How to Make Asparagus Quiche, Perfect for Lunch or Dinner.

Well I loved my
time at Stone Tower. Mike, thanks so much
for showing us around and for letting us taste
some outstanding wines, including this one that
we’re going to try right now. The Stone Tower Sauvignon Blanc, which I’m pairing with a
little bit of a lady’s lunch. I thought that would be a
fun way to pair this wine. So I’ve got a quiche crust here and I’m just pricking it
a little bit with a fork. That way I won’t get any bubbles
in my crust in the bottom. And I’m going to add to that
about a cup of cheddar cheese, and I have a white
cheddar cheese, and a dark yellow
cheddar cheese, and a cup of Gruyere, so about two cups of cheese, and you can use
any kind you like. I like this combination
with the asparagus that I’m going to use because it makes a nice blend. Now, let’s take some asparagus, and I’ve got some nice,
fresh asparagus here. And I wanna cut those
in one-inch pieces. Now, if you want, you can
arrange your asparagus right on top of your quiche
and make it very pretty. I want to have a lot
of asparagus in here, and so I’m going to pull all
these ends of the asparagus for the top, all of these
nice little frilly parts. And the other parts, I’m just going to kind of
press down in that cheese. And then I wanna come
back with the pretty part that you’ll see on the top, and make sure that
all of your asparagus is below the top of
the quiche crust line so that you don’t
have any sticking up to burn while you’re baking. So just like that. Now, I wanna take some
heavy whipping cream or half and half, or skim milk. Now, any kind of milk that
you wanna use is fine. For me, half and
half works best. Heavy whipping cream
will make a really creamy kind of quiche, and it’s
really, really nice, but it can be very heavy. So I wanna take half and half
and I’ve got one and 2/3 cups, and then I’m gonna
break in four eggs. Now always, I like to have
a little cup to the side so I can break each
egg separately, that way if I get
any kind of shell or I have a bad egg, I’m not destroying
my whole product. So I’ve got four
really nice eggs. And I’m going to put those in. Now at this point, you
can do a lot of things. You can season with any kind
of herbs that you’d like. For me, with asparagus, I
really like to keep this simple. And I like just a little
bit of chive in mine. So, there we go. I’ve got my eggs in the mixture, and I’m just gonna
beat that with a fork until it’s nice and mixed. You don’t have to over beat. You don’t want to create
so much air in this that the quiche rises too
high and over the pan. Just make sure that
all of your egg yolks and all of your egg whites are
incorporated into this cream. Now, I’m gonna take
a little bit of salt. About, oh, 1/2 teaspoon or so, and my chives. Just put those in. And I wanna just mix that
up really, really well. And this time of year when
asparagus is beautiful, I’m using fresh. There we go. And just pour in what fits. Depending on how big
your asparagus are, how much cheese you put in, you may not need
all of this custard. Also, how big your pan is. Press those asparagus down in. And then we’re going to let
that bake for about an hour at 410 to 420 degrees. Not quite at that 425. We’ll let it bake. Now, I want to make up
a little salad dressing. This is super simple to do. I’ve got a little Dijon mustard
in the bottom of my bottle. And I just wanna sprinkle
in a little salt and pepper. And for me, I love to use a seasoned rice wine
vinegar for this, because it has a little sugar, it has a little salt, so
you get a nice flavor. Give it a really, really
good shake through so that the blend of the vinegar and the mustard is
nice and creamy. And then I’m gonna add just
a little bit of olive oil. About the same amount
as I added vinegar. I don’t wanna make
this too heavy, so not a ton of olive oil. And then we’re just
gonna shake that. It makes a really nice,
light, easy vinaigrette. You can also substitute lemon
juice or any other citrus for the vinegar. Just make sure you put
in just a hint of sugar. All right, I’m gonna be
back in just a second with a nicely baked quiche
and a beautiful salad. So I’m back with a slice
of this beautiful quiche, and just a nice
little light salad, and I’m going to dress
is just a little bit with this nice vinaigrette. Don’t want too
much, there we go. Beautiful. Now, let’s team that up
with this gorgeous wine. This is just a lovely, crisp,
and light Sauvignon Blanc. It has the flavors of citrus, but it’s not so overpowering
that it can’t be used with a nice little
vinaigrette and quiche. It’s just incredible. The aromas are beautiful. The flavor and
bouquet, just intense. I have to agree with Fred Dame. This is an amazing
Sauvignon Blanc. So I hope you’ll like it with this nice little
light, lady’s lunch of asparagus quiche and salad.

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