How to Make an Easy Chinese Omelette for Dinner

What’s up my Hungry Gringos welcome to
Make it Less Sad where I take recipes from around the world to get you off
that takeout app, into the kitchen and convert your sad weeknight meals
into something you actually enjoy. This week we are tackling breakfast for
dinner. I’m not talking about the fun breakfast
for dinner where you make pancakes or french toast, no no no. We’re talking about
the omelet because all you have in your house are some eggs that are probably
expired. What we’re gonna make is an omelet made for dinner.
This week we’re gonna be doing a Chinese omelet. You probably already got eggs in
your refrigerator, spring onions are not that expensive, so what we’re making here
is a delicious, cheap protein with ingredients that you probably already
have. So let’s take that sad breakfast for dinner omelet and make a less sad.
First thing you’re gonna do is mix up your eggs you don’t want to see any whites
in those eggs. Which you might recall from my fried rice episode! Cross-promoting
the channel oh yeah! Alright now that we’re done mixing up our huevos we’re
going to put in some green onions. You’re gonna kind of get it thick like a batter.
And next we’re gonna add some salt. Let’s do it. Alright so we’re gonna put
this over a high flame, you want to get it pretty hot not too hot – it’s a lot
different than a traditional European omelet so you’re gonna add some of your
canola oil. When it’s smoking that’s when you know it’s ready. All right we’re good
to go we’re gonna grab our magical spatula over here and then add our eggs
you’re gonna move it around a lot okay so when it’s kind of coming together and
almost cooked we’re gonna kind of put it in a square shape. All right so we’re
gonna have two squares because we added a lot of eggs and I’m gonna get a
spatula to flip these guys. We’re gonna cook for a little bit more time until
the other side is brown the bottom is brown we’re gonna transfer to our plate
so we’re gonna cut these up into sizes good enough for chopsticks.
And you’re done! You just took your sad weeknight dinner omelet made it a little
less sad. Had an awesome time hanging out with you this week my Hungry Gringos!
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next time this The Hungry Gringo signing off

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  1. Hey man! I really love these videos, I'm super glad I found them! If I could give a little feedback, I may do away with the green screen. I really love most of the show but all the green screen bits make it feel a little bit middle-school ish. Your kitchen is pretty gorgeous as it is, you could definitely make a really good set for your intros and outros. Anyways, great video, keep it up, I can't wait to see this channel grow!

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