How to Make a Sunny Fun Christmas Card!

It’s time for a sunny Christmas with MFT
and Ellen Hutson! Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’ve got a really fun summery Christmas card to
share with you today I live in Australia we have hot Christmases so we’re at the
beach we have barbecues we swim in a pool it’s not the whole snuggly snowy
scene thing we have here so I thought it would be fun to make a really summery
hot Christmas card to share with you today so started with the bright
sentiment and this is from a set called Merry Christmas blend and this is a
really unique style of stamp and coordinating dies because you can
actually stamp out the sentiment in multiple colors I’m using two for each
portion of the sentiment so for the ‘merry’ here what I’ve done is I’ve
stamped out the base layer in a bright blue and then I die cut out of some
scrap cardstock the word merry which is the coordinating die and I’m just
holding that negative space of the die-cut over top of my word so that I
can ensure that the E and the R when I stamp them in a different color are
going to be in the right portion of the word merry and when I die cut it out and
I did do a nice bright green for that the Christmas I’ve done exactly the same
thing I’ve just got a pink and an orange and if you’ve ever visited me before you
know that that is my all-time favorite color combo for card-making and I
thought it would be really fun to use those two colors together here for the
word Christmas and I did exactly the same technique they use the negative
space of the die-cut to line up the second portion of my stamping now I have
a friend who has a similar set from MFT and she made the whole sentiment each
letter different colors like rainbow colors and that looks incredible and
I’ll link that video here oh and it’ll be in the description below as well
so here’s how I actually die-cut these letters out I’ve got that same scrap
piece of paper I’ve taped it over top and then I am actually taping the
die-cut within that negative space it kind of clips in like a jigsaw piece and
then I can just run the whole thing through my Gemini jr. and by taping it
in place I know that it’s not going to shift while I’m die-cutting it and this
is just going to give me really you should take the guesswork out of it
because it says almost like a solid die for this sentiment and I know that it’s
going to be in the right place when it cuts it out and I did the same thing for
the word marry here’s the real summery thing I mean I know it’s these colors
are right out there certainly not Christmas colors today but I’ve stamped
out the Sun loving Santa’s some images from that set and I’ve just sped up the
Copic coloring here I just wanted to share with you the colors that I’ve used
and you’ll see the lids off to the side but I will also link them at my blog and
today he’s got a blue hat which I figured is a really good one for summer
at the beach for Santa and his sunglasses of course so this video today is part of a
hop and it’s with Ellen Hutson and the new release from MFT which they have
kindly sent me some stamps to play with and this was in with those stamps and I
just couldn’t resist creating with these like kind of summery
Christmassy stamps I have know a lot of people here in Australia who really
struggle with the idea of wintery cards for Christmas so it is nice to have
different options I don’t mind making snow scenes on cards I kind of like
snowflakes on cards so it doesn’t tend to bother me but it’s good to have
options and if you do live in an area where you have wintery Christmases
sometimes, is that a word? Christmases might have put one too many S’s in there.
But you probably know people that live in an area where they have a warm
Christmas or maybe they need cheering up with a nice bright summery Christmas
card so that it feels like Summer is not so far away. my coloring here today
it isn’t very technical I did keep it fairly simple because it’s a very busy
card for me I tend towards the clean and simple over layers but I knew this was
going to be busy so a lot of the coloring you know if you’re really go
into detail on everything yeah actually not going to notice because you can look
at the whole card and this big bold sentiment’s gonna pop out and I just
wanted to have fun and relax and color which is something that I love to do, how
cool are these palm trees! so when I stamped out my images I did leave them
in the Misti and that way after I’d done my coloring I could come in with pigment
ink and just add that black bold line over top again and I find that just
really crisps up the images and the outlines of the images and just a little
trick here I did with the trees is I because I wanted four of the trees I
actually used one piece of cardstock and turned it around four times to restamp
it’s just easier than trying to do four different pieces of cardstock I’ve got
the it’s the mini cloud edge die I don’t know if I’m saying it right
mini cloud edges stencil it’s not even a die it’s a stencil and I’m using my
blending brushes to add a really subtle background now this is seriously how
long it takes me to work out which portions I’m gonna add the clouds with
and sometimes I still get it wrong but it’s just a pale blue then I’m adding
and it’s only a really subtle background effect
(but it does take me a long time to make these) it is a really quick and easy thing
to do I don’t know why I hesitate so much over it! so the next portion of my
sentiment comes from an Ellen Hutson it’s one of the new ones called totally
random sayings vol 3 and I thought it to be add be fun to add that beneath my
Merry Christmas sentiment here because it is a really fun card I’ve popped up
my sentiment just with some foam squares today because I did want it to have that
kind of look the gap often all add things on fun foam but today I thought
it’d be good to add the foam squares just for a different look some of the
palm trees I’ve just adhered directly to their card base and the other ones I’ve
added some foam dots too and I did pop up my little Santa and my flamingo
because of course flamingos are a Christmas icon
well they are nowadays anyway so I’ll link everything at my blog you can find
the hop links to the hop there as well and that’ll be in the description below
and if you haven’t already I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel and
also click on that thumbs up button if you did like it what you’ve seen today
and I’ll be back here again real soon I look forward to seeing you then
happy papercrafting bye

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  1. Hey Therese….I am one who has always had wintery Christmases, well for the most part as I'd say over the last 20 years, there have been occasions where we've had no snow. It's funny, most Canadians definitely get fed up with our long winter season but the one day that we want it is on Christmas Day. I love making summery Christmas cards because there are many Canadians who take their families down south to celebrate their Christmas blessings. They decide as a family that instead of spending money on gifts for each other, they spend it on a family vacation in the nice warm weather (where it's ok not to miss the snow). Absolutely adorable card, Therese, oh and by the way, you're not the only one who takes forever when applying ink using the cloud stencils LOL! Until the next time, my dear!

  2. Love your cards as always. They all have an element of fun. This one is a tonic for those of us who live where it won’t be warm, but it might just be sunny! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and your amazing sense of humour.😻
    Just had to go and order these gorgeous stamps and dies….and I had already told myself “you don’t need them”, but a little voice added, “but I want them”. There’s no hope!

  3. 18 years ago, we moved from the UK, where it is always cold, if not snowy, at Christmas, to Florida, where it is always warm and sunny at Christmas.  Christmas still sneaks up on me.  I just have difficulty thinking of Christmas when the weather is warm!  Your card is sooo Floridian.  Perfect for my family back in the UK!

  4. Gorgeous Therese. I was so excited when this stamp set was released, finally one for us with a Summer Christmas! Nothing wrong with pink and orange either! Lol Thanks for the inspiration.
    T x

  5. Fun, fabulous, and very, very Merry, my friend! you lucky girl – one never gets a backache from shoveling sunshine!! xx

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