(scanner beeping) (beeping gets faster) – What’s up guys? Today I am making something. You guys have watched the Tannerites. They’re on YouTube,
they’re a great family, and we love them. Their daughter, Daniell, is having a unicorn birthday party
today and when we made our unicorn frappuccinos a few weeks ago, link the video here if you want to see it, we talked about her unicorn party cuz we both love unicorns. Back in the day, when
I was in high school, before unicorns all of a
sudden really cool to everyone, I had a Unicorn Club with all my friends and we would have a unicorn party and I would make these
awesome unicorn cakes, I’m not kidding. I really would and they were awesome. So, today I’m going to make
a unicorn cake for Daniell, but I’m going to try out
something a little different because there’s going to be more people, so I’m going to try to make more. We’ll see how this goes! This is like a DIY unicorn
cake, also laugh at me, also, just see if we can (laughs) do this. I have some Funfetti, cuz
unicorns are colorful. I have a square and a
circle and I’m gonna, kinda merge them to have one big unicorn head and one a lot of mane going on. Every color of frosting that
you could possibly imagine. I’ve got pink, blue,
green, white and purple and I have food dye, if I need it. Lots of sprinkles. Ice cream cone for the horn,
it’s going to be awesome. And we have a little surprise
about what we’re going to put in the middle, they’re
going to be surprised. We’re not going to tell
them what’s in the middle until they bite it. So here we go! (claps) I’m not gonna lie, we had
to wash this, for like, ten minutes cuz there
was cookie dough in it from a week ago, just cemented in there, but we got it out! Does anybody else just
eat cookie dough raw? Sometimes we’ll just
make it and let it sit and we’ll eat it. Well, I used to, I try not to anymore. Cookie dough is better than cookies. Alright Funffetti cake mix number one! (hums) Lots of sprinkles, do
you notice that sprinkles don’t taste like anything? Nothing, they taste like nothing,
just my personal opinion! One cup of water, half cup of oil. Also, these are my
favorite cuz I won’t have to use seven cups measuring things. One cup of water. Half cup veggie oil. Good thing about these cake
mixes: they are so easy. Just add a few ingredients and then boom, they’re like done, you just
gotta put it in the oven, which I didn’t preheat the oven. I didn’t think about that. (beeping) Boom! (playful music) (mixer noise) (spray sound) (playful music) One batch down! (chime) Batch number two. By the way, I make some
really good Funfetti cookies. You want the recipe, let me
know, maybe I’ll make them on a different video, they are so good! Man, I wish you guys were here with me cuz (whines) I don’t know
exactly what I’m doing, but I think it will turn out okay… I hope. I put the eggs in and
the powder, but I did not put the water or oil in. That’s so thick, it’s
not even leaving the … (laughs) Still really good, though. Guys (strains voice) I
haven’t made cake in so long. Something’s burning
and, this is so stupid, I know should have only put half of it in. It’s like overflowing
and going to the bottom. So, I need to take this
out (laughs) right now, this is not going well. Guys, I’m not lying, I don’t normally make this kind of stuff,
maybe I did in high school, but it’s been awhile. I should have followed my heart. This would be acceptable if
Bryce was making the cake, but this is just embarrassing. I’m gonna pour some of
that batter into here. I should have done that
in the first place, I knew I should have. Bad move. I was thinking it would kinda overflow and cook and then I
could just cut the cake. That didn’t work. I’m only going to put the
second batch of this in. Or, like half of this in. It’s good to know, cuz I was planning on making four big cakes,
but I can just use a half of each batch and that
will save me a ton of time. Lesson learned, if you
don’t have a big pan, don’t go big. (whispers) Let’s throw this in. (oven door slams) Circle one is done, now we’re
waitin’ for this square. What I think I’m gonna
do is put little layers, like make another batch, but
just make it a smaller layer. I’m gonna put it on top
so that I can put frosting in the middle and our secret ingredient, but you guys have to wait
until the end to find out. Doesn’t look pretty, but
with all the frosting and stuff, they’ll never know. Okay, I just pulled that one out and I’m gonna somehow magically
put it on the pan, get it inna shape that
kinda looks like a unicorn, and then I’m going to
freeze it and then start on the next batch. (playful music) – [Bryce] You can hear them popping. – [Nellie] Yeah. (playful music) Get ready for the final (laughs), you guys, this actually turned out better than I thought it would. Here we go! Dah, dah, dah, daaaaah! (horns blaring) That’s so cute, (laughs)
it actually makes me happy. That’s not bad, right? – [Bryce] That’s not bad. I used an ice cream cone for it’s horn. Put some sparkles on there,
used some European candy for it’s eye. We good. Let’s give ’em this cake. Her birthday party’s right now. – [Bryce] Yeah, let’s go. – So let’s go. – It made it to the home. Success, super proud of Nells. Rocks it! Who thinks Nells should
start a cooking channel? Right, a cake baking, cooking
channel, comment below, Pinterest, DIY. She said she could do a DIY fail, but no, that’s pretty good. You want Nellie to make
your cake, comment below. – It’s time for put back the
horn on the unicorn game. (shouting) Did you miss me? – Yeah – [Nellie] Do you miss me babysitting you? – Yes. – I miss babysitting them,
they’re the best kids ever. – One, two… five, six, seven. – [Nellie] Okay, go for it Lizzy! – [Bryce] Good job, Lizzy! – [Nellie] Okay, you gotta put it down! (laughing, clapping) Lizzy, that’s the best thing ever, Not so happy when you’re dizzy! Okay, who’s next? (kids get louder) (counting) (laughter) – [Bryce] Nice try! – [Nellie] (laughing) Well,
she’s the closest one so far! – [Girls] Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten eleven, twelve, thirteen,
okay, that way go. (playful music) (kids shouting) – [Nellie] (laughs loudly) What? (screams) Yes! That’s
actually really good! – I know, (speaking in
a nasal tone)I did it, what do you expect? I’m better than everyone
else here, so duh. – Go! (shouts) – I have the better unicorn powers. – I’ll go next. (playful music) (crowd noise) (laughter) – You guys don’t know Klay, she’s from The O’Hahn Adventure, another amazing family. We’re at the Tannerites,
an amazing family, check both their channels
out cuz we love them so much! (encouraging shouts, laughter) – [Bryce] Got Jack Sparrow over here. (shouts of disbelief) – I’m making Johnny go. (kids shouting) – [Woman] Wow, he’s being
very methodical about this. – [Johnny] You’ve got height here . – [Nellie] Oh my gosh. (shouts) Just do it Johnny! (laughing) so close, so close! – How do you feel about your effort? – I thought it was pretty good. I think I would have nailed
it, look at the angle, look at the angle of that, bam! – I didn’t even consider the angle of it. – [Nellie] That’s true, you held it, you’re the only one. – [Johnny] I had the height and the angle. If you move that in
place, it’s exactly where it should be. – [Nellie] You’re right,
I think you’ve won just because of that. – So we’re playing unicorn tasting. Basically there’s one
eater and the other person on the other side has to feed them. First one to finish wins. It’s wonderful, colorful ice cream. – Did you get it? – No, no, it’s in my hand! – Up, up, forward. Up, up (laughs) (screaming) (laughing) – We did it, I’m done! – The game was a huge success, if you guys want to
play it, it’s so funny. One ice cream, she dropped
and picked it back up and there was grass in it, so funny. Allie has done it again. – With the help of my mom and my friends. – If you guys didn’t watch
our video of us making DIY frappucinos with the Tannerites, you can watch it somewhere over here. Allie’s got it down to a science. – I have it all memorized in here. – And they are soooo good,
so if you want to learn what we’ve put in it, look at
our video and you’ll see it, or look at their video. (singing “Happy Birthday” offkey) – That was magnificently terrible. (balloon deflating) (laughter, yelling) – You had one job, three trick candles. – [Johnny] They’re terrible trick candles. Alright, there you go, you
are officially thirteen. (cheers) (jazzy “Happy Birthday” song)

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