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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome
back to Millennial Moms, I’m Tay and that means it’s Tuesday. (lips smacking) We partnered with
Nintendo to bring you guys an awesome tutorial on
how to make cake pops inspired by Toad. Toad’s been around for
awhile, but he’s also featured in the new game, Mario Party Star Rush. It’s available on the Nintendo
3DS family of systems. So let’s get started and
I’m gonna show you guys how to make these right now. Start by baking any cake
of any flavor that you like and just pop that in the
oven to bake it as usual. While that’s baking, we’re
gonna prepare some sticks by microwaving some melting chocolates, you can get these at the craft store, and then we’re gonna use
sticks to create a little pole on the end and put them
into half of a marshmallow and then let those
freeze for a little bit. Once they’re frozen, we’re
going to melt some peanut butter chocolate and then we’re going
to dip them in by kind of swirling around to completely cover them. You can use the top of the
jar to scrape any excess off that’s coming off of the top. Then we’re going to put them
on wax paper and leave them to dry while our cake
is baking and we wait. – Hey mom, can we play
our Nintendo 3DS Excels while we’re waiting? (upbeat music) Mom, come play with us! – Do I just watch you guys or what? This is cool. Whoa, this is awesome. Now what do I do? Oh, okay, so what are we playing? Let’s play, let’s go.
– We’re playing our favorite game, Mario Party Star Rush. – Mario? I used to play Mario. (upbeat playful music) Like all night long, it was so fun. Okay let’s do this. – Let’s play Toad Scramble Mode, we all get to be Toad. – But Toad Scrambles the best. – Okay, how do I play this? – So what you do is you roll the dice and you get to choose where to go and you just click and then you go there and you can land on a blank space or a question space and it can give you all these characters. – Okay, okay.
– It’s super cool. – So then you go and then I’ll go. – No. – What do you mean no? – We go together. – Okay, let’s do this. (upbeat music) (dinging) – Cake pops are done!
– The cake pops are done let’s go.
– Yay! – We totally gotta come
back to this, though. – Oh yeah. – Once the cake is done
you can just dump it out onto a sheet, it doesn’t
have to look great. Let it cool for a little bit
and then once it’s cooled down we’re gonna crumble it all up into a bowl. This is the best part ’cause
they do not have to be perfect, but this part is when
you have to get creative. So now we’re gonna put
some frosting into it, I just use an entire tub of
frosting for one box of cake and then this is very messy,
you’re going to have to mix it and turn it into a dough
and once it’s into a dough we’re gonna create balls but
I’m gonna squish them down a little bit to create
them like Toad’s head and then we’re going to
pop those in the freezer until they get really hard. Once they’re frozen,
you’re gonna pull them out and stick them onto
the ends of your stick. It’s important to keep them
frozen or they will fall off in the chocolate. So we’re going to just dip
and then the best way to do it is to dip once and pull
out, no swirling, no nothing because they will come off. So then I’m just gonna
use white chocolate chips for all of his polka dots by sticking them into the chocolate while it’s wet. For the eyeballs, I mix a bunch of colors into white chocolate to create
a dark colored chocolate and I just let it dry a little
bit and rolled it into these little oblong shaped eyeballs and stuck them onto the peanut butter covered marshmallow part
and then I took some white chocolate to make a
pupil and then I stuck them into some Styrofoam to
display them and the kids absolutely loved them. I think that they were a success. Mario Party Star Rush
is available only on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Only one person in you’re
family has to buy the game and other people who
wanna play can download the guest addition on the Nintendo eShops, so it’s super cool. If you guys wanna check
out yesterday’s video, check out right there. If you guys wanna see more
from me on Millennial Moms, check out right there. And if you guys want to
subscribe to Millennial Moms, check out right there. Love you guys.

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