of rise on that, other than the sauce we just bake this. Alright there we go,
it’s all sat ready to go. The crumble I’ve moved to
this other tray because ♪ For the first time in forever ♪ in the words of Frozen, huh, stay cool, we’ve got this that needs
to stay at low temperature, I’m not touching the rice pudding. So I’m preheating my second oven so that they can all
go in at the same time. Obviously normally you’d
only be making one of these, so we’d have one oven on the go. So this is going a little hotter, and we’ll put the crumble
and the sticky toffee in at the same time. In other news, the weather’s
gone really bad again, it’s becoming like The Blair
Witch Project or something. We’ve got the sticky
toffee already in there, and if I can do this one handed, oh my God I’m so strong, it’s in there so that any spillage of the fruit juices will be captured, oh that
needs a clean, whoops, sorry about that guys. But look you can see the depth
of the sticky toffee pudding, will it rise? Let’s find out in about 40 minutes time. I hope this is inspiring you, that is it, that is how easy it is. And I’ve made three of them,
you only need to make one so please make sure you add
this to the roast dinner repertoire and fully
stonk out your guests, they will love it. That was a bit close
actually but I really hope that you guys are having a
Barathon whatever you’re doing, please don’t forget to
spread word of mouth if you enjoy my videos, a
lot of you guys do that. You literally go, hello there’s this guy who does video’s and he’s
wholesome, I love the wholesome. And of course a massive
thank you to all my patrons, you’ll get a little plug at
the end of the video as well, who support me in helping
with the editing costs in running the channel
because it really has made my life so much
easier and I can hopefully have a bit more fun, which
I think you’re enjoying. So nice one, cheers,
and why am I saying that as if it’s the end of the video. We’ve got to see what it looks like, I’m just excited, I’ve
got nothing else to do. Anyhow to do the sauce, put
the pan on from earlier, melt this up and it will look like this. Well it will start to look
like this Titanic scene, look at that. It’s slowly going, oh
no, never let go Grace or Jack, whatever it was. And as we stir it through
it will start to break down and you’ve got the sugar breaking through as the butter goes, so
much niceness in there, look at that, keep it
warm, transfer it to a jug and that will get drenched on our sponge. I just got it out, look,
it is bubbling away, lightly golden top with a nice crunch. We’ve got the sponge out too,
this is just cooling down. I’m gonna poke some holes
in it with a bamboo skewer, pour this on there, and the rice pudding needs another 15 minutes or so, I think. Yes, and then we’ll get that out. So not only does the bamboo skewer work as a way of making sure
that your sponge is done because it’s coming out clean, you don’t have to do this,
but kind of like a poke cake. In fact I’ve never done
a poke cake properly here on the channel, I might
have to do one of those, this will help the sauce just kind of, it will sit mostly on the
top but it will find it’s way in these gaps a little bit. So I’m gonna keep a
little bit of the sauce just to serve, oh my gosh, look at that, it’s gonna find it’s way in there. You naughty, naughty thing,
and look it’s like a mirror, I can see myself. So I’ve just put the crumble
onto a different tray, it’s so naughty, in fact
I’m gonna scoop this out almost immediately. Oh, look at that, it didn’t look that hot but look the steam coming from it, you’ve got the lovely juices
there where it’s softened, the blueberries, raspberries
and the strawberries. That is very naughty indeed,
it’s blimmin’ gorgeous. You’ve seen me make custard
here on the channel before and I’m actually not a massive fan of it, but you can just pour a
little bit on top like that, and that is a super duper quick fix. You can change the fruit
up, so much flexibility, I think you’ll love it. Alright sticky toffee pudding is back, you can see that’s kind of
firmed up a little bit now but if you leave it cool
it will be a real nice set on there but it’s nice to
have a bit of goo as well. Nice, oh, look at that, push that on. Oh it’s still warm and moist, oh my gosh. I’ve got the really annoying thing now where I haven’t taken my thumbnail and I’ve got OCD area right in the middle. (laughs) We can, ooh this might look pretty cool, stick it on top like that, oh my gosh, it’s melting already but
a little extra dribble of that sauce on there, oh. Out comes the rice pudding, now, the skin which is added by the butter
is completely optional but for me it’s a retro nostalgic thing, and actually very popular
at schools as well. It also acts as a shield to stop anything bursting out, all the rice
and milk spilling over. It’ll crinkle up, I
prefer rice pudding cold but we’ll serve this up
anyway with some jam. I’ve got to say these
colours look amazing, look at that shield,
it’s all sort of puffy and oh, I mean, the skin
is a love hate thing like Marmite really but
I’m gonna break through it. Oh my goodness, and lift out, the rice in there, can you
see how it’s got a different slightly shade of it
on there, it’s infused with the cinnamon and the nutmeg. And there’s nothing I can really do to make it look prettier, a
splodge of jam might help. Believe it or not as
basic and as odd looking as that is, that for me, is
my favourite of the three. I just did my thumbnail pose and I feel like I’m part
of a family portrait. We’ve been through so much together, shall we have a little taste test of this, I’m getting sad, it’s coming to the end. (doorbell ringing)
(dog barking) Bottoms up, hang on, it’s only
Mrs Barry I locked her out. – Oh my gosh.
(laughs) That is like coming home to heaven. – Is it, and I’m the angel. No, don’t you dare. Look at this. – I don’t want to look
at it, I want to eat it. – Oh. Oh sweet, oh. – Oh my gosh that’s amazing. – That’s good. – Just remember there’s two more to try. – Yeah, this is your lunch. – Oh wow, what is that
strawberries and blueberries? – I don’t, that’s heaven mate. – Not apple? – Hold me, that is
good, what have we done. I’ve finally made
something that tastes nice. 1500 videos. – Do you know I don’t
normally like rice pudding. – What?
– I don’t like rice pudding. – Go on then, that’s it, I’m retiring. That’s amazing, do you hate it? – Uh. – Uh?
– No. – If you don’t like rice
pudding, this is mine, I love rice pudding. – It’s good though, it’s very nice. – The skin, the skin. – The skin? – The skin is butter. Right, haven’t you got like
salad to eat or something, chickpeas.
(laughs) I’m going home for lunch
because I’m healthy, I like to save money so
I have my chickpea salad, and I just eat three puddings. So for the time being I think, I’ve lost her, this is
goodbye to this playlist. Please have a Barathon,
keep working through it and sending me the pictures,
it’s been so inspiring for me to see you guys recreate it. So I will return to this
playlist from time to time, we’ll do gammon, we’ll do turkey, we’ll do other stuff,
maybe a vegan option too. Getting emotional, I
really, really enjoyed doing this playlist and
I thought that you guys would hate it, I’m just
pleasantly surprised, that’s all I’m gonna say. You know it’s not all just
giant stuff all the time and gadgets, people like food, like that. – I like it when you make stuff like this. – It’s a good lunch break, goodbye folks. ♪ Check your level player ♪
♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Simon’s moustache,
goatee, maybe all three. ♪ What the, (laughs) it’s one of those microwaveable bean bags.

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