How to Make Cheap Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

Hey guys, it’s Jess from Mad in Crafts, and
today I’m going to share with you how to make these gorgeous dragon eggs with
supplies you can find at the dollar store. Let’s get started! At the dollar
store you want to pick up some giant plastic Easter eggs — they’re just called
egg containers — and then pick up some sheets of craft foam. Cut the craft foam
into strips that are about one to one and a half inches wide, and then cut each
of those strips in half using a zig zag, back and forth motion. Then what you’re
going to do with those strips of craft foam is you’re going to take your hot
glue gun, and you are going to overlap them to cover the plastic Easter egg. It
doesn’t matter what color the foam is at this point because we’re going to be
spray-painting it over anyway. The only thing you need to make sure is
that you are overlapping the zigzags to create what looks kind of like a dragon
scale pattern. Keep adding strips of foam until the entire egg is covered with zig
zaggy foam scales. Since I’m making my dragon eggs for a Game of Thrones party,
I created three eggs and spray painted them in colors to match the dragons eggs
from the show. So I have one green one, one black one, and one gold one. I just
covered the entire egg with spray paint and then I’m going to use some more
different kinds of paints to make them look even more like the eggs from Game
of Thrones. For the black dragon egg, I decided to
burnish the bottom of the dragon egg with a metallic gold paint. And the way
you do that is to take just a small amount of metallic gold craft paint on a
brush and using soft brush strokes brush upwards on the bottom scales of the
dragon eg. Aand what this does is it concentrates the color on the tip of
each of the scales while leaving the top part of each scale dark. And that ends up
looking like… you know like when there’s a bronze statue and there’s one part of
it that people have rubbed their hands on… that have touched a lot. And it gets
kind of that burnished look? That’s the same kind of effect
you’re going to get with this technique with the craft paint. I repeated that
same technique with a dark burgundy paint that I mixed up myself using a
dark red craft paint, black craft paint, and the same gold craft paint that I
used on the bottom of the egg. I mixed those three colors together until it was
a shade that I thought matched the egg from Game of Thrones the best.. And then I
applied it in the same upward motion again that makes sure that the top of
each scale is still dark while the bottom has a little bit more color. When
I got that paint on my egg I thought the color was still a little bit too bright.
I didn’t like how much of a contrast there was between the black spray paint —
or the oil rubbed bronze spray paint — and the burgundy paint, so I just took a rag
and I wiped off some of the excess paint to make it look a little bit more
distressed and not quite is bright. Go ahead and play around with different
colors and different techniques when you’re doing these eggs. If you mess up
and you hate it, you can always spray paint over the egg and start over with a
blank canvas again. Now I could have stopped with my dragon eggs right here,
but I wanted these dragon eggs to look especially magical so I’m using a
brand-new product from Folk Art called Dragonfly Glaze. I first saw this stuff
at Creativation, and it is so beautiful. I will make sure to let you know
where you can get your own Dragonfly Glaze. Snd pouring a small amount onto a plate or a paint tray like I have — that’s from
the dollar store by the way. This Dragonfly Glaze is a top coat, so you
need to have a paint with pigment underneath it. And dark colors tend to
work better than lighter colors. But what it does is: it’s got like micro-fine
glitters in it, and the glitters have a really beautiful color shift. There
are several different varieties of the glaze. For this egg I’m using the
Dragonfly Glaze that goes from gold to red to violet because I thought that
would look really pretty with the other colors of paint that were
already on it. So you just paint the glaze over the entire dragon egg. It
will go on kind of whitish, milky-ish, but it will dry so that all you can see are
these color shifting glitter pigments. The whiteness will completely dry away.
And it just gives the faux dragon egg this cool, magical, shimmery finish that
just I think really makes them stand out and makes it look beautiful. Now when we were adding the paint colors
before I was doing that upward motion so that only the edges of each dragon scale
were covered with a craft paint. With this glaze, you really want to get into
all the nooks and crannies to make sure every part of the dragon egg is covered
in the really beautiful color shifting sparkle. Look how gorgeous that finish is
once it’s dried! And this is just one coat of the Dragonfly Glaze in the gold
to red to violet shift. I created an ombre look on the green and
the gold dragon eggs by standing the egg up on one end and spray-painting with a
second color directly down over the top of the egg which produces that sort of
ombre effect from one color down to the next color. So here I’ve got the oil
rubbed bronze spray paint down into the green spray paint to make it look a
little bit more like the dragon’s egg from the show — although not exactly. For
this egg I decided to use the blue to purple to green Dragonfly Glaze, and you
can see how gorgeous that looks once it’s all dried on the green dragon egg. For the gold egg I did the same ombre technique, this time with a gold base and
then a metallic champagne spray paint coming down from the top. So it goes from
sort of a light champagne color down into a full gold down at the bottom. And
then I used the red to gold to green dragon Dragonfly Glaze on this particular egg. And
again it gives it a beautiful shimmery finish. And that is how I use dollar
store items to make three beautiful dragons eggs. These are great for party
decorations, for cosplay, for theatre productions, or if you’re just a Game of
Thrones fan just to keep around. Please give this video a thumbs up, if you
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