How to Make a Rosette with an Apple / Food Art, Party Idea, Garnish, Cutting Tricks

How to make a rosette with an apple Using a serrated knife, cut the apple in half, cut 1 cm from the center Slice into thin slices, 1 to 2 mm thick Slice only one half of the piece Remove the first slice and push a toothpick at the base Using a spoon baller, scoop out a ball Push the toothpick on the ball, leaving 0.5 cm on top Overlap the slices to create the rosette Hide the tip of the toothpick with a berry Here is another example To subscribe, click on the circle on the right

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  5. Simply fantastic very practical because my mother and I did a spell in sight.
    But it really is very good.

  6. Important notes: It's important to wash the apple (with a soap for fruits and vegetables) and rinse under cold running water. And you can dry the apple with paper towels. Coat the apple slices with lemon juice to avoid blackening. Remember to remove the toothpick before eating the apple.

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