How To Make A Simple Pop-Up Birthday Card πŸŽ‚

hi everyone today we’re creating this
simple pop-up birthday cake card so you’re going to start with a piece of
paper that’s eight-and-a-half inches by five and a half inches and you’re going to go ahead and fold
that in half and you can use the edge of some scissors to score the fold so at
this point it should look like this then you’re going to turn it so the
fold is at the top and you’re going to go an inch over from the side and
measure down two inches then you’re going to go two inches past that point and
measure two inches down again. You can mark those spots at the top also and
then you’re going to go one and a half inches from that last top mark and
measure down one and a half inches and you’re going to do that at that at that top mark too and
then mark that one inch from the side and you’re going to cut from those top
marks to the bottom marks making three cuts, and just to review, here
are all the measurements of the cuts and the spaces between them then you’re going to open it up and
you’re going to pull those cut portions forward and then on the side you’re
going to start to pulling it the other direction so it starts to form a fold
and then you can close it and use the scissors to score to fold to make sure
that it is folded really well and then repeat this with the top, but on this one you’re
only going to fold it as far as that top cut, so make sure that it only folds
there and then close it and repeat with the scissors again and then open up it
should look like this next take your paper of choice for the
cake and you can cut to 2 inch squares and this will go on the bottom portion
of the cake and go ahead and glue one on each side next cut two one and a half inch squares
for the top portion of the cake and glue those on next take a small piece of paper and cut
tiny strips out, these will be the candles and I’m creating five candles then take a small piece of yellow paper
and cut out tiny flame shapes and put some glue on the top of each
candle and glue a flame on once you have your five candles made,
take one of the candles and very carefully fold it in half. It doesn’t
have to be perfect and put a little glue at the bottom and
put it right in that fold. Then glue a candle on each side on the top of cake then take the two remaining candles and
glue them to the back page where they’ll show between the candles. next I’m taking some puffy paint in
turquoise and I’m drawing on some pretend frosting. So you can just do
whatever design you want and this is optional, of course. then I’m going to go ahead and add some
stripes the candles then you’re going to set this aside and
let it dry overnight. Next cut another piece of paper that’s eight and a half
inches by five and a half inches and fold it in half. This will cover the
front and back side of the card so once your card is dry, you can begin
gluing them together – just try to line them up as best you can, and I’m glueing
it in sections, because hot glue dries so fast that if I did the whole thing it
would start to dry before I got it together but you don’t have to do it
this way. And repeat that on the other side once it’s glued together, if you have any
paper showing from the backside here at the bottom or at the top you can just
take your scissors and cut that off. and that’s it! You can do whatever designs
you want, but this is just the basic idea.

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  1. hi ms sarah, cant find in the bookstore the 3d paint.. may i know the exact label of the item pleaseee.. many thanks.

  2. Can't wait to try this and make one for my bestfriend's birthday ❀ Tysm for sharing this tutorial to us !

  3. you did not tell me to use two pices of paper so i just wasted paper and messed my grandmas b days card thanks very much

  4. Nice project, but can you please turn off the annoying music, or at least turn it down to a low level? It competes with your speaking.

  5. I made one with 3 tiers and I didn't measure lol I just winged it but it turned out pretty good how did u learn this ?

  6. Thank you so much! This helped me a lot. I tried and it turned out PERFECT and i had a great time πŸ™‚ if anyone's wondering if they should make it, then i say go for it!

  7. you give me some greatest inspiration because I couldn't do it and I got it wrong so I just made what I could think of with that I had thank you

  8. I really like the card you made, and it looks beautiful! I wish that there wasn't SO many measurements though, Maybe you could make something a little more…. simple?

  9. Also, I don't necessarily have time to let it dry over night (This is a last minute card I'm making) Something maybe quicker?

  10. I am trying this with the video, but the measurements aren't working for what you said they are. Like 8.5 and 5.5 if you want to go 2 inches and then another two inches, and then a 1.5 inch and another 1.5 inch. This didn't really work for me.

  11. love 2 love it! amazin' one of the best birthday cards
    now its my mum, dad and my besties birthday upcoming ! i will try this one for sure

  12. I love it! So easy. I did one is a little derpy but I'm gonna give it like that :p Thanks for the tutorial! I'm subscribing

  13. The card was amazing πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

  14. Tip: Gently run a sharp implement along the fold lines before folding. You will find it easier to fold and it guarantees a neat line.

  15. Thank you I have made it for my father's birthday. First I thought that it would be very Difficult but when I tried I turned to be easy

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